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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

                                   Thank you for all lovely entries and really appreciate your enthusiasm to participate!
                 I accepted some single dishes like starters or a snack,though I wanted some complete spreads,ideas to cook for the guests! Please forgive me if I, have not followed my own rules or have been  lenient..Not worthy
          I could not post an entry through the event period,though I hosted thrice guests!! But sure I will post some in future…he he .. Big Grin
              Sushma Mallya of Authentic food delights  sent me some starters for the event! Samosas,Crispy vegetable 65,Crispy onion Mushroom pakoda and Spring onion corn balls 
samosa crispy onion-mushroom pakoda
crispy spicy veggie 65 spring onion and corn balls

                     Prathiba of The chef and her kitchen, sent me “ Mysore Masala Dosa” with two different chutneys! Sure the guests will enjoy this menu!  Check out the recipe for a useful tip too!
masala dosa
                                    Pari Vasisht  from Foodelicious sent a wonderful spread she made for her all brothers and family! Check out her post “Bread & butter pudding” to see all the recipes she have made along with  !
Pari's Spread!
                Sadhana of “ A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine”  was the next to send me her “Rainbow meal”. Don’t miss her useful section “Know what you eat”!
She also sent me another Kids friendly meal,looks pleasing to eyes,sure kids will enjoy!

Varsha of Will- o -wisp sent me her Veg.Pulav  as her entry. The picture looks sinful is it  not?!!
Varsha's Veg. Pulav
Chaitra of Aathidyam sent me the next entry,which she made as a sunday special combo –Check it out in her pretty blog ,in the post  “Roti with Dum aloo”.
                                       Priya of Priya’s Easy and Tasty recipes sent her Microwave cooked spread, which she cooked for her friends who visited suddenly!! All the dishes looks yummy,so don't miss to try it out!
Priya's Microwave spread
                          Priya Narasimhan From the blog Priya's Vegetarian Recipes, was the next to send me her No fuss “American Dinner Menu”.Sure it sounds good :)
dinnermenu1 from Priya Narasimhan
                             Minu from Chettinal Fiesta sent a very special menu,yes, its very special because her mom has cooked this menu for her:) Check out this post for the flavorful chettinad Spread!
Minu mom's Chettinad special!
Priti,my sweetie sent a spread she cooked for her DH’s birthday! Check out the part 2 and part 3 for the complete recipes that are in the menu!
priti's Birthday special menu!
Also she sent me another entry which her sister cooked for her,It was really very new to me! Sounds yummy!Check it out here in her post “Daal Baati and Khyari
Daal bhati khayri
Viki of Viki’s Kitchen Blog eagerly sent me A simple Dinner,with awesome Pizza in it!
pizza dinner
OC from Aromatic Kitchen sent me her wonderful spread she made as Onam sadya along with her beautiful memories!
onam sadya
Lata Raja of Flavors & Tastes has cooked for her Husband’s colleague, a lunch spread which you can find here in her post “ A Sunday lunch Menu
Lunch menu  from latha
Sandhya a budding blogger from Sandhya’s Kitchen sent her “Chole, Puri and Raita”,A friend too have been invited :)
sandhya-kitchen chole puri with raita
Shama From Easy 2 cook Recipes sent her lovely 3 entries!!  First one is to celebrate her Hubby’s Birthday with a special Dinner!
shama Birthday dinner
She also sent a “simple dinner menu idea
Shama's Dinner menu
Shama Lunch
Thanks Shama for wonderful entries :)
Jeyashri from jeyashri’s Kitchen,well,who gave the idea for this event,started a blog before I slowly post this roundupBig Grin!! I know she will be having guests everyweek,no wonder,coz,who can resist such a wonderful spread!! Soon I am going to be her guest!!
Jeyashris menu!
Chitra from Ratatouille sent me a “pizza” she made for her parents and a “lunch menu” she cooked for My parents Cool.
lunch menu
Shaista of Mixcalculations, took cooking vegetarian  as a challenge and completed the mission!! Find out her mouthwatering menu in her post!!
Arti Agarwal of Breakfasttodinner,have sent a “south Indian thali” which she cooked for her hubby specially who loves south Indian meals :)
south indian thali
Sireesha from her blog Mom’s recipes, sent the" “menu” she cooked for her cousin and she was satisfied with the tastes,even the guests admired it !
Lubna from Yummy food  enjoyed a “Complete meal” with her friend Valarmathi,who brought her yummy vadas and looks like they both had a blast :)
complete meal
Sreevalli from Ammaji recipes sent a “menu” she cooked for guests!
Nisha from Nisha’s Kitchen, who cooked for her friend who came with her kids,and the kids loved her Kala channa so much! Check out the reason why in her post “Lunch menu”
Nisha's spread 
Kanchan from Kitchen gossip  have sent “her entry” Corn rice and ridge gourd fry!! Sure looking mouthwatering!
Nutan from Rice n Spice, have sent “a cake”,which she baked for a friend’s Anniversary and a “potato bun” for the event!
mango cake
potato buns

