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Friday, July 17, 2009

The only work/help I used to do before marriage,to my mom, if any festive days means, that would be grinding and making vadai. My mom used to tell how,and i will grind and make as per her instructions.Then after 3-4 times,I used to do all by my selfApplause. From then, vadai department is mine…That is from grinding ,cleaning the grinder,till making vadaiDay dreaming.
My mom used to make vadais with a piece of banana leaf or a polythene cover, for making shape of vadai. But once I  happened to see how vadai is made in hotel/restaurants…with out using anything,just using our one hand make beautiful vadais that looks so cute….From then I started making like that.Its less mess and easy too than using banana leaf or anything else.What u need is practice. No no,don't think its difficult,once u get to know the correct trick,you will be able to do with ease.
I could not take pictures while making sooo detailed,but have done whatever i can do with my one hand,so that beginners could be benefitted. If anybody sees this post and want to see a video,please mail me to my mail ID,given in my profile.I will send you the link that I have uploaded in You tube. The reason why I have not linked here is,so many of you already know and I need not bore you right? And also the video quality is not up to the mark since I took from my mobile.
And this post is especially for my two close friend’s request,one, Sangeeta and then my Sis in law Big Hug.
If you are making for any festival, Make few without onion to offer God. Then add onion to remaining batter.

Medhu vadai (Medu Vada) / Ulundu vadai recipe

Indian Snack
Prep Time: 2 Hours soak time    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 15 medium sized vada


Urad dal/Ulutham paruppu  3/4 cup 
Small onion,shallots(or Big onion – 1)  10 –12 nos. 
Green chillies  2 nos. 
Ginger  1 inch piece 
Coriander leaves  2 tblsp,chopped. 
Curry leaves  A sprig 
Asafetida  3-4 pinches 
Salt  As needed 
Water  As needed 

How to make medhu vadai / ulundhu vadai video


  1. Soak urad dal for 2 hour at least. (Use whole urad dal without skin(muzhu ulundu)for better result).
  2. DSC_0666
  3. Grind urad dal with only little water till fluffy. Please note the following points:
    a) Add urad dal little by little(no water),while the grinder is running.
    b)Just sprinkle water now and then to avoid jamming of the grinder.
    c)Stand near till you finish grinding for sprinkling water now and then and wipe the urad dal that sticks to the wall of the grinder container.
    d)This whole process takes around 12-15 minutes,you will get a fluffy white batter.
  4. DSC_0743
  5. Now chop onions,ginger,green chillies,coriander and curry leaves and add all these to the batter along with salt and asafetida.(You can add ginger and green chillies while you are grinding the batter itself,if you don’t want to come in mouth.If you decide so,first add ginger and chilles,then urad dal)
  6. Now mix well,keep aside and  heat enough oil in kadai (be generous or else vadas may stick to the bottom and get burnt).
  7. Now wet your right hand well and make a small ball.
  8. DSC_0756
  9. And use ur thumb to make hole in the middle.
  10. DSC_0757
  11. and drop it in oil,(just invert the vadais over the oil and slightly shake ur fingers)
  12. DSC_0758
  13. Fry in medium flame,turn the vadais and fry till both the sides turn crisp and golden brown.
  14. DSC_0763
  15. Serve hot with sambhar/coconut chutney.
  • If your vadai drinks so much oil,then it means you have added more water,reduce next time. Try adding any one of the following only one tsp to reduce vadai drinking oil-Rice flour or gram flour or Maida/all purpose flour.
  • Dont grind for too long,it will make your batter sticky and you could not shape the vadais.Keep in refrigerator and try after an hour.
  • A good variety/quality of urad dal also matters.
  • If you grind everything correctly,you will get a crispy vadai,no need to add rice flour or anything!!!


Sakkarai Pongal:

                   Today is Aadi velli,So I made the above vadais and sakkarai pongal. This is my 100th post too!! I thank all of the blogger friends who give their lovely comments,which encourage me a lot! I also have my friends who read my blog silently,I thank them too …Please continue with your support!!


