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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am used to home made ghee..from my childhood....And my mother,MIL makes ghee from butter...we don't buy ghee..Instead we buy butter and make ghee at home. Here in Singapore  we get amul butter..I have tried Avin butter in Chennai.So here's the way I make Ghee(clarified butter), from store bought butter.

Homemade Ghee

Homemade ghee from salted butter recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Essentials
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Makes: Approx 2 cups


Salted butter (I used amul) 500 gm
Salt/ curry leaves dipped in buttermilk 2


  1. Take out the butter from freezer and let it be in the room temperature for atleast half-an-hour.
  2. Take a heavy bottomed vessel,which should be large and broad enough.
  3. Heat the butter in the vessel in a medium flame.I always do the whole process in medium or may be medium low flame,to avoid any burning,with stirring every 3 minutes or so.
  4. At one stage the butter will be completely melt and after that the butter boils with a sound.
  5. And after that in a very few minutes the sound will be ceasing and this is the time to be careful.
  6. The ghee starts raising and becomes frothy.
  7. And when it starts to raise, keep some curry leaves ready and dip it in buttermilk and add it to the ghee. And switch off the flame. Keep stirring to avoid over flowing. If you are afraid it will just you can keep off the stove. Otherwise let it be in the stove(flame off).
  8. Add a pinch of rock salt to make the residues settle down.You can even add two three sprigs of drumstick leaves or curry leaves ...just like my mother,MIL ...they say it make the ghee more flavourful.Or even a drop of curd or buttermilk.
  9. Now drain the ghee carefully into the ghee container,without the residue.

Here is a video to clearly see the stages.

The ghee will become like this as shown in the picture,after a day.

Homemade ghee



  1. homemade ghee is the best and if its made from homemade butter its simply heaven.
    u get amul buttur in s'pore? thats really cool...

  2. My mom adds drumstick/curry leaves too, dipped in buttermilk.. :)

  3. Hey, nice way of making ghee..my mom use to do this sometime but I never tired it ..first time here and you do have a lovely blog..like the header very much :)

  4. niice try ......this is my first visit here..i liked some of the dishes....do check out my blog....

  5. nice step by step pics .. one of my neighbors was asking me the method to make ghee and she had said that she would come to my house that day when iam planning to make ghee. i would like to send ur link to her as the process is explained neatly.

  6. Yumm yumm .Nothing can beat home made ones....

  7. Thanks for such an useful info. Nice step by step instructions. I used to follow the same process when I was in Japan, but after coming to US I buy ghee from stores.

  8. my grandmom used to add curry leaves to home made ghee. she even used to make the butter at home. i just buy it. but tell me, which brand of unsalted butter do you buy and where do you get it in singapore? i desperately need some for baking!

  9. u r back in action.. :) good post ya

  10. thanks 'raji' for dropping by 'raaji's' blog..

  11. A Good Post that would benefit many!..:)

    P.S-Rajeee...angey keezhe irukkara kathri-melagu kozhambum intha vasamana neyyum soodu sadhathila pottu oru pesa pesanju sappta eppidi irukkum theriyuma...Sllluuurrrrp ;)..

    P.P.S-just now saw the old comment in my kozhukkattai post..excuse me pls :)

  12. Hi RAks,

    Home made ghee gives good flavour to all dishes... I add curry leaves or Methi seeds to get good flavour. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I too make homemade ghee :) Nice instructions and pictures

  14. Hi Rak's Kitchen! Nice presentation.

  15. Nice color. Homemade ghee is the best one.

  16. Homemade ghee is surely the best. My daughter loves ghee with her food and so was going to make it today.

  17. hi, first time here :-)

    my mom and grandmom make ghee at home. and yes, the drumstick leaves...as kids we used to compete for them, they were so delicious with hot rice.

    adding you to my foodie blog list.

