Navarathri 2014 recipes

Navarathri 2014 recipes

verkadalai-sundal-recipe கொண்டகடலை-சுண்டல் Sweet sundal recipe pasi paruppu sundal recipe Rajma sundal recipe Channa dal sundal recipe    semiya kesari rava kesari paal kesari kalkandu pongal சக்கரைப்  பொங்கல்  thengai-payasam-with-rice ulundu vadai recipe puliyogare recipe 1 thayir-sadam-தயிர் சாதம்  coconut rice lemon+rice-recipePuli aval Lemon aval Puli idiyappam pepper idiyappam

Monday, November 26, 2007

This rasam is very easy to prepare and yet tastes and smells great!! We can take this with rice or can serve hot hot as a starter!!This will induce hunger as it has ginger and pepper in it!!


Thoor dal cooked 1/2 cup
Ginger 1 inch piece grushed
Lime juice 1 tblsp
Green chilies 2-4
tomato 1
pepper 1 tsp crushed
Turmeric 1/4 tsp


Mustard 1 tsp
jeera 1 tsp
Asafetida 3 pinches
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Ghee 1 1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves 1 tblsp for garnishing


Thoor dal and lime Crushed ginger,pepper,curry,tomato and chilli



  • Heat a kadai with ghee and add the tempering items,one by one..Mustard,jeera,asafetida,curry and green chillies and half of the crushed ginger ...
  • Add tomatoes and fry for a minute and add 2 cups water with salt,turmeric and bring to boil.
  • Add the remaining crushed ginger,pepper and boil till tomatoes are soft.
  • Add the cooked thoor dal and bring to boil.
  • When it boils well,switch off the stove and add the lime juice and coriander leaves and cover immediately.
  • This rasam should not be reheated or boild after lime juice have been added,as it may give a bitter taste.
  • Serve hot as a starter or with rice and pappad!!


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  1. mmm...yummy! i love this rasam..we call it limboo rasam...

  2. Never tried ginger rasam. Sounds really good.

  3. Never tried this one.. sounds interesting. Guess perfect for the season thats filled with cold & cough for most of us!

  4. Very Appetising Rak's. Lovely.

  5. Me too...never tried rasam with ginger..good one

  6. I often crave garlic rasam, but never tried a ginger version - reading this, I'm truly surprised I haven't had it already! Guess it is time to fix that :)

  7. i think i wud have it as an appetiser :)

  8. Rajitha,
    Thanks for your comments ...:)
    Try this,you will surely love it:)
    You are right...all you need is one hot cup of this rasam:)
    Lakshmi,Easy carfts
    Thankyou for ur comments:)

  9. Kaykat,Nags,
    Me too was sticking always to garlic rasam...once I had this as an appetizer in a restaurant..then I tried this for my I am a big fan of this rasam:)

  10. Hi Rak,
    Rasam looks clear.Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for that lovely rasam.

  12. I love rasam. I too add ginger in t when i make them.
    Only thinkg is i don't make rasam that often as i am the only person who likes it in my place

  13. Very innovative Rajeshwari, why not send it for JFI-Toor dal too!

  14. This sounds wonderful Raks... I would love to slurp this as a soup in this cold weather. Bookmarking this to try.

  15. After all that TG feast, I need this ginger rasam! Looks delicious!:))

  16. Nice entry rajeshwari! How many varieties of rasams we prepare! :) There can be no tamizh meal without rasam!
    Picture is lovely!:)

  17. I like all rasam recipes..
    and definitely this too.

  18. Looks so goooooooooooood!!! I have a bad cold.. must try!!!

  19. ginger rasam ...perfect for this winter season...i love all varition of rasams...really appetising...

  20. Ginger Rasam sounds like just what I need! Delicious :)

  21. would love to drink as soup. Would be best for this cold season, right ? Looks yummy.

  22. Menutoday,Sunita,
    Thanx for your compliments...!!
    Here too the same story;)
    thanks for your idea...!!Will try to post specifically for that or else this i will send to her:))

  23. lavanya,Asha
    Glad that you love this rasam!!
    Latha mam,
    You are absolutely right..Thanx for the compliments!!
    thanx for your compliments!!
    Yes indeed its perfect for this season and nasty cold ...;D

  24. yummmm rasam looks soo yummy want to try soon

  25. Very nice entry Raji. Did you see mine. I felt so shy when I posted that ginger tea. I know that it's a common thing ,nothing special. But I had no time and I had to participate. Rasam looks so comforting.

  26. I never heard of ginger rasam before.. must try this one... This hot rasam as a soup..mmmmm... mouthwatering..

  27. sagari,anu,
    Thanks for the compliments!!
    Dont worry you have posted somany people's favourite and me too had somany ideas for ginger then at last minute I posted this simple rasam!!

  28. Hi raks, ginger rasam seems to be new to me. Thanx for sharing. I will enjoy to try this.

  29. why dont you send this one to JFI thoor dal as well??

  30. ginger rasam sounds really appetizing! love to have it when i am sick... :D

  31. hey...can i have it mixed with rice?...and what accompaniment will be good with it?

    1. Yes u can eat with rice, any spicy dry curry can be good with it.

  32. Planning to do it today.Thanks da.It will be nice to have this in this rainy season.


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