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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is my first Post ever in my blog. So I decided to start with a sweet dish. Last week was Ganesh pooja and I made kozhuKattai . Then there was that pooranam (stuffing) left over.So with that pooranam I made Suzhiyan .Very easy if prooranam is ready. So let me start.
Please give your precious feedback and suggestions to improve my blog .


Channa dal 1/2 cup
Jaggery 1 cup
Coconut 1/2 cup
Elachi 2, powdered
1. Soak channa dal for 1 or 2 hours. Pressure cook channa dal upto 3 whistle, cool down and grind in blender or mash it with masher just to make it a paste. keep aside.
DSC_5084_thumb2 DSC_5090_thumb2
2.Take jaggery in a heavy bottomed vessel. Then pour water just enough to immerse jaggery. Heat it and when jaggery dissolves completely,filter it in a metal strainer to remove impurities if any.
DSC_5092_thumb3 DSC_5094_thumb2
4.Then again start heating the jaggery syrup. When it starts boiling, at one stage, the syrup will get frothy.At this stage add the ground dal paste and coconut. Stir continuously without forming any lumps.Add elachi powder and mix thoroughly.
DSC_5097_thumb1 DSC_5098_thumb1
6.Note that water we are adding should be very less.The lesser we add water to jaggery, sooner the stuffing will get ready.Keep Stirring well till the mixture starts leaving the sides of the vessel.
DSC_5101_thumb4 DSC_5103_thumb1
8.Transfer the content to a dry air tight container. You can Keep this in refrigerator upto 10 -12days.


  • If you reduce the channa dal or coconut amount mentioned for any reason,accordingly reduce the jaggery also,otherwise the mixture may turn sticky!

For outer layer you need

1.Maida/all purpose flour - 1/2 cup

2.salt - little


1.Mix maida with water and salt to idly/dosa batter consistency.

2.Make balls of the jaggery stuffing.
3.Dip these balls one by one in the batter and immediately drop in hot oil.
4.Fry for a minute ,remove from oil and drain excess oil in paper towel and enjoy eating!

This dish is the all time favorite to my husband and my brother,so i dedicate this first posting to them and ofcourse to all who are visiting my blog for the first time!
(Some of the pictures are edited to add,pictures taken with different camera and different time,so colour and lighting may vary)



  1. nice pictures !!!!!will try it soon :-) thanks for the recipe

  2. Thank you so much sangeetha.

  3. Hmm. Good Start. Keep Going.


  4. Hi Rajeshwari,
    thanks for visiting my blog...welcome to the food blog world.
    Suzhiyan is a must in our house on deepavali day and my mom makes very good suzhiyans. ur picture reminded me of that ...
    I haven't made suzhiyan at all.. will try to make it sometime and thanks for the recipe.

  5. Sendhil : Thank you

    Prema : Thank you for visiting my blog,you made me feel proud by leaving your precious comments.
    Infact in our house also suzhiyan is a must on deepavali day,thanks again for visiting!

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOW.....I get so many new dishes here.....really thanks for your step by step photo and recipe.:)))

  7. Thankyou kajal,we are getting somany dishes from ur blog!
    Its very encouraging that u have left comments on every dishes...

  8. Anonymous5/10/07 23:22

    Hey, This is something new to me...got to try this one! Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Grihini

  9. Looks delicious Raks. How did I miss this post?!
    Love the Hoorana filling, slurp!:))

  10. Thankyou Grihini..!!Do try it...
    Asha,I told and you came here to check it out?so nice of you...You are a very encouragive blogger...!!!Thank you somuch..!!!!

  11. Congratulations on winning the Recipe Diary Contest...this is a wonderful and easy recipe...looks very tempting.

  12. Thanks for posting this recipe with step by step pictures. This is my favourite too and has a special memory sticked to it. Will surely try this recipe ASAP

  13. Thankyou for posting this recipe with step by step pictures. This one is my favourite sweet and has a special memory sticked to it. My mother rarely made this but my aunty (dad's) sister always brougth this when ever she visited us. Am celebrating this diwali with my parents and siblings and woukd love to surprise them with this sweet. Thanku once again

  14. hello mam,there is no need to soak channa dal?

  15. Yes, we need to soak channa dal for 2-3 hrs.. Its mentioned in "re-post" of this receipe "http://www.rakskitchen.net/2007/10/blogger-rak-kitchen-manage-posts.html"

  16. Longtime thought what would have been your first post..at last found it..9 yrs back..what a turnaround !! Kudos!

  17. Hello Raji, I tried this suzhiyan last year and it came out really well and everyone who ate it was happy. Thank you for that.

    However, I had few burnt crumbs as I fried them and some of the got stuck to the suzhiyan too. Not sure how to avoid this problem this year.

    1. Make sure to make the outer layer batter bit thicker, which will prevent the leak of stuffing in oil. Or you can also use a big ladle immerse the ladle in oil and prevent it from touching the bottom.


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