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Navarathri 2014 recipes

Monday, October 5, 2009

                                We make poricha(poritha to be more precise in Tamil) kuzhambu with different veggies and in two varieties,one is with coconut in it and the other with out  coconut and called “ Raathiri poricha kuzhambu” ( Rathiri  means  “Night time”).
I love the one made with brinjal,my favorite veggie and also this with drumstick,equally,because,this has  a nice flavor! I just love it Love Struck. My mom makes this often,but i rarely make coz I rarely buy drumstick! These drumsticks I have used is from India,when my BIL came here last week ,my FIL bought and passed it through him. When he was here I dint cook coz he does not like…

Murunkakkai poricha kuzhambu recipe

Indian Lunch
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Serves: 3


Drumstick  1 or 2 nos. 
Moong dal/paasi paruppu  1/4 cup 
Sambar powder  1 tsp 
Turmeric powder  1/4 tsp 
Tomato  1,chopped 
Asafetida powder  2-3 pinches 
Salt  As needed 

To grind

Coconut,grated 1/2 cup
Rice flour 1/4 tsp

To temper

Mustard 1 tsp
Urad dal/ulutham paruppu 1 tsp
Jeera/jeeragam 1 tsp
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Chopped Shallots 1 tblsp
Asafetida 2-3 pinches
Oil 2 tsp


  1. Cut drumstick into long pieces that you have desired.
  2. Boil moong dal with tomato,turmeric,sambhar powder and after its half done add drumstick and salt.(If you are comfortable in pressure cooking,just add everything in a pressure cooker with just enough water and give 2 whistles,but I always mess up,either the moong will be uncooked or the drumstick will get broken,so I always be safe
  3. DSC_1116
  4. Grind coconut and rice flour with little water and add to the cooked drumstick,moong mixture and give a boil.remove from fire.
  5. DSC_1145
  6. Season with the items under “To temper” table and brown the onions nicely and mix well and serve with rice!
  7. DSC_1146

murungakkai porich akuzhambu


          This is very very very easy to make recipe,yet the flavor is really great!  Can be made in a jiffy!


Vazhakkai/plantain 2 nos.
Sambar powder 1 1/2 tsp
Turmeric 1/4 tsp
salt As needed
Coconut gratings 4-5 tblsp
Arisi kazhani/mandi(rice washed water) 2 cups

To Temper

Mustard 1 tsp
Urad dal 1 tsp
Oil 1 tsp
Curry leaves A sprig


  1. Peel the skin of the plantains and cut them to ur desired,bite size pieces!
  2. Keep them immersed in Arisi mandi,till you cook it.Wash them thoroughly in it to remove the stickiness of the plantain.
  3. DSC_1120_thumb
  4. Boil it with enough water(just to immerse),sambar powder,turmeric and salt and cook just till done.Takes very less time,don’t over cook.
  5. DSC_1123_thumb
  6. Drain the water and keep aside.
  7. DSC_1127_thumb
  8. Heat a kadai and temper with the tempering items
  9. DSC_1128_thumb
  10. followed by the cooked plantains and fry just for a minute to make it dry.
  11.  DSC_1129_thumb
  12. Add the coconut gratings and fry for a minute, ready!!
  13. DSC_1130_thumb

Both of these can be made easily and its a very light meal! And so I am sending this to EC of Simple Indian food’s event WYF: Light meal.

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  1. My Dad's favorite dish
    Thanks for sharing the dish
    Wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The pics are so gorgeous and so is the meal raks..looks like a perfect combo with rice..

  3. Simple yet delicious...Wonderful clicks dear.

  4. i love drumstick kootu a lot. That too my dad prefer this to be cooked by me rather than my mom.My all time fav. I make it in a completely different way.
    Valakai curry looks yum and so simple,will try out ur version soon.Nice clicks

  5. I knew of Sambhar but the dry veggie is quite new to me , looks quite simple !

  6. Loved the colour of it raks as well as the recipe...wonderful clicks too....

  7. thumbs up for both the dishes :)

  8. Gorgeous dishes, poricha kuzhambu and vazhakkai poriyal both together makes me hungry Raks..delicious combo..

  9. Kuzhambu and poriyal looks tempting!

  10. Both the dishes are so good, nice combo with hot rice.

  11. Heyy nice...
    Poricha Koyumbu is on such dish I learnt from my MIL.. but our version seems to b very different!!

  12. Dear,
    This is going to be on my list for next week.really delicious!
    Tried ur 'kadai bindhi'. It was superb...tnx for the recipe&also tnx for the kind words on my blog

  13. my friend made this kozumbu for me once..am yet to try it..

  14. Delicious combo for a comfort meal.

  15. Awesome clicks as usual..Soaking plantain in mandi is new to me..will try next time :)

  16. both dishes look good. I love the drumstick one - I love drumsticks...

  17. the consistency of the kuzhambu looks just perfect! bookmarked!

  18. Excllnt clicks!!!!
    Both curry and Poriyal looks fabulously yummy dea...!!!!

  19. Excellent traditional spread..thanks for participating

  20. Both tempting everyday dishes done with lovely pictures.

  21. Wow i just love that drumstick curry, that looks so so yumm.
    I am bookmarking this one as my hubby and daughter just love drumsticks.