Raw rice 1/2 cup
Moong dal/Paasi paruppu 3 tblsp
Ghee 4 tblsp
Milk 1/2 cup
Cashews 6-8 nos.
Jaggery 3/4 cup - 1 cup
Elachi 1 no.
Raisins(optional) 1 tsp
Nutmeg powder(optional) 2 pinches
Pachai karpooram(optional) A pinch
water 1 & 3/4 cups
Salt 2 pinches


  1. Heat the cooker and add a tsp of ghee and fry the moong dal directly.Fry for a minute.
  2. Add the washed rice,half of the milk,water and pressure cook in medium flame for 4 whistles.
  3. Once the pressure is released,open and mix some more milk,just to mash and mix well.
  4. Powder the jaggery and if you think the jaggery is pure,doesn't have impurities or sand then you can add the powdered jaggery to the pongal directly.If you have impurities in it,then better just melt the jaggery with very little water and filter the impurities and then add this syrup to the pongal.
  5. Switch on the stove and keep on stirring well in a low-medium flame.
  6. Pour ghee little by little and keep on stirring till pongal leaves the  sides of the vessel.(approx 4-5 min)
  7. Add fried cashew,powdered elachi and the other optional ingredients lastly and mix well.
  8. Enjoy the pongal hot hot!!
I used achu vellam(jaggery like cubes)which is more sweet and gives less colour. Use salt while you cook the pongal,it will enhance the taste.
If you are using the round vellam/jaggery,then it has salt by it self,so watch out while you add salt.

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  2. congrats on ur 100th post.....keep continuing ur good work .....and ur way for taking out wonderful snaps. thanks for the recipe of vadai i have tasted it and know how super taste u make them. Post all other all wonderful recipies u make at home.
    u stared ur blog whn i was near u ( in singapore )but on the 100th post i am not near u . anyways wherever i am i will always remember the time we spend together.

  3. Chithra
    Thank you for ur lovely words!!


    Thanks so much for your comment,you have been always a good critic for my blog:) And I learnt a lots of dishes from you:) I should thank you for that :)

  4. hi raks..nice crispy vadas....very lovely pictures....

  5. wow those vadas are looking very yummy n tempting gal..its not fair to tempt us like this..:(
    A big slurrrp for those wadas dear...
    I really want to see the video..can you plz mail me??

  6. CONGRATS on your 100th post!!

    Girl, you truly have posted some real memorable recipe posts to looks back!..

    I fail everytime making uzhundu vadais...and here I see one of the best vadais I've come across!! :)
    Awesome pics too!!


    Sarkarai pongal lokks divine!!
    Wishing you many many more 100s to come!!!!
    Bharathy :)

  7. Oh wow......awesome and drool worthy vada's......love the crispy layer.....Congrats on your milestone post. Pongal looks yum.....you rock with pictorial, photos.....Video too....hats off baby.....keep rocking.....

  8. My hubby is a big fan of vada..sambar and vada are his fav items!! pictures are captivating!

  9. wow wow wow...thank you for the technique for the vadai. I always make them like bondas as i am intimidated to make the hole in the center...your techniqe looks so much safer and easier!!

  10. I love the perfect colour on your vadais - these are my absolute favorite. Congrats on your 100th post and love the picture of the sakkarai pongal too.

  11. hi Raaji,
    I always adore the authenticity of the dishes u post :)
    Congratulations on the 100th milestone :)wishing u many more to achieve :)
    This sure is a very useful post for many who are intrigued by the beautiful shape of the medhu vadas :) it inclueds me too!! and sakkarai pongal is one of my fav's too!!! ur pics are damn useful and thanks so much for the lovely dishes u post dearie :)
    God bless!!

