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Monday, August 31, 2009

Kadai bhindi

I learnt this recipe from Vah chef’s video and tried this for first time, the outcome was very nice. I made one or two changes to suit my taste . The main draw back is,too much usage of oil!! Though I tried to use less than I saw in the video,deep frying the Bhendi is too much for me. One can just fry with less oil in kadai itself,but deep frying really made its stickiness  Zero. Its your choice! Goes well with roties and variety rice too!


Kadai Bhendi recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch - Sides
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Serves: 3


Bhendi/ladies finger/vendaikai  25 
Onion  2 medium,chopped 
Tomato  2 big,chopped 
Capsicum  1 big sized,cubed 
Ginger garlic paste  2 tsp 
Turmeric  1/ 4 tsp 
Dhaniya powder/coriander seeds powder  2 tsp 
Red chili powder  1 tsp 
Garam masala powder (optional)  1/2 tsp 
Green chilies  2 
Cashewnut  10 -grind to paste 
Chopped coriander leaves  1/4 cup 
Curry leaves(optional)  A sprig 
Salt  as needed 

To temper

Whole garam masala (optional) small piece of cinnamon, 1 elachi, 1 cardamom
Jeera 1 tsp
Oil 3 tblsp
Coriander seeds (crushed coarsely)  1 tsp 


  1. Wash,clean the ladies fingers and pat dry and cut them into bite size pieces. Deep fry them in oil,if desired, or fry them with little oil in a kadai, without changing the green of the vegetable,but the stickiness should not be there.
  2. 1-kadai-bhindi
  3. Heat a broad pan with oil,add the tempering items,followed by the crushed coriander seeds. Immediately add the onions and fry till just transparent. Add ginger garlic paste and fry till raw smell goes off.
  4. 2-temper
  5. Add the chopped tomatoes,with little salt to make it get soft faster.Add turmeric,garam masala ,red chili and coriander powders and mix well and fry till tomatoes gets mashed up.
  6. 3-fry-tomato
  7. Add then add cashew nut paste and fry for a min till oil separates.
  8. 4-cashew
  9. Add the capsicum and fry in medium flame for a minute. Add the deep fried ladies fingers and salt if needed and sprinkle little water or as the way you want,if you want a gravy kind,add more water or milk and if you want semi dry,just sprinkle little water.
  10. 5-add-capsicum
  11. Just cook for 2 minutes in medium flame and stir well and cook covered again for another 2 mins.
  12. 6-bhindi


  • You can omit cashew paste if you want it simple and dry.
  • If you need more of gravy kind then refer  point no.10.
  • Add Kasoori methi if you like.

And finally add more coriander leaves to garnish (I dint had sadly,so I dint add,dont search in the pics)!!.Serve hot to taste the best,with roties or with pulav of your choice!!
With peas pulav


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

adai-recipe-raks-kitchen                             We also call adai as “orappu adai”(spicy-hot  adai). My mom’s sister’s(periyamma) place is very much famous for Adai . That place is famous for guests….I mean,always somebody will be visiting their home Happy.If no body is there,neighborhood friends/relatives  atleast will come over for lunch/dinner. Its basically a village,so almost the area have more of their relatives only. so the house will always be in a festive mood Big Grin.
                      And if somebody visits their place,if they come to know,they will soak for Adai!  But trust me they make the best Adais . May be thats what they call “graamathu kaimanam”. When we were kids,we long to go there for vacation, for those greeneries where ever we look,a house by itself is like a marriage hall,innocent people….and the most important reason is the “bore set”…which gushes water for the garden and we used to go and take bath in it…We think that as a mini waterfall and used to enjoy a lot. We used to take bath for hours and hours…I will be mostly accompanied by my cousin Priya,my close friend those days she too is of my same age so we used to be thick friends. All those days are full of laughter,happiness  and we never close our mouth…Rolling on the floor.
                    My mom makes equally tasty Adai,which I am still struggling to get. My MIL makes a slightly different version,but some how,I love this one a lot…She just makes perfect tasting Adais, crispy and soft too(mean not hard),with lots of shallots/small onions..She never makes Adai,if there’s no stock of shallots/small onions. And also she makes thick,how an Adai is meant to be. We always grind rice and dhal separately, dhal being ground coarsely. As far as I know,if we grind rice and dhal together,and a bit smooth and make it thin then its called adai dosai…. But we all like the Adai version better. You can see a beautiful Adai dosai here.

