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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Killu Adai (Pinched rice rotis with toordhal)

           This is a recipe which my mother learnt from her mother and my mother used to make, when I was young. She says,this is one of the dish, in those days the house wives used to do with all of the ladies in the house helping in this one.

       Yes,those days...people used to live as a joint family and every lady member in the house will share the house works.So this recipe was easier to make for them.

         As the name indicates,the rotis were made and pinched with hands to small pieces..sitting and chatting in the evenings,they enjoyed doing this.But I din't do that ..I chopped with knife:)

         So this is how I made this dish:


  • Rice(I used ponni par-boiled rice) - 1 cup
  • Toor dal                                  - 1/ cup
  • Small onions                            -  3/4 cup chopped
  • Jeera/cumin seed                     - 1 1/2 tsp
  • Green chillies                          -  3-4 chopped
  • Curry leaves                           -  1 sprig
  • Coconut grated                       - 2-3 tblsp
  • Salt  as needed


  • Mustard                -  1 tsp
  • Coconut oil           -   1 tblsp


  • Pressure cook toor dal with enough water for only one whistle and drain the water,keep aside(Cook in lowest flame and only for one whistle!)
  • Soak rice for atleast 3 hours and grind with little water and salt, to a fine paste.
  • Heat a  heavy bottomed vessel,with the rice batter and keep stirring in low flame,till it reaches just a dough consistency(Non sticky)(No need that it should get cooked)
  • Knead the dough with your hands and make rotis over a greased surface.
  • Transfer to a hot tava and cook both sides.
  • While cooking sprinkle some water, to make it soft and to get cooked easily.
  • Repeat for all rotis,the same procedure and let it cool for some time.
  • Meanwhile,chop the onions and green chilles and crush the jeera/cumin seeds and keep a side.
  • Chop the cooled rotis into small pieces as shown in picture and keep a side.
  • Heat a broad kadai and add the coconut oil.Add mustard,followed by green chillies and curry leaves.Then add the chopped onions.
  • Fry till golden brown  and then add crushed jeera,followed by the chopped rotis.
  • Fry for 2 minutes with 2 pinches of salt and a little water sprinkled.
  • Add the cooked dal and mix well in low flame.
  • Lastly add the grated coconut and little more coconut oil,mix well.Fry for a minute in high flame.
  • Serve hot!Will taste divine with rice,dhal and coconut oil combi!!


      This dish I am sending to Linda of Out of garden,for her JFI - Toor dal Event!!

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  1. I'm bowled over by this dish raks. Never seen/heard of it before but it looks lovely. It does seem like a lot of work but am sure it's well worth it.

  2. Wow!!!different but traditional recipe...After reading i thought this should be long process....but sure recipe will justify that time i hope.

    I like your wya of step by step presentation.Thanks for you efforts.

  3. Thank you Laavanya,Usha
    for your wonderful and really encouragive words

  4. Wonderful recipe dear! I definitely want to try this. My mother makes without the broken rice rotis! :)

  5. Do try this out latha mam:-)

  6. This seems to be a long process but must be really worth the extra effort,will try this out.

  7. Bindha
    Do try this out,when you have leisure time:))

  8. I too have never heard of this...it looks very good..great recipe, thanks

  9. Hey Raks... what an amazing dish. I have never heard of this! You took so much pains.. hats of to you.. great job girl!! Looks lovely.. very nice.

  10. i have never heard of this raks..looks delicious..thnks for sharing such a unique dish with us :)

  11. Wow what a wonderful dish. After seeing the work you have put to it i am sure that is why all the ladies helped for making this.
    I am sure Linda will be very pleased with this dish for her event.

  12. What a lovely, unusual dish this is! Nice entry for the JFI..

  13. very creative n unusual one ....seems like u have put more time n effort in making these yumm ones...end result is tasty naa....grt entry

  14. Very traditional and unique dish. I remember eating sometime in my childhood in my grandma's home. But my mom never made this so it's been ages since I had this. Thanks for sharing this. I'll try this for sure.

  15. lovely dish raks no need of dipping roti in dhal lookssss deleciousssss

  16. Hi everybody,
    Thankyou all for your wonderful words!Even my mother makes this very rarely...as it involves much work.This is the first time I am making...I didn't wanted this recipe forgotten...thats y I posted here...
    Thankyou one and all again!!

