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Friday, October 26, 2007

baby-corn-golden fries

    We get this  baby corn golden fries in anandha bavan restaurant here in Singapore with this name...:)) Also we get it in hot chips restaurant, tastes great! This is nothing but our usual Baby corn Bajji. But I think in restaurants, the flour is different and also they add Ginger garlic paste … But I make it simple like this. Aj’s favourite snack…



Baby corn -- 10 nos.

Gram flour/besan flour – 1/4 cup

Rice flour    -- 1/4 cup(or can even reduce a bit)

Asafetida     -- 3 pinches

Chili powder   -- 1/2  to 1 tsp

sodium bi carb /cooking soda  --1 generous pinch

Jeera (Optional) --1/2 tsp

salt  --as needed

Oil for deep frying


  • Mix all the above ingredients with required water,(except baby corn and oil),to a Idly/dosa batter consistency.Keep aside.
  • Cut Baby corns into four in length wise Heat oil in a deep frying pan and wen oil is hot enough,dip the baby corn slices in the batter and put it in oil for deep frying...
  • Fry till golden colour and enjoy hot with Chili or tomato sauce.!! You can sprinkle chaat masala over it and have it. Tastes great!

This is the first time I am tagged by a blogger friend for MEME...Thanx for tagging me Remya...and giving an opportunity to share all these with you people...!!

(theONLY)4 places I have lived
  • Salem(Tamil Nadu,India)  - With my parents in my own home,where I did my schooling....
  • Trichy(Tamil Nadu,India)  -  Where I did my Higher studies after schooling....(DECE)
  • Chennai(Tamil Nadu,India) -  After marriage,for a year with my loving hubby and In-laws..:)
  • Now in Singapore!!
4 jobs(?) I had and having..
  • As a troublesome daughter for my parents,and a nightmare for my (elder) brother;D,always kept fighting with him...poor brother and silly me...:D(But he is always nice & lovely to me still now...)...and as A student ofcourse...Always (DAY)dreaming to get to a higher standard in learning!!
  • As a (IR)responsible?  daughter(-in-law)..in my own Uncle's sweet Family and Sister(in-law) to my (clever) Brother in laws;D..
  • As a cute and lovely (?) wife to my ever caring and loving Husband(love devil...shhh..dont tell him)...since 2003...
  • As an amma to my 3 1/2 year old boy (kutty devil)...;D
4 places I have holidayed
  • Agra -Taj mahal...a must see b4 die place...according to me ....and Kulu,Manali...a beautiful hill station covered with white snow...(when u visit in season)
  • Hongkong.....Wow with Disneyland,a great and lovely night scene  ..its really an treat for childrens and for us too..!!
  • Bintan islands - Indonesia Again a nice place to relax or for water sports...
  • Langkawi - Malaysian Island - the place we recently holidayed....Cool place ....
4 Favourite foods
  • Whichever food thats not cooked by me....I like to eat  and enjoy if somebody cooks and gives me in hand..;D
  • My Mother's each and every dish she make...especially Adai .....(with mixed dhal and rice....) and her evening snack items...
  • Chaat items...I love them a lottt!!and all north indian cusine...:)
  • Noodles....I love them a lot to have in restaurants...
4 places I would rather be
  • I am always happy and comfortable here where i am now,with  my loving hubby and my son.!!!
  • Wherever...the place,I would like to be with my parents..(everybody will love this)
  • Switzerland.....(whats there to just dream to be there...;D,may be one day the dream comes true...)
  • Australia...!
4 persons I like to tag

If they are interested....;)

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  1. The baby corn fries looks inviting :)
    and it was nice knowing abt u!!

  2. thats very inviting bajjis...and good knowing about you!..so can image how naughty your son must be!..:D

  3. Nice corn bajjis with something new to read!! Love your meme. And hey I haven't been to Agra and i think i should?? we plan for 4 weeks to india and time flies with family and its hard to holiday.

  4. Hey, nice to know tht u r in SG now... I too am in SG... :)


  5. nice meme....and the corn bajjis look great..i have been trying to look for these guys from last week adn have gotten nowhere with it!!

  6. hey gr8 twist to bajjis. will try them soon. nice to know more abt you. im glad ur happy & comfortable where u r and in what ur doing.

  7. Lovely Bajjis.You can practically dip anything edible in the batter!:)
    Great reading your MeMe, hope you get go to Switzerland, it's Heaven on Earth!

