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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I saw this recipe in Global Vegan and I wanted to try ...So with some changes I made like...omitted "Dill" and added Rice flour with besan in the ratio 1:3,cumin seeds I added a little..and Little asafetida/hing....,Curry leaves....just like the mix for bajji ....;))...and tried....Turned out very nice colourful dosa...just like Kumuda's....from global vegan. My son too liked this one..:))Can have this as a tiffin..

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  1. Oh thanks Happy cook...:))

  2. lovely looking omelete dear..:D

  3. I hope u are sending this omelete to WBB # 16: omelete event.. It wud be a very nice entry......:)

  4. Thank you siri ,for dropping by and suggesting me to participate..:))
    Thanx Time pass..:)

  5. I'm so glad that you tried it and your son liked it!

    Looks wonderful.

  6. Thanx for the comments kumudha..

  7. I saw this in kumuda's post too. Looks really good. Love it.

  8. I too was tempted by hers and then I thought trying the dish..Kribha!

  9. Dear raji,
    Why call our dosai as omlette! First when I read Omlette in kumudhas blog , I was shocked! After going through the recipe, I understood it is dosa! Sometimes when I read the name, I may not even read the recipe!:))
    Nice idea to add rice flour! It gives crispness. Your dosa picture is looking great a nd I hope you enjoyed eating it too!
    Your name appears as Rajeshwari in my blog and I am very happy about that!:)) Hugs dear!

  10. I am too not keen about calling dosai as omlette..But As I tried it from her blog I din't wanted to change the name...And I too will skip reading "omelette" if it have been in any other blog..I noted down your points..Thankyou..:))

  11. i never tried omelette.. wil try this one.

  12. Hi Raji,

    Very useful blogs, getting married in two months and looking forward to cook a lot for my husband..

    Though i cook a bit, still anxious about it.. fingers crossed actually!!

    Will definitely try your recipes :)


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