  17. wow awesome dear.. i am sure you did put so much effort to make this . No wonder it tasted absolute delish!

  18. What a beautiful post! This is a totally new dish to me -- and looks so delicious! Thank you for taking the time to write and photograph this recipe, Raks. I am certain to try it one day, and I'm so happy you decided to send it to JFI Toor Dal!

  19. Like the word "killu" before the adai! Lovely detailed description!

  20. I little hard work goes a loong way,Raji..:)..very new to me but really a scrumptious one!..fit for the event!..:)

    When I clicked publish,wondered who would come first this time??Down my mind I said to myself that I should sply appreciate the person!..:)..I was surprised to see your query in my comment box..as though reading my mind!..:)

    ahh err..yeah,,the award u wanted too :D..is here..!..

  21. Thankyou Kalva,linda,rachel and Bharathy:)
    The time differece to India and singapore is only 2 1/2 hours...and this is my son's nap time.So at this time I check foodblog desam ..:D

  22. And I used to think that the arasi adai/rotti was time consuming!

    This one is even more so, but well worth the effort!

    Thanks for making sure the recipe doesnt get forgotten

  23. And I used to think that the arasi adai/rotti was time consuming!

    This one is even more so, but well worth the effort!

    Thanks for making sure the recipe doesnt get forgotten

  24. Wonderful , Raj, haven't tasted yet..

  25. Hello Rajeswari,

    This is my first time here.You have a wonderful collection of recipes.Btw this recipe with toor dal is new to me.Sure wd try this next time.
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful traditional recipe with us

  26. Wow! This looks delicious. And a ton of work. But, so clever :)


  27. Miri,
    Thats a lil bit time consumiing but I made only with a cup of rice and that didn't bothered me to spend time!
    Thank you :))

  28. Madhoo,
    Thanks for dropping by and thankyou for your compliments about my blog,my collections:)Keep visiting!!
    Thank you Kaykat!!

  29. Wonderful traditional recipe! Thanks for the instructions.

  30. Like most of the previous commenters, I haven't heard of this dish before. It's really good that you've blogged about it so that it isn't forgotten.

  31. RK..guess what we hv a cousin of this dish..minus tuvar..upto rice rotis its same..later the pcs are dipped into a garlic flavoured thick gravy and my aunt calls it "Aarey-Padde"..so many cousins throng her home requesting her to make this dish! I shall request this recipe from her and post it someday.. :D Your recipe is cool!!

  32. woah!!! u really have some patience to actually follow such a long procedure.... But im sure it was worth all the effort :) looks good!!

  33. A very different and new recipe.As laavanya said I haven't heard or tasted this recipe before.. but looks very nice. thanks for a creative recipe.

  34. A very traditional recipe....Its a lot of hard work but worthwhile for the praises!! Looks wonderful...

  35. Hi !
    I am here through a comment in my blog.I am just bowled over seeing this toor dal recipe.Amazing .Seems like little time taking recipe.but i am sure it is worth the while.I'll try this and let you know how it comes out.thank you for sharing such a nice and unusual recipe.

  36. Looks very laborious, but i'm sure it tasted really delicious. I have never tried anything like this. Can we us rice flour instead of raw rice (to make it short cut)???

  37. Wow!!!...something really nice one .....must be tasting great

  38. Seems a fair amount of work, but can imagine how yummy this tastes!! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Hi Raks,
    Lovely entry for this event. I tried with dosa. With rice roti it looks really superb!!! Will give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Meera,
    thanx for your lovely words!
    Waiting for the cousin to be get posted!!
    Tahnkyou for the compliments!
    Thankyou for dropping by and welcome!
    Thanks for the lovely words!
    Bet you can! And belive me...If the rice flour is good in quality,you will get very soft rotis!
    Thankyou gals!

  41. you know what I am highly impressed by this recipe. It sounds so exotic & I am sure it must taste awesome!!! Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  42. Hi! This looks great! Ok, one stupid question from a non-cook.. can the rice rotis be made by rice flour instead of the process you describe?

  43. Mam. .will u post step by step pictures?


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