  8. Baby corn bhajis look so perfect. Hey, I'm from salem too. My parents home is in 4 roads. Wish to know more about you. Will mail you sometime. That was a cute meme. Enjoyed reading it.

  9. Oops! I forgot. Thanks for tagging me. Asha and Laavanya have also tagged me for this. Will do it soon. Bye.

  10. Never tried baby corn fries... will give it a try. Nice Meme and glad to know more about you.

  11. The fries are very tempting and a very sweet meme!

  12. Lovely bhajis.
    Nice Meme.
    Thankyou for tagging me. I will do it in the comming weeks. From today onwards my daughter is having a week of holiday so will be busy. Asha have also tagged me for a meme that i will have to do so i will do both of them together. See u soon

  13. I love these fritters..it's season here and will surely give a shot :)..looks lovely..
    Raji,nice to know abt you..so you'd mrrd your cousin right??

    Enjoyed reading every word of it..

    PS..same pinch..I too hate food cooked by me..he he..:)

  14. Never made fritters with baby corn raks....
    Nice to know u thru ur meme :-) Hey we have this Trichy connection raks...i did my M.Tech there :-)

  15. Cinnamon
    Thanx for ur lovely words:))
    Thanx for the compliments and Ya he is naughty devil;D
    Thanx and Sure time flies with our family itself if we go to India and its hard to holiday within there in India...This too we went when we were living there in Chennai:))

    Dev Thanx for dropping by!
    Thanx yaa and wish you could find it soon there in ur place..:))
    Thanx for ur lovely comments...:))
    Ya thats the plus point...;)
    Thankyou for wishing my dream come true;))
    Thanx for your compliments,and thankyou for replying my mail...
    Expecting your meme now..:))
    Daily meals
    Thanx for the compliments...!!
    Thanx ...:))
    Sure give it a try...
    You are Right,I got married to my own cousin...;))and thanks for spending time to enjoy my meme..!!
    Happy cook
    Thanx for the comments and hav a great time with ur daughter...See ya..
    Try it once u will like it ...Its crispy and cruchy..:))
    M.Tech..? In trichy..? Wow thats great ...!!!!

  16. hey the corn bajjis are nice. did you make with canned or fresh ones? I want to try but have canned ones only! nice cute meme:)

  17. Bajjis look tempting..loved your description of 4 jobs...Cute Meme

  18. the fries with go really well with my cuppa tea... pass some pleaz!

  19. baby corn bhajis ... my hubby loves bhajis ...I have already eyed on sia's baby corn manchurian and now ur bhajis has joined in my list too. the only problem is I can't find fresh baby corns.. thanks for the recipe dear.

  20. Interesting MeMe Raks:) Love the gold fingers, I remember we used order this always at one particular restaurant back home:)

  21. The fritters look crispy and mouthwatery Raks.. and lovely MeMe..:D

  22. Its nice to know you with MEME dear. I liked those corn bhajiyas.

  23. Enjoyed reading your Meme. There is so much to learn about each person. Loved the idea of corn bhajjis too.

  24. your BABY CORN GOLDEN FRIES looks yummy.. i will definitely try them

  25. sharmi
    Thanx for your comments:)) and I used fresh ones only,and I hav no Idea how the canned ones will be tasting for bajjis...
    Thanx for the compliments..:))
    Sure Mandira...!!Here u go....;D
    Oh..Thanx you prema...Sure give it a try..!!
    namratha,siri,taste of mysore,redchili,Superchef,TruptiThank you all for your lovely words and compliments...:))

  26. WOW....baby corn with hot chilli sauce!!! Nice to know about your four things my dear :-)

  27. oh..those baby corn bhajjis look so so sooooooo good. :) ur making me want to have one now? can i fly over? ;)

    Nice to know more of u thro MEME!

  28. Baby corn fries look so cool and delicious, nice to read ur 4-meme!

  29. the corn fritters look so crisp..a nice snack..
    nice meme..interesting read!!!

  30. Sure Grihini,you 're most welcome here...:))
    Thanx padma and rachel for the compliments..:))

  31. baby corn bajjis are new to me. i will surely try this. nice to know you better!

  32. Hello Raji. Got the link to your blog from Jeyashri's kitchen. Tried these babycorn fritters today. Came out well.!! I have a salem connection too, my mom is from salem and my uncles still stay there. Happy to visit your blog

  33. அப்படியே மாலையாக் கோர்த்து கழுத்துல கட்டிக்கலாம் போல இருக்கு...வேற சொல்ல என்ன இருக்கு?...


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