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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kothamalli thokku
This can be called as coriander leaves powder, ground with spice for rice. You can make this and keep refrigerated and use it for 15-20 days.Its very yummy and delicious! Hope you all too like this! Perfect way to utilize coriander leaves when it is in season. Do not let it rot, yes, if you keep and think to use only for garnishing, you may end up in wasting the leaves. Instead, make this thokku and have it with sesame oil and hot rice. It's healthy too.

Kothamalli thokku

Kothamalli thokku recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time:20 mins     |  Cook time: 10 mins     Serves: 6


Coriander leaves - 1 big bunch

Urad dal - 1/3 cup

Redchillies - 6-10

Asafetida - 1/4 tsp

Tamarind - 1 small gooseberry sized

Salt - As needed


  1. Wash coriander leaves and spread it in a news paper or kitchen towel to absorb the water in it. Remove the thick stems if you dont want,thin stems can be there.
  2. DSC_3625
  3. Roast urad dal,redchillies and asafetida together till urad dal turns golden brown.
  4. DSC_3626
  5. Cool down and first grind redchillies,tamarind,salt,asafetida into a coarse powder.
  6. DSC_3629
  7. Then add coriander leaves and give a few runs to grind little.
  8. DSC_3630
  9. Lastly add the roast urad dal and grind to a coarse powder,taking care to not to grind into fine powder.
  10. DSC_3635
  11. The urad dal should be seen as shown below in the picture.
  12. DSC_3637

Transfer to an air tight container and keep it in fridge.This thokku,we can take with rice by mixing this with sesame oil,or we can even have this as a side dish for Idly,Dosas!

coriander thokku

I am happy to send this to Herb Mania : Coriander/Cilantro event hosted by Our Siri of Siri's Corner.The event originally started by Dee of Ammalu's Kitchen!

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  1. Hi Raks Kitchen! The coriander podi looks yummy...healthy too...

  2. Yumm i am imagining dipping into with a hot piece od dosa yummy

  3. You have a lot of patience girl... guiding us step by step.
    I will put u on my list to follow so I wont miss your yummy recipes.

  4. Hey Rajeshwari, the thokku is new to me and looks fragrant! Here the coriander costs a fortune this season!

  5. Looks very nice and flavourful.

  6. thanks raji for the recipe..i was looking for a perfect recipe...

  7. i love the flavour of coriander! yummy!!

  8. looks lovely .. i havent tasted this one .. must be tasting yummy with steamed rice

  9. Thokku looking yummy...I would love this with rice...thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe

  10. Ooooh! I love it! beautiful description as usual. Looks so delicious.

  11. Good one yaar! Loved the podi :) esp color!

  12. The coriander podi looks fabuluous.I am sure it must be very very tasty...

    I am adding U in my blogroll.

  13. I didn't know u made this for Herb Mania Raks..was just about to suggest to send..guess u forgot to email me..:).. no probs will take the details from ur post! the thokku looks yummo! Thanks dearie..:)


  14. hi this looks really amazing, lovely step by step tutorial, will definitely try it out.

  15. hey, am going to try this tmmrw, will tell you how it turned out :-)

  16. Oh that must be so flavorful & fragrant Raks...

  17. This is my all time favorite podi. Usually my grandmother makes it for me, so I have not at all tried making this. I'm going to try this one very soon.

  18. Hey Raj, how r u? :)
    Have never seen this , so bookmarking!

  19. hi, made the thokku as accompaniment to my palak dosas yesterday night. turned out real yummy! I was a little apprehensive that the corinader leaves might make it wet..but it came out beautiful. loved teh flavour. thank u dear :-)

  20. Thankyou dershana and Vijaya-dailymeals to try i out and giving me the feedback!

  21. The new clicks looks sooooooo inviting :) Wish to make some now. But I have only little bunch of these fellows :(

  22. hey raks... ur site is simply awesome :) i started viewing this a couple of days back.. and you stolen my heart with your items :) the specialty of your site is , we just feels like trying it out atleast once.. the way you have explained and shown is so nice.. :) today i tried your kothamalli thokku :) it came so nice and tasty :) thanks raks... keep going.. :) all the best :)

  23. simply yummy, good for busy weekdays!!!

  24. Lovely recipe!!! Thanks for posting this!!!

  25. Hi Raji,
    I tried this receipe. My mother liked it. We used it as a sidedish for Idli and Dosa.


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