Adai recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 3 hours soaking    |  Cook time: 4 mins per adai    Makes: 20 adais


Raw rice,Idly rice  1 cup each 
Channa dal/Kadalai paruppu  1/2 cup 
Toor dal/thuvaram paruppu  1/4 cup 
Urad dal/uluntham paruppu  1 fist full 
Moong dal/paasi paruppu  1 fist full 
Small onions/shallots,chopped  3/4 cup 
Coriander leaves chopped  4-5 tblsp 
curry leaves  2 sprigs 
Asafetida  1/4 tsp 
Red chillies  15 nos. 
Salt  to taste 


  1. Soak rice and dhal separately for 3 hrs minimum or more. First grind the red chillies with salt, asafoetida and then add rice.1-adai-raks
  2. Grind it to a coarse paste (little more finer than ceroti rava). Add dal. Use the pulse,inch or juice option to grind this dals coarsely. Make sure to wipe the sides and lids for even grinding.2-adai-recipe-raks
  3. This should be more coarse in texture as shown in the picture. Mix both the ground items well and set aside. You can keep upto 3-4 hours, or even make immediately. But standing time yields better result.3-adai-recipe-raks
  4. Just before making adai,add the onions,coriander,curry leaves and mix well.The batter should be thicker than our idly dosa batter. So adjust water as needed. 4-adai-rakskitchen
  5. Heat the tawa and spread little oil  and spread one laddle full of batter as thick adais,make a small hole in the middle and again pour little oil around. Let it get cooked for sometime.Turn over the adai and cook the other side too till golden brown. (you can cook covered  with a lid, before flipping )5-adai-raks-kitchen
  • You can add 2-3 tablespoons of finely chopped carrot as my MIL does. Also you can add chopped spring onions ,if you have any in hand.
  • Remember, small onions tastes best, so use lots of onion and if possible fully small onions, if lazy or dont have in stock, mix both and make. More the onion in the batter, more tasty the adai gets. 
  •  I found that soaking for 3 hours or more gives you best results. 
  • Also can add drumstick leaves to this Adai!
  • Don’t be stingy in asafetida and also adding oil to the adai,once in a while its okie right?  Raised Eyebrow  
  • We usually grind in early evening and make adai in night for dinner. 

       These adais are crispy outside and soft from inside and has an awesome texture as we grind it coarsely. Enjoy with your favorite chutney or avial which is said to be the perfect combo!


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

  I don’t know about you all,but I learnt this puffing in direct flame very recently when I saw my friend S making,when we visited her place once.Before that I knew puffing a roti,but in tawa itself. That procedure is comparatively more than this. When we saw her making right from making dough till puffing,myself and the other friend,both of us were awed,that is that so simple,she made it look like so simple,that we dint get scared to try ,but we were very eager to try and see. We did tried and we now get a good result,for sure Batting Eyelashes. I dont know if I am exactly following her,but sure I learnt puffing and we are satisfied with the outcome. All the credit goes to Sangeeta!
                As clicking the roti when it puffs in direct flame was quite challenging and definitely needs a tripod and all those accessories to  click that frame! So I cant do justice to the picture,but I thought of sharing video,which will be helpful for the beginners. But the video too is took in my mobile so it is bit grainy.But sure decent enough to understand!Day dreaming



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Thursday, August 13, 2009


This is a perfect breakfast to kick start a day,healthy and a spicy,tasty,flavourful one. As a kid I have tasted noanbu kanji,from our sweet Muslim neighbor  friends ,very flavorful and healthy one…Its made of raw rice and fenu greek seeds,with lots of garlic,veggies,coconut milk and flavored with fennel and coriander too! They make this Kanji for ending their fasting .
We too make and call it as vendhaya kanji and its very healthy,as it contains fenugreek seeds,garlic and coconut milk. It cures stomach/mouth ulcers ,we don't add fennel though!
So this oats porridge is fusion of the above two.This recipe is actually originated by idea of Prathiba’s savory oats porridge,I tried recently her version and liked it so much!

Oats Savory porridge recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time:15 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins     serves: 2


Instant Oats (I used Quaker easy cook) - 1/2 cup

Garlic - 6 flakes

Carrot chopped - 3 tblsp

Tomato chopped - 3 tblsp

Green chilli,Chopped - 1

Fennel, crush slightly - 1/4 tsp

Coriander leaves, chopped - 2 tblsp

Salt - to taste

Coconut grated - 1/4 cup

Or Low fat Milk - 1/4 cup


  1. Pressure cook everything with enough water(just add to cover the oats),except coconut in the above ingredients up to 2 whistles.
  2. Open the cooker and mash it well with a masher. Make sure you mash the garlic properly so that the flavor blends well.
  3. DSC_0907
  4. Extract milk from the coconut by grinding it with lukewarm water and squeeze out the milk.
  5. DSC_0909

Add the extracted milk or low fat milk to the porridge and mix well and just heat a little and serve hot!! Smells great with garlic,fennel,coriander and tastes great with coconut milk! Enjoy hot!! DSC_0910

Sending this to EC’s  WYF : Breakfast.


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Thursday, August 6, 2009

    I love Paruppu urundai kuzhambu very much, its a life saver for me when I made this after long time…after I got bored of sambhar and vathakuzhambu and the usual stuff  I do for lunch… I have not seen my mom or MIL when they make it at home, so when I tried this urundai kuzhambu at home, it was so new to me. I used to follow steaming method in the beginning, but now a days, since I know the knack of adding directly and cooking the urundai, its made more easier than before. So you too can try confidently adding the urundai to the boiling kuzhambu.

