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Diwali 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

This is my most awaited try for this Diwali. I always had this seeni adhirsam in back of my mind to try. My mom have made this 2-3 times just for my sake that I don’t like Jaggery those days. Now the story has changed. But seeni adhirasam tempts me very much when I even say that Drooling. So was waiting for Diwali 2014 to come. So for this Diwali its not the regular adhirsam, its this adhirsam with sugar. So don’t worry if jaggery is not available at the the place you live. Just try it with sugar. The method is very same as the jaggery adhirasam. Only the measures are different. I was so very happy when I tried and came out good. Thankful to my mom every time I eat this seeni adhirsam. Hope you all are gearing up for Diwali.

Adhirasam with sugar recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweets
Prep Time: 3 hrs    |  Cook time: 40 mins    Makes: 15


Raw rice (I used sona masoori, or maavu arisi works best) 1 cup 
Sugar  1 cup 
Cardamom  1 
Salt  A generous pinch 
Oil  To deep fry



  1. Wash and soak rice for 3 hours. Drain water completely and spread in a clean kitchen cloth to get rid off the excess water. May be for 10 mins.
  2. Powder this rice, along with salt, cardamom in a mixer to powder. Make sure no grain is there unground. No need to sieve, just powder it fine. If you are not confident, you can sieve, but do it quickly without drying.
  3. In a bowl, pat and keep the flour tight. Keep the flour covered. In a heavy bottomed vessel, add sugar and 1/2 cup water.
  4. 3-adhirasam
  5. Dissolve sugar, bring to boil and when it reaches one string consistency, put the flame to medium or low. Keep a bowl of water and pour few drops of the sugar syrup into water. First stage, it dissolves as you drop, next stage, lays a fine thread, then comes soft ball consistency. This soft ball consistency is needed for this adhirsam.
  6. 4-syrup
  7. Now, if you pour few drops of the syrup in water, you may able to gather with fingers without getting dissolved and form a loose ball (soft ball). Switch off the flame. Keep the flame always in low as you may easily miss the consistency otherwise. Now, make a dent in the flour and pour syrup little by little.
  8. 5-consistency
  9. Be careful, you will not be needing all the syrup. Just 1/2 of the syrup and little more. So carefully add the syrup. The consistency of the dough should be thick and flowing as shown below. But not runny.
  10. 6-dough
  11. Keep aside overnight, covered. Next day, the dough will be tightened, to correct consistency. Non- sticky dough. If its too dry, sprinkle a tsp of milk and mix so that you may be able to flatten without any cracks. Make 15 equal sized balls. Keep the dough always covered.
  12. 7-balls
  13. I used a baking sheet to flatten, you can also use a piece of banana leaf or a zip loc cover for this. Flatten with sesame oil greased both in the sheet and your hand.
  14. 8-flatten
  15. Heat oil in kadai. when its hot, put the flame to low and carefully peel the adhirsam from the sheet and slide to the oil. When it gets cooked and comes up, flip carefully. Cook both sides to light golden colour.
  16. 9-fry
  17. Squeeze the oil by pressing in between two ladles. Carefully squeeze as your hands will slip. Repeat to finish the dough.
  18. 10-ready


    • Sugar syrup consistency is the important, so make sure you be careful while making syrup. Keep the flame in low or medium.
    • You will definitely not need all the syrup, so be careful while adding syrup, otherwise you will end up in too runny dough.
    • If in case the dough turns runny, you can add store bought rice flour. But add it soon. You cannot add just before making the adhirsam. Anyways adding the rice flour makes the adhirsam crispy.
    • If your syrup is past the consistency, or you add more syrup to the flour, the adhirsam dissolves in the hot oil.
    • Rice flour should be made fresh. The flour should always be moist, otherwise the adhirsam will not be soft.
    • Even the rice should not be spread more than 10 –15 mins. This will make the rice too dry.
    • Give the dough overnight resting time. This ensures the dough to be in right consistency also makes the dough smooth.
    • Also give the adhirsams standing time after frying it.
    • Make the adhirsams thick otherwise it will turn too crispy.
    • If in case the adhirsam turn chewy, keep it in idli pot and steam for a minute to make it soft.

