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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Gobi paratha recipe-There are so many ways to make this gobi paratha ....Different people do in different ways...Even you all people know how to make this, still as a beginner, I made it this way.


Gobi Paratha is my brother’s favourite dish...he requested to post this last week itself..but since I haven't tried this before,so I first asked my north Indian friend, Sangeeta and did it today...So here you go my dear brother... : )

Gobi paratha recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 10 mins    Serves: 4


Wheat flour - 1 cup

Salt - as needed

Oil - 3 tsp

For stuffing

Cauliflower - 1 big

Coriander leaves(chopped) - 1/2 cup (can add less also)

Ginger(finely chopped) - 3/4 tsp

Green chilly (chopped)  - 1(optional)

Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp

Garam masala powder - 1/2 tsp

Red chilly powder - 3/4 tsp

Asafoetida - a pinch

Cumin seeds - 1 tsp

salt and oil as needed

METHOD - For dough

  1. Mix wheat flour and maida with salt and oil,well.
  2. Then prepare a soft dough by adding warm water to the flour(it should not be stiff but soft...) and keep aside.
  3. Usually I prepare and keep the dough atleast for  half an hour.

For stuffing

  1. Grate the flower part of the cauliflower using a grater,as shown in the picture. 
  2. gobi 1
  3. Keep ready the other ingredients required for the stuffing and heat a broad kadai.DSC_0684
  4. Add  cumin seeds,asafoetida(not shown in pic),ginger,green chilli in order.Fry for a minute.
  5. Then add the grated  cauliflower,fry for a minute and add turmeric(not shown in pic),red chilli and garam masala powders,coriander leaves and sprinkle salt (little only will be needed).
  6. Fry in high flame for 5-6 minutes,with constant stirring. 
  7. Fry till the cauliflower turns soft.By this time it should have reduced into half the amount.
  8. Transfer to a bowl after done and cool down.


  1. Take the prepared dough and roll into balls of big gooseberry size.(as shown)
  2. Roll the balls into chapattis and keep aside.
  3. gobi 2DSC_0692
  4. Take one chapatti and spread at least 2 tablespoon of the stuffing till the ends.
  5. Place another chapatti over this and first press gently over it, and then seal the ends and fold as shown in the picture.
  6. DSC_0702DSC_0694
  7. Sprinkle over some flour and spread into thin or thick parathas as per your desire..
  8. Heat tawa and add little oil and toast this parathas till golden in colour.
  9. DSC_0696-1DSC_0712

Or the authentic way of rolling (Updated)
  1. Roll a small mandarin( orange) sized ball of dough into thick circle. Fill the prepared stuff inside, say 2 tblsp. Close it towards the centre as shown, pinch and flatten.1-gobi-paratha
  2. Spread to a thick paratha with generous dusting (I use maida for dusting) and cook it both sides on a hot tawa over medium flame. Press gently while cooking to get it done evenly browned.2-gobi-paratha

Serve hot with any kind of raitha (boondi raita) or simply with pickle!


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  1. Mouth watering, I had these at my fren's place, her mom is agreat cook....love the gobi paratha texture

  2. After I succeeded in Alu Parathas, I am hoping to make Gobi ones too. Looks great, made by two layers too. I will try, thanks!:))

    I am leaving my comments, hope you do leave your's too! ;D

  3. Raks.....Nice version of Gobi paratha...Right...as u said,every person has a variation...I make these in a different way :-)
    But ur version is really good :-)
    Nice YUM Paranthas :-)

  4. raks, every recipe comes out differently in different hands...that's the beauty of cooking.

  5. Looks delicious Raka. I have one big head of cauliflower and I'm going to try this soon. Will let u know. Already printed your recipe.

  6. lovely, looks so delish. I have to make them.

  7. Two layered paratha is something I am yet to try. Looks very good.

  8. really yumm...i had once made by my friend...delicious..urs a bit diff..will parathha smetime...

  9. Very nice paratha's.I have bookmarked it and will give u the feed back after i prepare.

  10. Looks so delicious raji. Thanks for the step by step pics. will try it for sure. Looks so good and yummy.

  11. Looks so delicious raji. Thanks for the step by step pics. will try it for sure. Looks so good and yummy.

  12. Love parathas!! ur version is mouthwatering!!!!!!!

  13. mmm...love ghobi paranthas...fall weather makes u crave all yummy stuff...also liked what u sent for click..

  14. Yum Yum parathas.. My daughter loves this one as much as we all do!!

  15. padma,
    Thanx for your comments...:)
    My first attempt in parathas is aloo paratha and just like u me too tried gobi...But now I like the gobi stuffed one than aloo...:))
    And I will leave comments on each and every post although I do it delayed;D
    Thanx for the lovely comments ...!!
    I agree with you ...!!
    Oh! thats super fast...!!thank you and dont forget to giv me the feedback!!
    Thanx for the compliments and give it a try ...It turned out very very tasty yesterday...!!we enjoyed eating...and if you have any doubts also you can ask me...I am eager to answer...:))
    manasi,rajitha & seema,
    Thanx for the compliments over my parathas...

  16. I too grate the gobi sometimes! your parathas are looking yummy!:)) When I was in delhi I learnt to roll the parathas with big cauliflower pieces too! THe knack is in rolling!:))

  17. very nice dish..love to get some now..feeling hungry seeing it..:D
    It is evening here and time for tea..that spaghetti pictures are also good..

  18. Gobi parathas look amazing Raks, would love some right away...I love Gobbiiiiiiii! :)

  19. Nice presentation. Makes it easy to follow with pics.

  20. Latha mam
    thanx for yur compliments..And please share that knack sometime...:)
    I too will be happy to share my tasty parathas with you!!!
    Namratha and parvs thanx for your compliments:))

  21. wow now i can easily follow the recipe. neatly presented

  22. perfect .... we used to have a lot of paratha during winters. Parathas taste great with lassi too..

  23. raks, tasty gobi parathas! i love them.. :))

  24. SWAROOPA,EASYCRAFTS AND LISSIE Thanx a lot for your compliments

  25. Recipe is so good... will give it a try and post the feedback.. Thanks!

  26. Hi Raks,

    Healthy paratha. Looks yummy!!! I am on my way to your house!!!:-)Thanks for sharing.

  27. Anu,
    Sure tell me the feedback....:))
    menu today,
    You are always invited....:))

  28. Hi Raks,

    Ur cooking skill is awesome.. Now a days i just look into your site for cooking.

    I also wanna suggest another method for Gobi Paratha. Instead of grating them u can cut the gobi into small pieces and boil them for 5-10 mins.
    After that spread them into a dry cloth and squeeze out the water completely. Then grind coarsely in mixie.

    Then u can put this in kadai along with ingredents which u have mentioned.

    This gives u additional taste.

    You can do the same with Brocolli as well !!

  29. maine try kiya wow so tasty wonderfull

  30. Hi,
    I just tried your method of rolling out gobhi parathas, they came out so well, can't wait to eat them, but me and my parathas are waiting for my husband!:-)
    I followed your pizza recipe too, you somehow have a way with cooking methods, I follow them and never fail!
    Must thank you for all the wonderful effort, step by step pics et all..
    Keep it coming, for us all!


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