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Wednesday, October 3, 2007



I today saw the event RCI "Tamil Festivals",hosted by Viji of Vcusine.My first post This "Suzhiyan" is a must in the Neyveyam on the Deepavali day.

So I decided to re-post this for the event RCI "Tamil festival"-Deepavali.

You can know generally about Deepavali festival here and also see hoe it is celebrated in Singapore by clicking here!!

Pooranam Ingredients

  • channa dal - 1 part(Soaked for 2-3 hours

  • jaggery - 3 parts

  • coconut - 1 part

  • cardamom - 2 nos.(powdered)


1.Pressure cook channa dal upto 3 whistle, cool down and grind in blender just to make it a paste. keep aside.

2.Take jaggerry in a heavy bottomed vessel. Then pour water just enough to immerse jaggery.

3.Heat it and when jaggery dissolves completely,filter it in a metal strainer to remove impurities if any.

4.Then again start heating the jaggery syrup. When it starts boiling, at one stage, the syrup will get frothy.

5.At this stage add the ground dhal paste and coconut. Stir continuously without forming any lumps.Add elachi powder and mix thoroughly.

6.Note that water we are adding should be very little.The little we add water to jaggery, sooner the stuffing will get ready.

7.Keep Stirring well till the mixture starts leaving the sides of the vessel.

8.Transfer the content to a dry air tight container. You can Keep this in refrigerator upto 10 -12days.

For outer layer you need
1.Maida/all purpose flour - 1/2 cup
2.salt - little
1.Mix maida with water and salt to idly/dosa batter consistency.

2.Make balls of the jaggery stuffing.

3.Dip these balls one by one in the batter and immediately drop in hot oil.

4.Fry for a minute ,remove from oil and drain excess oil in paper towel and enjoy eating!



  1. Thank you Raji for this wonderful entry. With maida, it is new to me. Will try out sometime. Viji

  2. Thanx for your comment,Viji...:)

  3. Thata s alovely dessert, dear! Very new to me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thankyou, Musical for visiting and leaving you precious comment!!

  5. I love sweets with jaggery. This looks good. Even thought i've never ate them before.

  6. This is a wonderful recipe and I do have it in my archives as well..:)..
    can you pls help me with the actual name..Susiyan?Suhiyan??or suzhiyan as you have said?? is how my in laws pronounce and they (me too) make the outer dip with the Idly batter(the ratio for rice and uzhundu is slightly dif)..
    Thanks for sharing this Raji..:)

  7. Excellent entry for RCI-event my dear.Keep it up. Very nice recipe with something different idea!!!! Creative thinking....:)

  8. I love how elaborate and detailed your post it, that'll help me when I try this recipe out!

  9. Anonymous4/10/07 04:31

    suzhiyans look delicious,thanks for sharing the recipe:)

  10. My hubby's fav. We made this for diwali too. Nice pictures. Step by step pic are good.

  11. Happy cook,
    Give this a try,you will like!

  12. Bharathy,
    I am not sure,how others call this..but we in our family ,we call this as Suzhiyan only.And i have seen in http://tamilmenu.blogspot.com/2007/07/suliyam.html ,this same sweet calling Suliyam.!!Thanx for your comments Bharathy.:)

  13. Thank you kajal,for your appreciation..:)

  14. Kaykat,
    Thankyou for dropping in and leaving your comments..
    Welcome...:))and thankyou for your comments!
    Its my hubby's favourite too!!
    Thanx for your comments..:))

  15. I once made this but the batter didn't come out right, so I mixed up the poornam and the batter and deep-fried it - it didn't taste too bad!

  16. Oh!!Good thing you mixed and made it !!

  17. My mom makes this too, but she doesnt grind the daal. She uses the daal retaining its shape & form.

  18. Shella,My mother too will not grind but mash with laddle so that some dal will be visible...But MIL will be grinding like this...

  19. We make the same too but for the outer layer we use Idli batter, tastes great! Should try your version too:)

  20. Recently i tried,but i used different filling. ur version also delicious.


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