  18. I have some plain butter purchased for krishnajayanti...planning to convert them into ghee..perfect colour of your ghee

  19. you have been tagged......check out my blog post dated 14th sep for details......

  20. that looks inviting! its looking perfect and this is how my mom will prepare at home! My mom adds drumstick leaves for a good flavor!come and join in the chicken event going in my blog!

  21. hi, just visited ur wonderful blog. thanks for giving the ghee recipe. i remember seeing my grandma making ghee using drumstick leaves back in India. the ghee was simply fragrant.

  22. I have a doubt? what is the advantage of converting butter to ghee?? I mean do u knw ..what from butter is vapourized which leaves only ghee at end?? Hope u will answer..

    Also .. PS: I am an ardent lover of ur blog.. Best cooking blog I have ever seen... :)

  23. Well Ms.analyzer, I am not sure enough to answer your doubt and have no clues what vaporizes and makes butter to ghee... Only thing I know is ghee is better to consume than butter ...And if you know the reason it will be useful to me and may who read this too,do tell!
    Thanks for your compliments abt my blog!:)

  24. Hi,u rock wit ur blog!! I have ur blog as a home screen icon in my itouch which helps me to view easily while cooking.. And abt ur doubt of ghee n butter..... Here u go..

    People who are allergic to dairy products can easily include ghee in their diet. People who are allergic to dairy products fail to digest casein and lactose. During the clarification process of ghee, casein and lactose are removed from the butter.and also the storage is easy tat u can have ghee in an airtight container and have it in room temperature for 2 to 3 months. As per a study butter leaves acidifying effect to the body whereas ghee leaves alkalizing effect to the body..

  25. Hi swarna, thanks a lot for the feedback and the information :)

  26. hi very easy method with clear photos!!! thanks a lot !!!

  27. Very useful post Raji.Thanks for sharing.

  28. my mum also does the same thing, and it has very good smell....love it..

  29. Hi,
    First time hearing about ghee from store bought butter!
    I have a Q: Do you put in *just* the curry leaves (dipped in buttermilk?) ?

    Waiting to try this one out!

    1. Yes curry leaves dipped in buttermilk.

  30. Hi raji,

    I am a recent visitor of your blog... you are doing a great job!
    One doubt...Do u use amul salted butter?

  31. Hey Raks.. u really rock..
    Prepared ghee at home..yay... thanku so much..now that i've started preparing things which i've earlier bought only at stores...
    The only doubt i've now is , why cudnt i smell the flavour of ghee now..it still seems to be the smell of butter..Will it be like that only or did i make a mistake??

  32. Hi raks..
    sorry ...one more query...
    wat to do with the residue??is it a waste product..i had this doubt bcoz it looks like ghee only..
    thanks in advance..

    1. Hi janu,
      with the residue my mom used prepare ragi flour halwa or wheat flour halwa..
      ragi halwa tastes awesome

  33. hi raks..
    planning to make ghee tomorrow.. can i use the curry leaves as it is? is it necessary to dip in butter milk? if so y?

  34. They say it enhances flavor. But its ok if u dont have.

  35. Hi i read in many places that ghee should be stored in air tight containers to avoid moisture to get in contact with it.But i bought a container similar to yours and if you notice there a small hole for the spoon to be kept.Is it ok since if stored in this it won't be airtight.

  36. Hi tried it the same way as you said but didn't use tea strainer ,so some of the solids got settled down in my jar is it ok?now ghee has solidified...what should i do? one more thing,the ghee didn't come out as yellow as shown in picture.It came out a bit brownish but i don't think it got burnt...What could be the reason?can i use it or should i discard it?

  37. That ' s fine You can use. When it solidifies it will be yellow

  38. Hi I have been following your blog and all your recipes turn out very well!!! I tried making the ghee as per the procedure given above and I guess I switched off the flame a bit earlier than required. I am still getting the butter smell. Is there a way to correct it? Pls suggest.

    1. Try heating again probably?


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