  12. Babe Congrts too :)...this is indeed cool ....you knw I never get my vadai rite...how much ever I try..and the shape is just never..your vadai looks just so gud and perfect...wonderful with pongal

  13. Congrats on your 100th post. Both the dishes look awesome especially Vadai. Doing with one hand is a nice tip. Will try out next time.(Vadaiku thrizhti suthi podunge, supera errukku).

  14. Hi raks congrats on ur 100th post and those vadas and pongal is looking awesome and tempting.Keep rocking with more and more recipes..

  15. Congrats on ur 100th post dear. Love the way u do this vadai. I too learnt to make it with one hand from my grandma . It surely gives a good shape. Ur vada looks so cute. Happy adi velli dear. Sarkarai pongal makes me drooling:)

  16. C O N G R A T S ON UR 100th POST dear!!!
    That crispy vadas make me mad!

  17. Oh My Gosh ..Lokk at those pefect vadai ..My mouh started watering baby...Congrats on ur 100th post.Keep posting such a mouthwatering reciipes .Lovely post . I craving for that vadai ..:(((( ..Crying

  18. congrats...keep rocking.ur vada looks perfect,very crispy

  19. Raks, congats on your 100th post! I know you will hit many a centuries more!!!
    wonderful post regarding step by step description of making methu vadai! both sakkarai pongal and vadai look tempting!


  20. Congrats on your 100th post....
    Wow crispy vada and pongal looks tempting.I am great fan of vada and sambar and I tried it but never posted in my blog. Ur vadai romba alaga supera eruku.... Wishing you many more 100s to come.....
    Keep rocking....

  21. congrats on a beautiful blog that only gets better each day :) the vadas look perfect. can i come over next time u make them and see how u get the shape so nicely?

  22. Congrats on the 100th post. I love your vadas... Awesome...

  23. wow, gorgeous pics .. vadais look very tempting .. congrats on your 100h post

  24. Congrats on ur 100th post. Vada and Pongal looks so fantastic and yummy. Lovely pictures.

  25. The vadai pictures are awesome, they looks so crispy n yumm. Really tempting. Love the pongal too.

  26. So tempting shot...feel like grabbibg one right from the picture..This is my all time fav snack,just craving for these crispy vadas now..

  27. Wow what gorgeous pictures...crispy and delcious vadas perfect with the pongal :)

  28. what a picture! I could just stretch my hand pick up one of the vadas of all of them! I made vada last weekend, but without the hole.. made tiny little ones for my little girl, which she could eat at one pop.

  29. What delicious and tempting pics!, you have done a supertb job!!

  30. Chance illa Supera panreenga ellame..Am drooling over here buddy..

  31. Congratualtions Raks...Best pictures of vada I have ever seen..Just can't move my eyes out of the pictures...:-) You know what, I have planned to make vadas today in the evening. My cousin in Bombay has sent a recipe for dahi vada..We (my mother)also pretty much follow the same recipe that you have given..though with minimal changes..I will post mine too soon after making them....

  32. wow.. nice methu vadai.. useful info.. looks really awesome..

  33. Wow, the vadai's look so fluffy and crispy and perfect! Mine turn out more dense than I like, I want to try your recipe... The pongal looks great, too!

  34. May be you can send the vadas to Fried snacks event hosted by EC?

  35. Congrats on your 100th post. those vadas and sakkarai pongal..wish i could have 'em right away. toooooo tempting, gal! Awesome pics, as usual :)

  36. Your snacks are outstanding and have me drooling!

  37. Crispy and Yum,I also shape them on hands :D

  38. wow look at those pic.s simply superb very very tempting hot vadas are my all time fav. looks great
    ohh dear that's jilebi only but it's an up coming recipe will post it soon dear, sorry.

  39. Love the clicks, they are soo perfect! Perfectly shaped and so crispy , just the way i like :)

  40. Perfect looking vadas! Happy 100th!

  41. love both the recipes, the pics are amazing. Congrats on your 100th post.

