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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hi all!!! Hope you all are doing great...I have to spend my time with my kid who is going to a new school! I am missing all of you very much and could not spend a qualitative time in blogging...If I resume blogging I should do it as before..i dont want to miss any of you...so I need some days to find a good time slot in my daily life...I thought i should post this before itself...sorry gals!!!
A big Thankyou for those who bothered about me!!!! So kind of you!! I will resume blogging ASAP with your permissions!!!



  1. Take your time, personal life comes first. Enjoy your kid. I will be gone in 3 weeks too, see you after I come back!:))

  2. You've got to do what is important. Keep in touch and we will welcome you back whenever you can make it.

  3. Hope to see you back sooon! Enjoy your time with your kiddo!

  4. Raks.. enjoy with your son.. :) and see you in the blogworld when you find the time... Take care.


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