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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby Corn Masala

Baby corn Masala recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Side dish
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Serves: 3
  • Baby corn -- 12-15 nos.
  • Garam masala powder -- 1/2 tsp(Optional)
  • Red chilli powder or sambar powder – 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder -- 1/4 tsp
  • Oil,ghee mixed -- 2 tblsp (or less according to your concern.)
  • Coriander leaves -- for garnishing
To grind (1)
  • Onions -- 1 Big (fry in oil)>
  • Tomato -- 2 Medium
  • Ginger -- a Small piece
  • Garlic -- 2 small cloves
  • Green chillies – 2-4
To Grind (2)
  • Coconut -- 1 1/2 tblsp(optional)
  • Cashew nut – 10-12  nos
To temper
  • Bay leaf – 1(optional)
  • Elachi - 1
  • Cinnamon - small piece
  • Cloves – 2
  1. Cut baby corn to your desired shape..and pressure cook for 3 whistles and keep aside.
  2. Fry the cubed onions in a tsp of ghee/oil and grind it along with tomatoes,green chillies,ginger and garlic.(you can also substitute ginger and garlic with 1 tsp of ready made ginger garlic paste...)
  3. DSC_2779
  4. Heat the kadai with oil,ghee and add the tempering items followed by the above ground paste..
  5. DSC_2781
  6. Add turmeric,salt and garam masala powder,red chilli powder and mix well.
  7. DSC_2782
  8. Fry it in low flame for 5-8 minutes or till the oil leaves the sides of the kadai..(can stir it occasionally ,but take care not to burn..)
  9. Mean while grind cashew (coconut if using) to a smooth paste and add it and fry till oil separates(2 mins).
  10. DSC_2783
  11. Add the cooked baby corn and add water/milk, little by little  to make it to a gravy and bring to boil in medium low flame.No high flame as there are chances of curdling of milk.
  12. DSC_2786DSC_2788
  13. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve with chapati or fried rice..
  14.  DSC_2791
  15. You can also add panner cubes in this just like in Kribha's baby corn paneer curry...
  16. DSC_2792
  17. Add paneer just 1 minute before you put off the stove.
  18. If you are adding paneer, immerse paneer cubes in hot water and just the moment you are going to add,drain the water and add it to korma..! Do not boil after u add paneer for more time,just bring to boil.

You can also add crisp fried capsicum,onion and tomato at the end and garnish to get a restaurant taste and look. I tried so and took a picture the other day,so here’s an update…Enjoyed with roti


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  1. That's a new twist to korma! Sounds delicious.

  2. Looks very delicious, and the step by step pics make it very easy !!!

  3. Thanks cinnamon,Viji and Happy cook...:))

  4. That looks yum! I love baby corn, but I only get canned ones here!

  5. Thanx asha..may be you can give it a try with canned ones..:))

  6. That looks so yummy, you know we dont get fresh baby corn here, have to depend on canned ones always :(

    That gravy looks rich n yummy!

  7. Looks yummy Raks, love babycorn!

  8. looks lovely raks. but why do u need to soak cashews in water for 3 hrs? just curious to know as i usually grind them to paste with other ingredients. does soaking in water for 3 hrs make any difference to the one which is not soaked?

  9. the presentation is too good....sounds good

  10. Looks yummy Raks. I get canned ones only. step by step pics are so good. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Padma,Thanks for dropping here and thanx for the compliments over the dish...why dont you give it a try with the canned ones..:))
    Dear sia,
    I too used to grind cashews as such..but one of my friend Sangeetas kitchen said it will grind easily and smoothly if we soak and grind..and she told thats the way she does..After that I too followed that idea..!!But theres no harm in grinding without soaking too!!
    Thanks Shathi..!!

  12. wow that sure is a whole lot of spices, must taste yum :)

  13. Hi Raks,
    Looks yummy, I got canned baby corn. Will give it try.
    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Thanx Richa!!
    Thankyou rajani for dropping by...

  15. Looks delicious...must give it a try...

  16. never made a Korma with babycorn...looks delicious..i have some canned babycorns, mayb will try this.. thanks for dropping by my blog..

  17. Dear Daily meals and Super chef,
    Sure give it a try ...:))

  18. thanks for the recipe! it sounds really delicious... will definitely try it.