  42. Hi raji how r u ?, i missed this post congrats on ur 100th post, u have taken it really wonderfully, your photo shots are amazing.., the vadais look so delicious and of course sakkari pongal too.., feels like can i just pick one of them, ur explanations as always very good ! my, u got lot of patience, hats of to u

  43. Hi that's wonderful!!Congrats on the milestone post. I am sorry I am congratulating you five days late. But it so happened my internet stops functioning when I open comments column.Sometimes I'm having to re type the whole thing. Innikku being Aadi chevvai, I,m chanting Sahasranamam at 3pm local time and making both of these for neivedhyam.

  44. Truly fantastic.....nice click too.Many ppl dont try making this vadas coz of the shape,it doesnt come out very well.The cook at my inlaws house back in India also doesnt make them...she finds it difficult to get the shape.Guess this needs the right amount of ingredients.Urs looks sooooo perfect.LOvely one!

  45. Congrats on ur 100th post..the vadas look so good, I never have got so good ones with perfect holes..

  46. Congratulations on 100th post. My my you are genious to make such excellent vadas. Lovely detailed post. I do want your video, so I will send you an e-mail. BTW - you shd just like it here - I am sure nobody will get bored!!!!

  47. Congrats on reaching a mile stone in your beautiful blog! Those pics look amazing and the step by step procedure of vadas too..

  48. perfect and beautiful vadai. congrats on the 100th.

  49. Congrats on ur 100th post.Vadas have come out very well and what wonderful pictures.
    Loved ur jangiri recipe and ur step by step pics.. have bookmarked it and iam going to try it out soon in the festival season..

  50. CONGRATS on your 100th post!!

    I'm smacking my lips at the thought of eating this :)

  51. good to see you with so many authentic recipes..! Raj, loved your green bowl too.. :)

  52. super! both look equally tempting.

  53. I just love your vadai. A trick used in hotels is that they add a little bit of rice flour for the crispness. Your experience reflects on the vadai.. and congrats on your 100th post.. you've come a long way..

  54. wonderful vadas.. and pongal looks great

  55. Vadai looks crispy and yummm. I can never make those holes. Thanks for clicking the step by step procedure.Congrats on your 100th post!

  56. Hiiii!!! This vada is really looking good! I tried making some but i could not make holes in the center. could you send me the video link of making vada?

  57. Pongal Looks very nice. I'll try it today..thanks

  58. I have tried Vadai many times but never got the hole in it. Followed your technique and got it this time. OMG, the taste was awesome and hubby compared my vadai to his Amma's vadai. Thanks a lot for the wonderful technique.

  59. Thanks so much for the feed back raji,glad you got it right :)

  60. hi

    i tried your vada recipe yesterday, i grinded for 20 mts and just tried one vada, as i don't know the right consistency of smooth. it didn't increase in size and not so crisp. I again grinded for some more time say around 40 ro 50 mts, and tried again i didn't get the crisp texture i got fed up and added soda and fried, it was bit crisp.

    i am so depressed not getting anythong right, just don't know what question to ask also.

    thans for the recipes

  61. Hi jo, grind by sprinkling water little by little and the batter should increase in volume,'smooth' means you should not see any rawa like texture, it should be smooth...that is grind well..may be your urad dal is not fresh stock or you may want to add little more water...

  62. I love this vadai!
    Thanks so much for posting!
    Will try it some time soon ;)

  63. u r truly a pro...i can never get myself to make that hole in the center;-)! great clicks on the vada again!

  64. How long should we typically grind for vada?

    If I add very less water or sprinkle, it is nowhere near vada consistency even after 10-15 mins. After how long can I actullay expect the dhal to start looking like a dough?

    I am able to get it ground only when I add more water. What do you think could be the issue? Do I need to wait for some more time?

    For grinding, I use Ultra grinder..

  65. Priya, I too use ultra grind, u can add more water if u need to get volume, just make sure it doesnt become watery otherwise will not be able to make shapes. If u add water sure the batter will fluff and give volume. I think ur urad dal is fresh and nice quality one. May be that's the reason.

