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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

                  From this day I will be posting some of the recipes from my friend sangeeta. We both are friends for more than two years and I will be then and there visiting her place and have enjoyed her cooking....!!! And I am very happy to bring you her version of recipes to you all....

                 My version is Instant rava dosa adapted from Prema's cook book,and hers is a very authentic ,different way,her mother-in-law used to do for years!!

               Other than this recipe,she will be mostly bringing you north Indian and authentic  Sindhi recipes with us all!! (And to make this special I will be posting her recipes in a different font from mine...).Hope you all will give equal support as you give to mines...

Rava dosa ( Soaking version)   :

Pictures and recipe From : Sangeeta's Kitchen



1 cup


1 cup

Rice flour

1/2 cup

Green Chilles

3-4 nos.


1 tsp

Curry leaves

a sprig


1 big

Pepper (Whole)

1 tsp

Coriander leaves

few sprigs

Mustard seeds

1 tsp


1. Soak maida, rava and rice flour along with jeera, greenchillies and curry leaves for 6 -7 hours. The water level should be above the mixture.


2. At the time when you are going to prepare dosas, season with mustard and pepper and add it to the dosa batter along with salt,onion,curry leaves and coriander and mix .

DSC01060 (1)
3. Add a handful for rava to the batter and water , to make it to pouring consistency(thin).
4. Heat tawa spread oil , pour the batter in the outer in to a circle, so that it spreads in the inner sides.

5.Add oil over it and turn it the other side. wait till it gets crispy.

6. Enjoy with potato Masala and chutney.



Rava dosa (Instant version):


               Mine is a fata - fat version,if you feel like eating rava dosa,this comes handy, and taste wise no compromise also!!

The differences between the two are the soaking part and the ratio of the ingredients....

But as  both I have tasted,they are equally good...:)

I always use little ghee for making rava dosa,as it gives a restaurant kinda flavour!!! And I don't flip the dosa,as it gets cooked easily.

              You can find the recipe,exactly here.

In tawa

One more angle of dosa!

Crispy thin Edge



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  1. Whatever way it is Rava dosa is a joy to eat, easy to make. It is always on my breakfast menu :) Pics are too good and so is the recipe.

  2. The last lacy picture is just killer one! Looks absolutely delish

  3. Rajeshwari,
    Wonderful Dosas..was abt to comment why Italic font..going thru the post resolved my query..but I would surely enjoy rava dosas wt less maida! :D Tks for sharing ...its making me feel hungry!! :D

  4. The pics are droolyfying and fabulous...

  5. yummy Rava Dosa .. that looks perfect

  6. Wow wat a lovely click..crispy rava dosa makes me hunger..

  7. Mouth watering Dosa's. Iam droooooooooooooooooooooling.....

  8. Wow both the versions are amazing they have come out well crispy and flaky...

  9. I like both of them, but i love the instant one. Yumm

  10. awesome dosas! I make it your way.. never tried your friends way.. will try that also soon..

  11. hi rajeshwari
    thanks for passing by my blog..and also for sharing both the versions of dosa...they look crispy and i would have loved to have as many i can !

  12. wow.. looks perfect & nice click... delicious...

  13. Both versions look great Raks and that last picture is just top-notch.

  14. very tempting infact!! I could never make one in my life.

  15. Rava dosa is enjoyed by all at my place, and I make this frequently as it does not require fermenting the batter.
    Urs look crispy and crunchy

  16. Wow, both versions are just amazing! All the pics look so tempting. Best wishes to your friend!

  17. The pictures look great, I usually make the instant version, lazy me :)

  18. Wonderfull! love ravva dosa, but my ravva dosa net well. this time will try ur version.

  19. Mouth watering Dosa's...both the versions are amazing. Nice click..

  20. They are my parents...They are currently in Pondicherry....

  21. That looks crispy and nice... My version is little different.

  22. i love rava dosa once in a while.its quite a relief to ur tastebuds from the regular dosas......i almost make it ur way...the pic is sooooo cool

  23. its soo crisp and elegant..i too the same way..

  24. My favorite because it's easy and yummy. your rava dosa pics are making me drool! :)

  25. wow yummy dosas.pictures r really tempting.

  26. One of my fav...So crispy and golden..Delicious...

  27. Wow!! both versions are too good. My mom makes the quick version only. I love that. When we were small we used to call as otai dosa (lots of holes ). Mind blowing pictures Rajeshwari.
    I am in your friends list, i feel so.. happy raji.

  28. What a lovely pic that is!
    Rava dosa is one of my favorites.

  29. hi
    can i hv Ur rava dosa recipe

  30. rev,
    My dosa's recipe :

    1/2 cup rava
    1/2 cup rice flour
    1/4 cup maida
    Pepper and jeera 1 tsp each
    1/2 tsp sugar(optional-for getting a golden brown colour)
    Chopped ginger(optional) and coriander leaves.
    If you want you can top the dosa with onion after you pour on tawa.
    Just mix the ingredients with water,let it be on a runny side, heat a non stick pan preferably till it fumes,drizzle oil/ghee,pour the batter in it,first outer fill towards the inner side. Just pour only once,dont layer.
    Since the tawa is very hot the holes will be formed as shown. cook in medium or medium low flame. Donot flip,add oil/ghee over it and add onions if desired.

  31. Hi Raks.
    I tried your Rava dosa recipe yesterday for brekfast & it was very good. Earlier I used to make it on a big tava but making in Appam pan was so easy. Thanks for sharing. I also follow your blog religiously for all veg recipes. you have a very neat space.

  32. Hi..
    I stay in place where am not getting rava that we find in india. The rava size is big almost the size of a big mustard seed. Can I use that rava for this?can I grind it for a while n use it?

  33. Ok try grinding the rava and use.

  34. Yesterday I prepared rava dosa. ..its very crispy. ..Thanks a lot. ..ur recipes are too nice. .

  35. Can we replace riceflour with any millet flour

    1. Yes, refer my kambu dosa recipe (in recipe index) and replace with any millet flour


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