  22. Hi Raks, the poricha kuzhambu and poriyal look delicious!! You reminded me of my mother, we love drumsticks, especially in poricha kuzhambu. Me and my dad used to pick fresh drumstick from the backyard and this was a staple in my childhood. Please accept 'One Lovely Blog Award' from me at my blog!

  23. Murungakkai porricha kuzhambu is my sis favo! Very inviting dish with raw banana!

  24. Both kuzhambu and priyal looks tempting..:-) Is arisi mandi, the water which we wash the rice ?(Though I know a lil bit Tamil, this is a new word for me !!)

  25. Yummy and tempting kuzambu. rathri poricha kuzumbu is new to me...I have to ask my mom about this too :) Delicious side dish too.

  26. Wow superb clicks....Vazhakkai poriyal sounds great...

  27. delicious kulambu...! I will surely try this recipe.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


  28. wow what a combination Raks yum. both are looking great and mouthwatering beautiful click.

  29. very good entry dear..looks sooo tempting..

  30. This is my visit and I have to say that you've got a wonderful blog here. I love how beautifully you've captured the food. The colors are so natural and vivid. Great job!

  31. nice entry.. my version is little diff.i will try ur method.

  32. Havent tried poricha kolambu will try it soon, perfect combo with vazhakai poriyal!

  33. Looks absolutely delicious. Beautiful click.

  34. pics are tempting...i love drumstick sooooooooo much...looks delicious..feel like having it rite now..

  35. Wow looks so perfect.. Excellent dishes....
    Nice click...

  36. your photography is spectacular.Next time I get drumsticks im sure to make this.

  37. The dishes looks so yummy..gud combination..

  38. its always this kind of food that gives us so much gratification isn't it

  39. This is such a delicious curry. With rice it will make a complete meal. Wonderful!!

  40. My favorite poricha kulambu..i love drumstick..but i used to put paakarkai in it..i love taste..wonderul recipe..Keep goin..

  41. Hi raji,
    ur dish luks so rich...ur version of poricha kulambu is differnt must make shot of urs:)

  42. lovely photos love, next time i will try ur version of poricha kuzhambu, i made vazhakkai poriyal the other day.., both look great..

  43. Looks so yumm and gorgeous.. mouthwatering raks.. ur pict always rocks...

  44. The first recipe has some awesome colors. I love drumsticks, but has been ages since I had fresh ones.

    the second one is so easy to make, but again so fresh & bountiful flavors. beautiful pictures as usual Raks.


  45. Beautiful snaps.Poricha kuzhambu looks so yummy.

  46. I made the kozhamu today for my guests and everyone loved it! Including me! I've never made this or had this before.

    It was soooo yummy with rice and ghee!


  47. i tried it last night....it was tasty.i luv ur blog.

  48. i tried it last night....it was tasty.i luv ur blog.

  49. Rajeshwari, I have tried quite a few of your recipes and love them. Can you give the recipe for no coconut poricha kuzhambu? Thanks.

  50. very nice recipe!!.. nice presentation!!

  51. Thank you Priya,darshinspassion4cooking,utbtkids and devi!
    I will soon post the recipe without coconut :)

  52. hi this is ambika

    i tried this recipe last night and it came out wonderful and i waited for my hubbies comment. as soon as he came he opened the vessel and smelled and got very much excited. he said that he come across this kuzhambu in his childhood days, his mom used to do this often. he really enjoyed it and made the vessel empty. the highlight is after dinner he ringed his mom and shared the entire thing. he really thanked me bringing back his memory and encouraged me to do more. heartful thanks to rak's kitchen. you really rocks. receips are really interesting and mouth watering

  53. Hi,
    Does rice flour serve any main purpose?
    Can i use idiyappam flour for the same?
    Tried ur badusha and paruppu urundai kulambu it came out really well :)

  54. Sorry one another thing is drum stick the only veggie to be used or any other suggestion.

  55. Thank you so much Ambika for the nice words and the prompt feedback, you made my day :)
    Aarthy, you can use idiyappam flour sure, it adds a nice flavor and acts as thickening agent too.

  56. And you can use other veggies like avarakkai(broad beans)and unripe tomato, even you can make it without any veggies.

  57. Looks yum raks!!!wonderful combo!!

  58. is it that we have use moong dhall?.can we do it thoor dhall

  59. Yes meena moong dal is recommended ... Otherwise smells like sambar if use toor dal here..

  60. in PLANTAIN/VAZHAKKAI PORIYAL is it a wet or dry coconut?? please advice

  61. Did not see any "sambar powder" in the sidebar. Please hyperlink for us lazy people.

    1. Sorry about that, updated now :)

  62. Hi Raks...I have a doubt on the vazhakkai poriyal...You mentioned "Boil it with enough water(just to immerse),sambar powder,turmeric and salt and cook just till done.Takes very less time,don’t over cook. Drain the water and keep it aside".

    My question is, why should we add the sambhar powder and salt and drain it all?? Should we add salt once again later?

    1. As the vazhakkai gets cooked, since we are cutting into cubes, it will suck the necessary spice and salt so no need to add later. So add that much salt as required.


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