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Ganesh chaturthi recipes

For full collection of Ganesh chaturthi recipes click here | Sep 5th 2016

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rice upma using broken rice!

                   My version of arisi upma,is using arisi noi( Means broken rice), is a simpler version which has very few ingredients and can be done in a jiffy! Some days you don't feel like spending more time in cooking right?! That time with very less time spending in kitchen you can do this...That too I use electric rice cooker for this...so it comes out really fluffy!!

                And side dish thengai (coconut) thogaiyal ,is a perfect combo for this!  So here we go for the recipes:

Coconut Thogayal:



Coconut 3/4  cup
Red chillies 5-6 nos
Tamarind 2 big pinches
Urad dal 2 tblsp
Salt As needed
Water As needed

You can increase the urad dal and decrease coconut accordingly.



  1. Fry urad dal and red chillies, till golden brown and cool down.
  2. Wet the tamarind in water and microwave in high for 20 - 30 seconds, to make it soft ( gets ground evenly).
  3. First add all the items without water and grind it in the mixer.
  4. Then add the required water and grind to a smooth paste.
  5. Consistency should be thick like thogayal.. This needs no tempering...Don't you think its simple

And this tastes divine with a divine flavour!!!



Arisi/Rice Upma :

Here's picture of broken rice,its available in grocery stores....



Broken rice 1 cup
Water 2 ,1/4 cups
Salt As needed

To Temper:

Mustard 1 tsp
Urad dal 1 tsp
Channa dal 2 tsp
Asafetida 1/4 tsp
green or red chillies 3 nos
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Oil 2 tblsp


  1. Wash the rice and add the required water and salt in the electric rice cooker and mix well.
  2. Also temper  with items  in the "To Temper" table...mix well
  3. DSC_0576
  4. Cook as usual you cook rice in electric rice cooker, once done open and mix well.DSC_0601
  5. Now its all ready!!
  6. OPTIONAL: You can add little coconut gratings or just a teaspoon of coconut oil and mix well, after opening the cooker.
  7. But this tastes simply superb!  DSC_0612

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  1. wow.. nice entry.. my hubby loves both...

  2. That plate of arisi upma and thogaiyal looks heavenly!

  3. Lovely upma! Never made this before. Looks so good.

  4. Wow nice pics... Broken rice upma and the coconut Thogaiyal should be a great combo... I love coconut Thogaiyal... and this is very simple indeed...

  5. Sounds great ..Never made upma with rice ..The upma looks lovely ..Will try out this soon ..Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe

  6. Beautiful piciture.
    Delicious rice upma. I have never had rice upma only the semolina one.

  7. I have made upma with broken rice. This is very new to me. The upma looks perfect with the thogaiyal...

  8. I have made upma using rice semolina, broken rice seems a interesting alternative. Will give it a try.

  9. Looks good, I never get the broken rice here... So i just broke in my mixer... Looks perfect with togaiyal.

  10. before marriage i m not a fan of this rice upma.but my mil makes it so yummy.yours look so tempting.Very perfect.upma with thengai thogayal wow nce combination

  11. Broken rice upma and the coconut Thogaiyal looks divine. My hubby loves this combo...Looks perfect with thogaiyal.

  12. Hi Thanks for the lovely comment..
    I added u in my blog roll
    love \veena

  13. feel like preparin now,..looks so yummy,..u hve nice blog will chk out ur post soon,..tk care,..nd happy bloggin///

  14. Hi Raks,

    How r u??? Lovely presentation!!!
    I add Grated Coconut to make this upma. My version of Coconut thogayal is same. Thanks for sharing.
    Congrats on winning awards:-)

  15. Congrats on awards, very well deserved!The pic makes me drool..recipe directed beautifully! Konkani word - Kani for broken rice.
    (Tks for missing me ;) Hey hv slowed down a bit on blog front..wd b posting the day some time n motivation finds way to me! :D )

  16. thats lovely raji..I had ground it directly...much easier right...beautiful pictures

  17. Thanks for the support and standing by me, dear. I will never forget your gesture. Btn upma sounds interesting...my grandmother cooks it in the same way...

  18. lovely raji.....love the pic.its temptig me...even the baby potato curry looks so gooddddddd

  19. Perfect looking Upma.Thanks for the wishes.

  20. Perfect combination. I love it too. It's a nice tip to cook it in electric cooker.

  21. all my family fan of this rice upma. its very comfort food.

  22. Broken rice upma n coconut thuvaiyal wat a delicious combo...looks divine..

  23. thats a divine upma with thogayal! awesome!

  24. Wow do lovely photos and recipes btw which cam r u using

  25. Wow do lovely photos and recipes btw which cam r u using

  26. Wow do lovely photos and recipes btw which cam r u using

  27. should we dry roast urad dhal for coconut thovayal

  28. my MIL prepares this in another way.She uses the usual long rice ,soaks for some time.drains,puts oil and makes noi by using mixer.normally uses pepper instead of red chillies. and for thenga togaiyal,uses tur dal also

  29. my MIL prepares this in another way.She uses the usual long rice ,soaks for some time.drains,puts oil and makes noi by using mixer.normally uses pepper instead of red chillies. and for thenga togaiyal,uses tur dal also

  30. I am a big fan of ur website. Everyday my cooking starts with referring ur website..Thanks a lot for all the delicious recepies..Whatever I have tried from your website has become a blockbuster hit at home..

  31. Many many thx to u, came out so well.


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