  19. Thankyou Lissie and Rohini,
    for your wonderful words..:))

  20. Baby corn Korma, seems very original of u & looks tempting too.

  21. Baby corn korma looks nice. Even i make this dish but never used coconut.

  22. Oh, I definitely have to try this. My husband dislikes baby corn, while the rest of us love it. Perhaps this way he would eat it, and we can enjoy ourselves without having to worry about him :-)

  23. Thanx shiva priya..!
    Do try it,and lemme know...:))

  24. Coconut milk and cashew paste! Delicious!:)) Very nice step by step instructions wit pictures!:)) I can just look at the pictures and cook ! :))

  25. Thankyou latha mam..for your wonderful words.......:))

  26. Lovely dish and hello fellow Singaporean! Nice blog and it's my first time here.

  27. Thanx Priya ..!!
    Welcome Lakshmi....:))

  28. Thank you Kribha...!!I some how missed out to thank your comment..Sorry..

  29. You have a nice blog Rak. thanks for dropping by my blog with your valuable comments. Loved the kurma. sounds simple and nice.

  30. Never tried using baby corn like this. I only get the canned ones here.

  31. Korma looks gooooooooooood. :)

  32. Sharmi
    You are welcome..:))thanx for thhe comments..!!
    Try it out with canned ones...:))
    thanks for dropping by....!!
    Thanx A Lottttttttttttttt!!!!

  33. the gravy is too tempting: cashew, coconut and fennel paste feels so rich... along with the ginger-garlic-onion paste :)

    i like your step-by-step pictures - nice work! (i don't have the patience for that unfortunately)

  34. very nice recipe, step by step instructions are very welcome, will try this soon!

  35. Thank you sheela and bindiya for your compliments:))

  36. thats new to me.. i loved this too :D

  37. Thanks for the lovely kurma .It looks yummy.I have never done kurma with baby corn.It sounds cool!

  38. Hi chef
    baby corn korma looks very nice.I tried ur recipes, it was very nice.very easy to make. thanks for ur recipes

  39. Hi

    I made this curry over the weekend and it turned out perfect. I added carrot along with capsicum and baby corn for vegetables, I also added a few soaked almonds along with cashews. The taste was perfect. Thanks for a great recipe.

  40. Hi,
    Tried out this recipe last week wen my friend dropped into my house for lunch.....It was awesome

  41. I made this and it turned out very good. I used cream to make it more rich:-) It tasted so good.

  42. I tried this recipe and it came out very well. Perfect. I added paneer and used light cream. It was delicious. Thanks a lot Raji, for your inspiration. You have the ability to inspire me by transforming the mundane cooking to creative cooking!

  43. I tried this dish last night for dinner and it was yummmmmmmm everybody loved it and its very simple to cook too. The pictures that take you through the process are very helpful. Thank you :)

  44. I tried this dish and it turned out yummmmmm, thanks for the recipe. The pictures take you through the entire process and are very helpful. Thanks again :)

  45. Hello Raks,

    I have tried it and its a hit in my home.. :)
    Thank you.

  46. Hi Raks,

    I have tried this and it turned out to be hit of the day at my home.
    Thank you very much :)

  47. This turned out nice, added fried bell peppers in the end and a bit of fresh cream - tasted heavenly altogether :)

    Thanks for the recipe!

  48. Thanks for the recipe! Made it today and it turned out perfect. :-)

  49. I've made this recipe about 5-6 times now and it's been a hit with the family everytime. And I'm going to make this again today. Thanks for the best Baby corn korma recipe on the internet.

  50. will definitely give a try..very pretty presentation for all ur dish....really tempting to try it out...good work..keep going:-)

  51. Hi Raks... Tried this recipe. It's so easy to prepare d delicious too. My kid loved this curry. Thanks d wish you could provide us more recipes.. Gud luck

  52. Hi raks....tried this recipient today and it turned out amazingly delicious.my first attempt with babycorn.the aroma of the recipie made me day....tasted much better than the one we eat at restaurant.so easy to make with your clear cut inatructions .thanks a lot for helping starters like me.....:):)

  53. Hi
    Tried this recipe n everyone @ home loved it! Including my 4 yr old daughter


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