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Thursday, September 27, 2007

This recipe, I learnt from my mother and we call this dish as neer urundai and I have heard some people name this as uppurundai. Anyway here is the method by which I make.
  • Idly Rice ----- 1 1/2 cup
  • Coconut ----- 1/2 cup
  • salt & water--- as needed
  • Soak Idly rice for 3 hours.
  • Grind to a batter just like we grind for Idly/dosa ,then add salt and coconut ,mix well.
  • Heat a heave bottomed vessel or Kadai and pour this batter.

  • Keep on Stirring, till the batter turns to dough consistency.
  • The consistency will be like,the dough is not much sticky if you make balls with your hands.
  • After the dough cools down,it will not be sticky.
  • Make small sized balls (sedai sized) using the dough.Keep aside.

  • In another large vessel boil water and add these balls in two batches(water should be enough to immerse these balls).
  • First add one portion of balls to water, cover with lid.
  • Cook covered for 5-6 minutes.(Keep the lid a little open to avoid over flowing when it starts boiling)
  • To check if the balls has been cooked or not,if u take out a ball and put it on a plate from little high,the ball should bounce a little. If its not cooked, it wont be bouncing.
  • By simply looking at the balls you can understand that the rice balls are cooked or not.There will be a colour change.
  • Carefully take out the balls little by little,straining the water.
  • I use idly cooker for cooking these balls.
  • Don't add water more than half of the vessel which ever vessel you use, as it boils it will over flow.
  • Cook the second batch of balls in the same manner.
  • The balls will be soft and tasty that it can be ate as such.
  • Don't waste the water, its consistency would now be like kanji(thick), so you can add jaggery and cardamom powder to it and boil for 2 minutes and add a little milk and have as a drink!
  • You can also add simply salt and butter milk to that water remaining and have it as a drink!

Or else you can also try the following:
For that you need
Pepper ------- 1 tsp
Jeera -------- 1 tsp
curry leaves ----- 1 spring
Ghee ------------ 1 tsp
  • Crush pepper and jeera coarsely.
  • Heat ghee in a kadai and add pepper jeera powder followed by curry leaves.
  • Then after some 30 seconds add these rice balls and mix gently so that the pepper jeera coats these balls.
  • Serve hot!

The above measurements will serve 2 people.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. The last date to post for JFI:Banana is Oct 1. More information is at this post: http://ahaar.blogspot.com/2007/09/jfibanana.html#comment-2780348705312641420

  2. Thankyou somuch for replyig, I will surely be participating

  3. This is totally new and nice recipe for me. This is really easy and something different recipe. Creative thinking.:)))

  4. Kajal you make me feel proud!!
    thanyou for visiting our blogs:))

  5. Hi Rajeswari,
    thanks for visiting my blog..
    Loved your recipes, I like these rice balls with curry..are u from kerala?

  6. Thanks for your compliments..,Seena.
    And I am not from Kerela.. R U?

  7. Wow...Its looks awesome.. I love neer urundai a lot and I often make it at home... I just cant stop eating a single piece... I always grab the whole plate.. Good site and Good recipe!


  8. hai...am new to ur blog...loved browsing all ur receipes...eager to try them...continue ur good work

  9. Thanks Janani,keep visiting :)

  10. First time in ur blog..........!!! Hats off to u....!!!

  11. Hi raji, I am secret follower of ur blog.tried many many dishes of yours.out which badusha is the great hit. Next going to try this recipes.continue ur good work.

  12. Hi raji, I am secret follower of ur blog.tried many many dishes of yours.out which badusha is the great hit. Next going to try this recipes.continue ur good work.

  13. Great Recipe :)
    Can you please post recipe for soyan urundai. Ithink it is made up of boiled Chana daal, jaggery and coconut. These urundai's are then fried in maida+rice flour paste. It will be good if you tell each and every step properly. TIA :)

  14. hi rak this is kavithaa this is the different recipe which i searched in many sites but found in urs only! my mom will do this but with little different version we will add red chillies,jeera and garlic with that rice and will grind that too! it will make the difference and will tastes great and we will boil it in idli cooker with plates...balls arranged in plates itself it ll tastes great! if possible try my version too and tell me

  15. Hi Rak this is kavithaa! i am newer to your blog and like ur blog very much because i am also like the same "Taste Lover" as yours! Find your likings as mine,so hereafter i will regularly follow your blog!

  16. This neer urundai will be big in size and b4 stirring the batter temper it with mustard dals and onion. Then cook in idli cooker. This is one of our hostel evening tasty snacks.

  17. Hi Raks this is Gomathy Rajkumar from chennai, your website is very helpful to me to make perfect recipes as I am always confused about quantity and I am much interested in cooking to make new recipe's this neer urunda remember my moms sweeter version of this she adds panaivellam /jaggery , coconut, elachi and drop of ghee to hot urundai as my brother loves it


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