So who all like this simple, seeni adhirsam and going to make for this Diwali? Happy Diwali :)

Seeni Adhirsam (Adhirasam with sugar) | Diwali recipes

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Diwali Sweets recipes 2014

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Festival recipes

40 Diwali sweets recipes from Rak's kitchen for this year Diwali 2014! All links at one place, click on the respective pictures for the recipes with step by step pictures. For sweet recipes, sugar, jaggery, Ghee are the main ingredients for most of the sweets. Preparation and cooking time varies from 15 mins to 3 hrs, depending on the recipe. I may blog 2 more recipes for Diwali, so stay tuned! Wishing you all an advanced Happy and prosperous Diwali! :)

Mysore pak Kaju Katli Maida burfi kesar burfi

40 Diwali sweets | Diwali sweets recipes

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Badam burfi is the first successful sweet I made after marriage, learning from my MIL. I used to do it with ease each time I make. Last year I wanted to post, some how could not get it right, even after attempting 2 times. I made it after long time, so I forgot the knacks. Then again this year made once, same result, but used a short cut to get burfi. Then later I realised what mistake I did and last time I wanted to give it a try, to check if my understandings are right. I tried it again or last time and it came out perfect. Just before starting to make, I called my MIL to double confirm the ratios. The mistake I did was poured the mixture bit earlier, so go through the steps carefully before making. We make it without any ghee, only for greasing! Badam is better than cashew in terms of fat. So better choiceBatting Eyelashes.  Check other burfi recipes here in Rak’s kitchen.

Badam burfi recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 1 hr soaking time    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Makes: 35 small squares


Badam/ almond 1 cup 
Sugar  2 & 1/4 cups 
Milk  1/2 cup 
Cardamom/ elachi  1 
Ghee   few drops for greasing



  1. Soak badam for 1 or 2 hrs. Peel off the skin. If its soaked enough, then you can press and sqeeze the badam out from the skin using ur fingers.
  2. 1-peel
  3. Grind badam with milk to a smooth paste. You can replace milk with water. Do not use more water or milk, otherwise will not get burfi. Grease a plate with ghee and keep it ready. I used baking sheet to line my tray and greased it with few drops of ghee.
  4. 2-grind
  5. In a heavy bottomed kadai, place sugar with just water enough to immerse it. Say roughly 1/2 cup. Add powdered elachi. Keep the flame in medium and dissolve the sugar.
  6. 3-sugar
  7. When it starts to boil, probably one string consistency would have reached as water is very less. One stirng consistency can be checked by wiping the back of the laddle quickly with your fore finger and check between ur thumb. If a string forms then its one string consistency. Add the smoothly ground paste of almond and mix in medium flame.
  8. 4-one-string
  9. As you keep stirring, the badam gets properly mixed with the sugar syrup, no need to worry. Keep stirring in medium flame. It takes long time to get it done, so patience is important. Now the mixture will be kind of transparent and bubling everywhere. Careful with the spills. Use long handled ladle.
  10. 5-stir
  11. After 10 mins, at one stage, the mixture gets thickened and will turn opaque now. Keep stirring in medium or low flame. for 3 – 5 mins more. At one stage, the bottom of the pan also starts holding whitish frothy mixture, make sure to scrap it properly otherwise colour will change. Now the stage almost is reached, so when the whole mixture gets thicker, pour it over the greased plate and spread evenly quickly.
  12. If you are correctly pouring, the kadai will have some dry badam mixture and even the last part of the mixture will become solid as you pour. If not, pour it back and stir again for a minute.  Make sure the flame is low or medium.
  13. 6-stir
  14. Let it cool down a bit before cutting into squares. May be 15 mins, invert over a counter top and gently pat to release the burfi, then cut into squares. You can also cut in the tray itself and then invert.
  15. 7-cut


  • My MIL says for a ground cup of almond paste, you need twice the amount of sugar in the same cup. So for this recipe I measured it to be 2 & 1/4 cup. You can reduce and use 2 cups too, but I recommend 2 & 1/4 cup. Don’t think it will be too much, trust meHappy.
  • Always keep the flame medium while preparing this sweet.
  • For this burfi, ilam kambi padam is enough. That is even if the string breaks when you check its fine.
  • At the final stage, the mixture gets stuck to the bottom and changes colour, so make sure to stir well scraping from all the sides, bottom.
  • Soak enough time to peel off the badams easily. After 1 hr itself you can be able too peel.
  • My MIL even mixes grated coconut in this recipe. She grinds coconut along the badam. So if you don’t want to spend too much of badam, use coconut.
  • I suggest to make with not less than 1 cup because otherwise the badam wont get ground in the mixer. If you have small mixer jar that could smoothly grind 1/2 cup badam then you can sure proceed.
  • In case you added more water accidentally in badam paste, adjust the water quantity in sugar syrup.
  • The mixture will be hot while you pour and make sure you don’t touch by any chance. Otherwise, sure blisters.
  • You can use knife or a dosa flipper laddle (steel dosa thiruppi)to cut squares.
  • Make sure you cut squares when its warm. If its completely cooled down, squares will not be perfect.

