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Saturday, November 22, 2008

    All the  following awards + good job,chocohalic and butterly awards have been passed to me by two of our dear bloggers - LG of Taste of Mysore and Dibs from Chithramma's Kitchen....Other than them I have mentioned the other awards and who awarded me!
Vijaya of Dailymeals have also passed me the good job Award!
By- Malar
By-MalarAnusriramAndhra flavours
By - Anu sriram From Chandrabahga
By-Jaishree from Ruchi
Hope I did mentioned everybody and everything correct!
                           Thankyou  so much to each and everyone who remembered me when passing the awards,I dont
know even I deserve these awards,but I am happy that I have got somany friends around here,who keep me in their mindSmile!!
I am not passing this in particular to anybody as all of you would have already got these awards... But I am dedicating these to all of my blogger friends!
And here's a snap of the   Spicy baby potatoes  I tried from Here...(?)or may be Here(?) Winking smileThank you both for this wonderful recipe,Nags and Bharathy!

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  1. First to comment! :)
    Congrats on your cute awards..Enjoy! :D

    P.S-your baby potato dish has come out better that both of ours ;)!!!
    Wonderful click!
    Hope you enjoyed the dish! :)
    he he ya ya I never get into my sister's blog these days..but just entered since she trried out mine..:D

  2. Congrats on your fitting awards!
    Nice shot of tempting potato curry:)

  3. Congrats on the awards. You deserve them and much more. Thanks for ur moral support against plagiarism. I truly appreciate it. I am also shocked to know that ur content and pictures have been reproduced along with water-mark. Its sick. I always felt ur blog is unique....you had a style of writing ur meterial....complaints kept coming like this lately, I am the latest victim. Most of them don't take pictures...it seems. Anyways...my anger has come down...will resume back to blogging soon.

  4. Congrats on your awards Raks and the potato dish looks perfect. I recently made something similar but added brinjals as well.

  5. you tried it so soon!! looks lovely, like my sis said :)

  6. nice one Raji. Even I love spicy potatoes :)

  7. Congrats on all ur awards..baby potatoes fry makes me hunger...

  8. Congrats on ur awards and what a spicy potato fry!

  9. Congrats on your awards dear... Those baby potatoes are so adorable and just calling my name dont you hear it???

  10. those babies look so cute! spicy and yummy! Congrats on your awards.

  11. Congrats on all ur awards.potato curry looks perfect.Wonderful click!


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