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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

(Scroll down for stove top method)

           I learnt this microwave method from my mother-in-law..After I knew this method in Microwave oven, I am now making in microwave oven only!

        I know this recipe is known to everybody,still here is my version in microwave oven!

Wheat rawa 1 cup
Onion 1 Medium
Carrot,chopped finely 2 tblsp
Frozen peas 4 tblsp
Tomato(optional) 1 tblsp chopped
capsicum(optional) 1 tblsp chopped
Green chilli 3-4 nos
Coriander leaves 1 tblsp
Curry leaves A sprig
Water 2 &1/2 to 3 cups
Salt As needed
Oil to roast rawa


Oil 3 tsp
Mustard 1 tsp
Urad dal 3/4 tsp
Channa dal 3/4 tsp
  • Mix rawa and atleast 2 tsp of oil together in a microwavable bowl and roast in high power for 2 1/2 minutes and transfer to a plate.
    upma1 upma2
  • I the same bowl add 3 tsp of oil  and the tempering items together and roast it for 2 minutes.
  • Then add the chopped onions,capsicums,tomatoes,greenchillies,curry leaves and mix well and keep it for 2 minutes in the oven.
    upma3 upma 4
  • After that add 2 1/2 cups of water to the fried onions and stir in the roasted rawa and mix well
    upma5 upma6
  • Cook covered first for 4 minutes and then stir well and then again for 4 minutes.
  • Stir well and keep for two minutes for standing.Enjoy your upma!

    Godumai rava upma in microwave

  • I used microwave high power through out the process. Total time approximately -15 minutes.

    Microwave Easy Cooking Event!       I am sending this for Srivalli's MEC:Tiffin . I am flying to Chennai next weekend for 2 weeks,there in Chennai my MIL have Microwave safe Idly cooker.With that,if I find time I will post another recipe for this event...Stuffed Idiyappam. Hope I find time to share the recipe with you all!



      The ingredients and quantity are same,I am just giving the stove top method ..

    Godhuma rava upma,wheat rava upma


    1. Fry the rava in medium flame for 2 minutes iwth a tsp of oil. This is optional,I now a days dont roast,still love the aroma.
    2. Heat the kadai/pan with oil and temper with mustard,urad dal,channa dal. Add the curry leaves,followed by slit green chillies and chopped onion and fry till onion just turns transparent.
    3. Add the veggies and fry for two minutes in medium low falme. Add water(I add 3 cups of water for 1 cup of wheat rava in stove top method). Bring to boil.
    4. After it boils nicely,add the wheat rawa little by little in a sprinkled way. Stir well.
    5. Add salt(I add 1 and 1/8 tsp,adjust according to ur taste) and let it boil in high flame until the water content reduces and the mixture turns like porridge consistency.
    6. Now simmer the flame to low and cook covered for 6-8 minutes or till all the water disappears and you get a soft upma. You can add a tsp of coconut oil at end for a unique flavour!

    Godhuma rava upma,wheat rava upma

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    1. Raks, that is a nice way of making upma. I am still a little scared to use the MW for anything except the basics. :-(

    2. Thanks for this recipe. We all know how to make upma,but not this way. Will surely try it out.

    3. u maade this in MW? amazing...
      happy new yr to u raks...

    4. what a fantastic rcp! quick to make & looks yum :)

    5. I just love the cracked wheat upma, both salty and sweet version.. thanx for sharing.

    6. Looks yummy. I will definitely try it...

    7. Woderful post!Raji!..
      Godumai upma is my hubby's fav.He loves it soaked in sour curd before tempering and cooking..
      The soaked granules can also be made as an idly batter(with more curd)with soda uppu,reglar uppu and mild temperings,steamed up as Idlys!!:)
      The microwave version here is something I am going to try next! :)
      Thanx for Sharing Raji..
      Looking forward to stuffed idiyappam!

    8. Happy Sankranti Raks. Upma looks very tasty.

    9. Wow RK..thats a new way to make mw upma!! Tks for sharing..shall surely give it a try someday!! (Belated wishes for Pongal n wish u a happy journey!)

    10. Hi Raks,

      I love this type of upma... From where you get this fine wheat rawa???
      Thanks for sharing this recipe and for your wishes...

    11. I've never tried making this in the MW before. That's really cool and it looks great. This is my 2nd favorite upma (after semiya upma) :)

    12. I make this but no mw! am scared to do much cooking in that..this is the one I crave since few days..

    13. nice recipe raks upma looks perfect

    14. Nice recipe... Looks tasty !!!

    15. Nice upma Raks, cracked wheat is really tasty isn't it..I like it!!

    16. This is my DH's favo lunch-box food, but i never made it in m/w..
      looks good

    17. i have the wheat rava in my freezer for 4 months!! i am tool azy to make anything..as stove-top takes a lot of time. i think i can make this one..and finally get to use the rava!! thnks girl

    18. Yep, there's a lot more we can cook in the microwave.

    19. I have all the ingredients. Will try it in M/W. Never made it this way before :)

    20. Sounds like really easier using microwave ler~
      Upma is Chinese, Malay or Indian dish ah?!

    21. Hey raks, don't mind, but you and me seem to have the same kind of bowls. I too have that brown fat glass bowls at home, bought by my husband before marriage. And btw, wheat rava upma is my all time favorite breakfast, ever since I started dieting ;)

    22. Hi...Its completely new to me that we can make this TOO in the M/W....
      Wow..gotta try this...thanks dear for posting this!!

    23. Hi Raji,
      the recipe might be known to many people but doing it in the MW is very new to people like me. From the looks it dosen't look any different from the stove-top made ones. I'll surely try this.
      Going to India huh? Have a safe trip and enjoy your time. Don't worry about blogging. We will wait for you.

    24. nice n simple way of making upma.. thanx! and looking fwd to ur stuffed idiyappam recipe. hv fun in chennai!

    25. I hate cracked wheat upma and I have finally figured that I can take cracked wheat khichdi which is almost porridge consistency...the microwave recipe will be very useful for first timers!

      Have a good trip

    26. Hi Raks, how are you? MW Tiffin looks good, it's even better if it's cooked in the MW!:))

    27. Yumm upma looks good.
      Back at home we used to eat upma with sugar ;-)

    28. thats such an easy way to make upma!!

    29. you no say anything about meeting me in chennai? :(

      :D, kidding, welcome home. catch the weather at 5 am, its splendid. many think i am bonkers but its actually foggy in chennai at that time.

    30. rajeswari...thats a wonderful step by step method of cooking in mw..thanks for the entry...just saw lax's comment...are you in chennai now??

    31. Looks perfect... easy and tasty recipe in minutes...

    32. Upma looks wonderful. Have a wonderful trip!

    33. That's cool girl!I loved that we can use microwave for yet another recipe...Can i use microwave for sooji upma also?..

    34. Where are u Raks?.. Have been missing u for a while now!.. I hope everything is fine.. take care n cya dear!


    35. hi rak, this is anjali.. nice recipes..i use sooji rava for upma, but i never used wheat rava. will try it.

    36. Nice Upma. I make it often. The veg and the wheat combo make it more healthier.
      Good Pediatrician in Chennai


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