Please feel free to contack me if there is any doubts or incorrect links..
I have some how missed out Shanthi’s Entry And here it is :
Wonder how I missed such a beautiful post!! Sorry Shanti!! Do check the post for a beautiful experience :)

Thank you!



  1. Kudos Raks.Thanks for this...bad idea to check this out when I am sooo much hungry..:D..amazing n am drooling..:(

  2. wow !!!!!! excellent round up.Nice menus to choose for my guest....

  3. Very nice round up, very well presented.

  4. Wow excellent round up.Once again Thank u so much for organising this event. now i got so many ideas to cook for my weekend guests.BTW u are most welcome.

  5. Will someone call for dinner? OMG that makes me drool..... Great Job Rak!

  6. lubna's entry looks amazing. i am so sorry i cudn't take part.. i am totally out of the loop with events now..

  7. Gr8 round up Raks and great spreads, Lots of Lunch and dinner menus in hand.

  8. hi raji, Nice round UP !! i missed this event :-(.

  9. Cheers Raks .. wonderful roundup !!

  10. wonderful round up. I need to quickly run for lunch as I am hungry after seeing soo many delicious dishes.

  11. Oh Raks,Thats superb roundup dear..
    great to see the party ideas @one place...and many new blogger's entries...good job dearie..nicely presented..

  12. sorry dear I missed your event. excellent job nice roundup each and every recipe looks just yum.

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  14. ooohh...i just wanna be called for dinner by someone now..after seeing soo many wonderful spreads its hard to just sit here!!!

  15. Great round up Raji.. The way you summed up all of them is beautiful! Pity I missed this event, I'll make sure to participate in the next one.
    Now my guests will never go back hungry! :)

  16. Is there any 2nd part of the round up. You have missed out my entry which I have posted on Sep 14th.

  17. Awesome roundup Raks, wat a lovely array of delicious dishes..Well presented..

  18. Graet job well done RAKS! I specially loved Saishta's spread. I am trying to go thro' each lovely spread. Ladies expect a comment this late into your entries from me:)

  19. This sure is a great round up!

  20. Tats a lovely round up , happy to see mine in it :)

  21. Lovely round up raks...enjoyed seeing those yummy dishes

  22. Excellent Round Up.... Enjoyed the pics itself.. expecting wots the next nice menu....

  23. Shanthi
    I think your entry did not reached me,I double checked my mail box,even I checked in the spams,I am sorry,I would have loved ur entry in the round up...I did not noticed your post too,otherwise I would have asked you ... really sorry :(

  24. great round up..would have loved to be a part..

  25. No problem. To error is humane.

  26. Fabulous round up Dea..!!!

  27. Wow...that's an real delicious roundup....everything looks yummy....three cheers for u r energy in organizing all these at a place...got many ideas to cook for guest's.

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  30. wow, amazing, dishes, thanx a lot raks, I was waiting to see this post, I could never send mine on time as always, something always happen to me, Lovely round up and am going to check everybody's recipes they look so yummy, I am feeling so hungry

  31. awesome roundup raji. i missed sending an entry though :(

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  35. wow thats really awesome post raks.. I am really sorry that i could not participate but I had 2 posts which I cooked for the guest but without the recipe Really I did not find time to type the recipe .. But was thinking in mind to send to you. I really missed it.

  36. Anyway this is excellent roundup You have choosed great theme and will be helpful for others too..

  37. Nice round up and nice presentation

  38. Thats an excellent roundup with many mouthwatering entries. Thanks for coming up with this event.


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