Cool down completely and store in airtight container. Keeps good for 4-5 days at room temperature.


Badam Burfi recipe | Diwali 2014 recipes

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

This is the easiest Diwali recipes made within 15 minutes. You can even include your kids while making this, sure will be a fun for them. I have always watched from kid the Milkmaid advertisement in which they gorgeously show Love Struck the making of coconut ladoo. From that time I used to wonder how they make and what could be the recipe. Now recently when I made kalakand, I used up only 1/2 of the tin and saw this coconut ladoo video too, so tried this coconut ladoos. Its easy to prepare and perfect for gifting too. I used desiccated coconut here, you can use fresh coconut. You have to dry roast the coconut a bit to expel the moisture, but make sure you do not change the colour of the coconut.

Coconut ladoo recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 5 mins    Makes: 15


Milkmaid/ condensed milk 1/2 tin 
Grated coconut 2 cups + 1/2 cup for rolling 
Ghee  For greasing 
Milk powder (optional)  2 tblsp 


  1. In a non stick pan, add condensed milk, 2 cups grated coconut, milk powder if using.
  2. 1-coconut-ladoo
  3. Heat over medium flame and stir for 4 – 5 minutes or until the mixture turns non sticky and becomes a mass.
  4. 2-coconut-ladoo
  5. Switch off the flame and let it become warm. In a plate place the remaining grated coconut and make equal sized balls out of the mixture and roll these ladoos over the grated coconut. Grease your hands with ghee each time while rolling.
  6. 3-coconut-ladoo


    • I used desiccated coconut. If using fresh coconut, take care not to choose too young, tender coconut.
    • Avoid scraping the coconut too much with the brown part, as it will spoil the colour of the ladoos.
    • If your coconut is too moist, dry roast without changing its colour.
    • Make sure your keep the flame always in medium flame.
    • You can refrigerate the ladoos, but since coconut, consume within couple of days.

I arranged the ladoos in the mini muffin liners. Its perfect for serving as well as gift packing.

Coconut ladoo recipe (with condensed milk) | Easy Diwali recipes

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I already have posted a spicy karasev recipe with black pepper to jazz it up, in a different proportion of ingredients. This garlic karasev is my mom’s version, mainly the ratio. This one is more with besan and lesser rice flour when compared to my previous kara sev recipe. Mom once tried this garlic version by grinding garlic along with red chillies. It was so different from the regular ones mom always makes with asafoetida flavor. We never used garlic before in snacks, so it was too good for me. This year, when I planned my Diwali recipe posts in my blog, this was one in my definite tries. I wanted to make it in a tradition way by rubbing the dough through the porous ladle. But Since I was in a hurry, I made it using the murukku press itself. I usually use my screw model murukku press, so never ever felt the difficulties in squeezing through the murukkus. This time I used my new murukku press, the cute little one bought by my MIL. It wasn’t that difficult to press, still I could see the difference.
I was wondering how my mom used to squeeze dough always made with more than 4 cups of flourSurprise. Really hats off to out moms, MILs, paatis who used to do so much quantity those days. I never made any snack more than 2 cups at a time. Few days back, when I was having Skype call with my mom, she said, this time she will make only 1 cup each as they are only two to eat those snacks. And she even could not squeeze these days as her bones are already weak and feels pain when she squeezes. I felt sad as she said so for the first time, that is, coz of her body condition she is restricted to do these things. I advised her to do the same, little at a time and later if they want they can make. Also asked her to buy the screw type press what she bought for me.
spicy karasev with garlic

Garlic Karasev recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Makes: 3 cups


Besan/ gram flour/ kadalai maavu  1 cup 
Rice flour (store bought)  1/2 cup 
Garlic  4, small flakes 
Red chilli powder  1 & 1/2 tsp 
Ajwain/ omam  1 tsp 
Hot oil/ ghee  1 tblsp 
Salt  As needed 



