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Monday, February 2, 2009

               When I decided to host the event for Srivalli's Microwave Easy Cooking,even I could not find a theme for the month,then Srivalli,herself suggested me the theme and I was thinking,paneer is a bit tough choice,still no other go! Any ways,its great that, many of you have thought so hard and put your efforts,to try/cook in microwave!


             I first saw microwave oven only after my marriage,at my MIL's place...Infact she is the inspiration for me,she tries many dishes,that they show in cookery shows,being a south Indian,basically our style of cooking...And also,who ever,relatives,friends come,they will be surprised that my MIL uses microwave oven...As she has so many cool gadgets, her microwave cooking starts from Corn flour halwa-which is the most famous amongst the visitors....,then rice varieties,fry papad,cook potatoes,make breakfast like steaming idlies,stuffed idiyappam(Another hit among us)-she has an idly steamer specific for this....,upma,sakkaraipongal,,payasam...not to mention her cooking of Corn in it!!!

            But inspite all these,my FIL says,she put sambraani for oven - means she doesnt uses efficiently! I will be thinking in my mind,aaha...then what about me...:)

            But there are some thing I learnt,that one should not be afraid to use microwave oven...there are so many cookbooks available,so easily you can follow the instructions and learn how to make different dishes in it..

            Now coming to the round up,I specially appreciate and thank the friends,who spent there time to try a dish in microwave oven,using paneer and sending over here:)

1. Arundhuthi of Gourmet affair,was the one to first send me the entry,she sent  a starter,Paneer Tikka with a gorgeous picture!

Paneer Tikka1


2.Next was from Divya Kudua,of Easy cooking blog,sent a starter too,her version of Paneer tikka!

Divya kudua- paneer tikka


3. Then EC sent me two side dishes,delicious looking Kadai paneer and Malai kofta from her blog 100% Microwave cooking...!

EC-kadai paneer EC-malai kofta


4. Sumathi from Chutney's sent me a Main dish, Stuffed okra/ladis finger with paneer....

Sumathi-stuffed ladies finger


5. Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes blog sent me the following two recipes...Microwave Aloo paneer masala-Side dish and Microwave Tandoori Paneer-a starter!

Priya- Aloo paneer masala Priya-Microwave tandoori paneer


6. Then came Paneer Chole Makhani ,a side dish from our Asha of Aroma...



7. Cham from Spice club,sent me Microwave Palak paneer -a side dish..

Cham-palak paneer 1


8. Vidhas of Appetizing recipes sent her Appetizing Paneer Bhurji on Toast...

Vidhas-Paneer bhurji on toast


9. Vijaya of Daily meals was next to send in the entry with her Microwave oven made paneer halwa!

Vijaya-paneer halwa 4


10. Simran from the blog Bombay Foodie sent an appetizer, Paneer n Peas Tango!

Paneer  n peas tango- simran


11. Aquadaze of Served with Love sent me Paneer Jalfrezi......!

Aquadaze-paneer jalfrezi


12. Chilli Paneer Wrap came from Poonam of Poonam's Kitchen!

Poonam- chilli paneer wrap


13.Hema from Adlak's Tiny World sent me the maximum no.of entries Just for me:)

Bread Paneer,Masala Paneer Dhum Briyani and A nourishing toast too!

Adlak- bread paneer 


14. Lastly,the Event starter Srivalli took my words and sent me her entry-Paneer Cheese Rolls from her blog Spice your life!



15. And Adding up my entry for the event,Microwave Butter paneer Masala!



Hope who ever participated in the event had fun and have fun in roundup too!

If anything to edit in link,missed something,any clarifications please send in me a mail!

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  1. wow nice round up raji.after coming to singapore only i'm using mc oven .Ur event will surely help me to learn more recipes.thank u

  2. Nice Roundup, I also wanted to make panner tikka , but somehow i could not make it. I will take this recipe and make and see.

  3. it wud be a while before i cook anything in the MW.. have a huge mental block against it.. will start with the tikka though :)

  4. Neat roundup...good job

  5. Very nice. I wanted to send something, but was totally clueless, though :( But, i can learn all these now ;-)

  6. All tasty dishes are making me drool esp when I am looking at this lunch hour :P Good job!

  7. Nice job Raji! So many delicious food, we always learn more from this event!

  8. that's a lovely spread! good job with the round up.

  9. Nice roundup. Lovely collection of MW recipes.

  10. Nice round up!!!Lovely collection of recepies:). I wanted to send something, but Ihave not tried any recepie in MW.Ur event will surely help me to learn more recipes.

  11. so quick round up and nice collections raji. I jus started using my MV oven. thanks for the oppurtunity dear.

  12. I've just started using MW.I haven't tried paneer recipes..Will try in MW.Thanks...Nice round up..

  13. Well done Raji! Nice round-up...

  14. Gorgeous round up girl, I LOVE to see big photos. Very neat and beautiful round up. Thanks for taking time! :))

  15. I wanted to send in a paneer tikka but couldn't do it on time - Awesome round up. Your MIL definitely uses it quite extensively.. you've listed so many yummy recipes.

  16. Thats a fantastic round up Raji..thanks for hosting!

  17. great round-up raji, i never knew about this round-up, I could have tried participating in it!!, because I never my microwave anything much when I saw all the recipes posted in your blog I thought I must try all these recipes, The photographs of all the participents are awesome :)

  18. good work in roundup..

  19. what a beautiful roundup! So many yummy recipes with paneer! Thanks for hosting such a nice event! How are you? I am back after a break :)

  20. Nice round up raji.. Thanks for hosting

  21. Wat a lovely array of paneer dishes Raks...everything looks gorgeous..such an excellent round up..great work!!!

  22. Wow so many paneer dish and cooked in microwave..kinda very cool...lovely roundup dear...so glad to know your MIL is pro...convey regards to her..

  23. Nice round up..I got to know so many paneer recipes :)

  24. lovely paneer recipes:)

  25. everything looks yummy. Raji, u done a great job. but sorry,last month i was not active because missed the event.

  26. gr8 round up..I missed it one more event :(had a recipe in blog..forgot to chk the last date :(

  27. Yummy round up. Bookmarking this event , as I m a big zero in dishes with paneer:)

  28. Great round up. all the yummy creations at one post, superb. Love paneer in all forms!

    Pls trail back to me, got soemthign for u in my blog.

  29. Good collection of recipes... good job done...
    BTW the mochhai kozhambu looks sooooo tempting and made me crave for it.

  30. great round-up! Paneer recipes are one of my favs.. although don't cook much in Microwave, I can definitely try this recipes on stove-top.. thanks for hosting this raji!

  31. Wow, I've never heard of a lot of those foods. How lucky to have such great foods! Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot today.

  32. Wow mouthwatering recipes,Lovely roundup.I missed it this time,will pitch in the next time!


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