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Friday, October 5, 2007

I am very glad to participate and share this recipe for MEC:Snacks! event,organized by dear Srivalli of Cooking 4 all Seanons!
You can check for some basic saftey precautions and tips Here!

Ingredients :
  • Corn (can be either sweet or ordinary) - 1
  • Salt - as needed
  • Chat masala - 1/2 tsp
  • Red chillie powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Lemon juice - 3/4 tsp

  • Remove the skin and clean the corn.

  • Take the corn kernels carefully,and wash it to remove any impurities.

  • Transfer the kernels to microwave steamer or a microwavable container (add enough water to immerse the kennels.)

  • Cook in high power for 4 minutes and give a minute for standing (time).

  • After that transfer the cooked corn kernels to a bowl and add the spice powders,salt and lemon juice,and mix well.

    • I added very less than told here,coz my kid wanted to eat it!
    • Adjust the spice level according to your taste..And note that in chat masala there's salt,and adjust the salt quantity accordingly!!

    Another Simple way to enjoy corn!!

    Simply keep the corn in the microwave oven in high power for 3-4 minutes without removing the outer skin/layer...Change the corn's position in the middle of cooking,inside oven for even cooking.Give one minute standing time and carefully remove the outer layer and enjoy the corn by sprinkling salt and redchillie powder over it!!

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    1. I have seen this boiled corn cob a lot on Delhi's street, but never tasted one. I guess I will have to soon.

    2. Thanx sheela,do taste ...:)

    3. Its that simple :-) wow... must try

    4. Looks yum.Your's must be the first entry!:))

    5. Thanx Raaga,try it..
      Asha,thankyou for dropping in and leaving your comment..!!

    6. That's so easy and looks very good.

    7. That's so nice and looks yummy. Pass me on that bowl. Wanna try it now.

    8. Anonymous5/10/07 23:19

      What a coincidence..I just made one y'day. We also toasted one over the stove...:)

      ~ Grihini

    9. KribhaOkay,its a deal..Pass your brinjal-stuffed one..I will pass mine..:))
      We used to do that when we had no MW oven..recently only we too tried this,when cullinary expert mallika badhrinath gave this Idea in a TV Show..!!

    10. yummy, corn is a an all time favourite. These are great ways to make them in the MW..thanks! :)

    11. You are Welcome namratha!!:)

    12. Thats looks really great...thanks for the entry...it was a pleasure getting your entry so soon after the announcement..

    13. My favorite one RAK. viji

    14. Awesome!!!! Thanx for sharing.

    15. Thankyou, Viji and Pushpa..

    16. Wow this is a reall easy way to do the corns.

    17. i love to eat corn...here in bangalore, people eat hot steamed or charcoal fried corn during winter. i have always wondered how to make it at home. thanks for sharing two quick and easy recipes!

    18. Thanx happy cook..!
      Me too have been in b'lore..And we had corn there...But steamed corn at Kid's kemp...:))

    19. thanks for dropping by, rajeswari. we've added you to our blogroll.

    20. Thanx Bee for adding in your blogroll...!!

    21. I have always enjoyed the coen available on the streets of chennai..it is so simple..will surely try it

    22. I love masala corns...thanks for the recipe

    23. I have tried to separate the kernels but I always end up squeezing and breaking the kernels ...can u plz give some tips to easily do it..thank u for the recipe


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