  1. Peel garlic, first place it alone in the mixer and run until its ground coarsely.
  2. 1-grind
  3. Later, add say 1/4 cup water and grind again well. You can use this to make dough.
  4. 2-with-water
  5. In a mixing bowl, place besan, rice flour, red chilli powder, ajwain, salt and hot oil. Mix well first for even mixing.
  6. 3-ingredients
  7. Add the garlic water first and mix well, then gradually add water to make a smooth soft dough.
  8. 4-dough
  9. Squeeze through the murukku press in hot oil, in big circles. Do not layer, just a layer to fill the oil.
  10. 5-squeeze
  11. Cook in medium flame both sides. Once the bubbles reduces, flip in between and cook until the shh sound reduces and the sev becomes golden coloured. Drain over paper towel, break roughly once all are done and cool down before storing in an airtight container.
  12. 6-ready


    • Make sure the dough is smooth and soft enough to squeeze. If its too tight, sprinkle water and knead again well to make it easy for you to squeeze.
    • If you use pressing type murukku maker, you can dip the upper part we use to press, in water to make squeezing easier.
    • If you want to avoid garlic, you can skip it and use asafoetida/ hing.
    • Do not use more than 1 tblsp hot oil/ ghee. Or else will end up in sev dissolving in oil.
    • Make sure to regulate the heat in intervals, hot when you squeeze in oil, later medium while you cook. Again hot when you squeeze in oil, so on…

Ready to much on with hot filter coffee? Garlic sev's taste and flavor is best from the next day…

Garlic Karasev recipe | Diwali snacks

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nan khatai recipe Nankhatai
Nankhatai recipe is one among the several to try baking list for long time. I had no idea about the recipe, so was waiting for a good recipe. And my friend Sangeeta came like an angel Angelat time for this Diwali 2014, with this recipe which was from her mamis. When she made it and came out good, immediately she sent pictures in whatsapp along with the recipe. I was so happy and the very next day I baked these beauties. Yes, beauties!!Batting Eyelashes She told, most people make it with maida and besan but this one is with 3/4th wheat flour/ atta and maida. This will be really a perfect snack for you kid’s snack box, its healthier than the store bought cookies and handmade with lots of loveLove Struck. And for this festival season, this is perfect for gifting, just bake it in batches, pack neatly in cute gift boxes and gift for your near and dears for this Diwali. They will be amazed for sure. So Bake this easy cookies and send me your pictures to my email ID or as message in Facebook page and I will as usual happily share it in Facebook page, Tried and tasted album Happy.

Nankhatai recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweets
Prep Time: 20 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Makes: 15


Wheat flour/ Atta 3/4 cup 
Maida/ All purpose flour  1/4 cup 
Sugar  1/2 cup 
Ghee , melted  1/2 cup (may not need all) 
Elachi/ Cardamom  1 
Baking powder  1 pinch 
Pistachios, for decoration  10 



  1. In a mixer, place sugar along with elachi and powder it. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
  2. 1-powder-sugar
  3. In the same mixer, coarsely powder pistachios, keep aside. Preheat the oven at 190 deg C or 375 F.
  4. 4-make-balls
  5. Add atta, maida to the powdered sugar along with baking powder. Mix well.
  6. 2-mix
  7. Add ghee little by little rubbing as you add. You may not need all, may be 1 tblsp you can reserve. You should add ghee to form a dough. No water.
  8. 3-add-ghee
  9. In a baking tray, line with cookie sheet or grease with ghee, dust with a tsp of flour. Make equal sized balls (15) out of the dough. Flatten slightly, not too much. 5-make-balls
  10. Cut with a knife to make a criss-cross pattern in the top middle of the cookie. Add a pinch of powdered pistachios over each cut.
  11. 6-cut
  12. Bake it for 12 to 15 minutes at 190 deg. C/ 375 F. The cookie should not change in colour to dark brown. When it just starts golden in colour in the sides, that is enough. Cool in wire rack before storing in an airtight container.
  13. 7-bake


    • Add ghee gradually, do not end up in adding more than needed. The dough should hold its shape, if not, ghee is more.
    • The ghee amount may vary depending on the flour, so handle accordingly.
    • I felt if the cookies are made smaller, it looked more cute than this. So make it smaller if you wish.
    • This cookie will be sweet, if you want, reduce 1 or 2 tblsp of sugar.
    • I made in two batches, second batch gets baked quickly. So always keep an eye after 10 mins of baking.

Aren't they perfect for gifting your friends and relatives this Diwali 2014? Easy for you to bake too! nan-khatai-diwali

Nan khatai recipe | Nankhatai recipe

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