  66. Thanks so much for such a prompt reply!
    This week I have tried 3 recipes of yours and all of them were just awesome!

  67. Thank you very much for the post. My husband discovered your blog and since then we have been trying out different recipes fried rice, bread upma, paranthas to mention a few. I am waiting to try this vadai recipe this weekend. Excellent photographs and perfect proportions. Keep up the good work you are building new cooking enthusiasts.

  68. Hi,

    Iam seeing ur site for the 1st time..looks awesome.

    Million Thanx for ur vada tips..
    keep posting.

  69. The vadas looks so good. Can I use mixie for grinding the dal? Also can you send me the link to youtube video? Thanks

  70. Hi nalini,

    Yes you can grind in mixie, make sure you grind it by stopping frequently and wipe the sides of the mixer jar and add very little water,gradually while grinding. Do not grind continuously. Do not let the batter get heated while grinding. If you think so, use fridge water...And regarding the video, please send me a mail to the ID I have given in the side bar(right hand side top(FEEDBACK-EMAIL ME))I will send the link to your email ID, or if you dont mind, leave a comment here ur mail ID, I will not publish it,but send the link..

  71. Hi, I have started to browse recipe blogs recently..and came across to this one.. I am always tempted whenever I see your recipe's photos (step-by-step) and I wish to try them immediately :P ..Till now, I have always made the vada as bonda (always felt when I could make the restaurant style! sign) , but I am going to try it now :D . Just 1 question, when we wet our rright hand , make a hole and shake a litthe to drop it in medium hot oil, does the oil splutter/splash? :-?

  72. Thank you :) No it wont splash as long as you drop gently from a safe distance(not too high or too low), all the best!

  73. U have such a beautiful site raks.Its very difficult for me to log out.I will be all drum stuck with ur beautiful.Love ur site.

  74. nice vada, can i refrigerate the batter and use next day!

  75. Hi, your vada looks very crispy and light. Did you add rice flour to make it so?

  76. I haven't used rice flour in the vadas that is in the picture. Usually, if we grind the batter perfectly in grinder, it sure comes out crispy and light without adding rice flour. If you add rice flour, you sure get crispier vadas and the density also gets thick.

  77. finally i made the crispy tasty vada, thank you very much, i am dying to make it for my mom

  78. Hi Raks Kitchen... I tried your ven pongal and sakkarai pongal... just came out awesome... it was on the pongal day I made it. The ven pongal I served it with coconut + red chilli chutney! Just came out awesome combi. My hubby jus loved it! keep posting it! all the best!

  79. hi rak's it's nice vadai. it is very crispy & taste to eat.

  80. Vadai looks perfect and I just love your dark background in the clicks

  81. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sometime Vadai become as a main dish for me when Vadai with coconut chutney and sambar are unbeatable, with in short time i would eat from 10 to 15 vadai at home, big vadai which are homemade.

    Hi friends, may i ask you simple question? Because i am very anxious to know about. Who gave the name "vadai", since it exist from???

  82. Thanks Raks u r given very good insight.

  83. Thanks Raks u r given very good insight.

  84. thanks a ton for this recipe....vadais are just perfect....

  85. I prepared without asafetidia wat is it

  86. awful piece of information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend vimal, mumbai,i have read atleast 13 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your blog gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a million once again, Regards, chakkara pongal recipe

  87. sambar with vada is my favorite

  88. You have given not only the recipe and also the things which is to be avoid while preparing...this is helpful for the one who are new for cooking... Thanks a lot..

  89. Reqlly looks yummy . Thanks for sharing your wonderful post s here. Please continue the same. Congrats

  90. Rags I have visited ure page for the first time (since I now have time to cook :) ) and I must say its awesome. The way u've explained the process in details is amazing and not to mention the pic's of the dishes they are just irresistible and mouth watering. Cheers to you gal. I was always confused on how the medu vadas are made as in the shape and now i know . Thanks so much.

  91. Rags the dishes are awesome cheers


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