Paruppu Urundai kuzhambu recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   | Recipe Category:  Lunch
Prep Time: 3 Hours soaking time    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Serves: 4

For urundai

Toor dal /thuvaram paruppu  3/4cup 
small onion/shallots,chopped  3 tblsp 
coconut grated(optional)  1-2 tblsp 
Red chillies  4 nos. 
saunf/fennel/soambu(optional)  1/4 tsp 
jeera  1 tsp 
chopped coriander leaves  4 tblsp 
Salt  To taste 

For Gravy

Tamarind/puli 1 big gooseberry size
shallots/small onions,peeled 1/2 cup
Garlic ,peeled 10 flakes
Tomato 1 small(chopped)
Sambar powder(refer tips page),replace with redchilli,coriander powder 4 – 5  tsps
Turmeric 1/4 tsp
Jaggery (optional) 1/4 tsp
Salt To taste

To grind

Coconut 1/2 cup
onion(large) 1 medium

To temper

Sesame oil/cooking oil 3 tblsp
fenugreek seeds/vendhayam 1/4 tsp
Mustard 1 tsp
Jeera 1 tsp
curry leaves 2 sprigs


  1. Soak toor dal for 2 hrs,in a mixer,first grind jeera,fennel seeds(if desired),red chillies,coconut to a coarse powder.1-urundai-kuzhambu
  2. Then add the toor dal  (soaked,water drained )and grind coarsely.(little bit finer than we grind for masala vada)(don’t add water)Add chopped onions,salt,coriander leaves and mix well.2-urundai-kuzhambu
  3. Make small balls out  of  the ground batter and steam it by placing in a greased idly plates and steam it for 10 to 12 minutes.Cool down a bit(but let it be still warm),and again shape tightly,to make it perfect shaped  koftas. SKIP this step if adding directly.3-urundai-kuzhambu

For Gravy

  1. Extract tamarind juice,keep a side,grind the coconut and onion for a fine paste,keep a side.Heat a kadai,with oil and add the tempering items under the tableTo temper. Add garlic,onion and fry till golden brown.Then add the chopped tomatoes and fry for a minute.4-urundai-kuzhambu
  2. Add the tamarind extract,sambar powder,turmeric and bring to boil. Mean while grind coconut with little water and onion to a paste.5-urundai-kuzhambu
  3. Add to the boiling kuzhambu and let it boil for 5-6 minutes.Lower the flame and add the urundais one by one carefully.6-urunda-kuzhambu
  4. Boil in medium flame until all the balls float on the top(6 mins approx),by this time it would have got cooked.Do not stir till this stage. simmer for 4 mins and the kuzhambu is ready!7-urundai-kuzhambu


  • If you are beginner to cooking you can follow the steaming the urundai method confidently.
  • The direct adding method is time saving,if you are confident on yourself you can just go ahead and try.
  • You can use channa dal also for making the urundais. Or mixture of both dals, I have tried all the ways, makes no difference.

Serve with any kootu or spicy curry. You can have the urundais as side dish as well. They are good to eat as such! paruppu-urundai-kuzhambu-re



Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This is my way of making appam,we all like it to have with coconut milk sweetened with jaggery and flavoured with cardamom!  This may not be the authentic way of making appam with yeast or coconut/coconut milk, but its a fool proof recipe,which gives you soft,crisp and lacy appams. The fenugreek seeds and cooked rice/aval(poha) does the magic. If you want coconut in this same recipe, just add 1/4 cup of grated coconut while grinding.

Appam recipe

Appam recipe

Check out this vegetable stew for side dish
Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hrs    |  Cook time: 5 mins per appam    Makes: 20


Raw rice(I use basmati rice)  1 & 1/2 cup 
Idly rice  1 & 1/2 cup 
Urad dal/vellai ulundhu(whole)  1/8 cup 
Fenugreek seeds/vendhayam  1 tblsp 
Salt  As needed 
Cooked rice or Poha/aval  1/4 cup 
Cooking soda  1 generous pinch 


  1. Soak both rice together(soak aval if you are using) and urad dhal,fenugreek seeds together for 3 hrs.
  2. First grind urad dal and fenugreek together till smooth and fluffy adding around 1/2 cup water,then add rice,enough water and grind till smooth(add cooked rice if u are adding ,add while you add rice).
  3. Mix salt and keep for fermentation overnight.
  4. fermented batter
  5. Batter should be little bit watery than idly batter(just pouring consistency) and should not be heavy,should be light.
  6. Before you decide to make aapam,add the cooking soda and stir well.
  7. Heat a heavy bottomed kadai and pour 1 1/2 laddle of batter.
  8. pour in kadai
  9. Just spread in the sides of the pan like we spread dosa,leaving little batter still in the middle( I find this method easier and quicker).
  10. how to spread
  11. This will give you thin edges,just like if we rotate the pan. If  you are convenient in rotating the pan,then hold the two sides of the pan and rotate in a circular motion to get a thin edge.
  12. If you use oil just drizzle a few drops after u make the aapam,if you do so before then batter will not spread evenly.
  13. I love mine browned
  14. Cook covered in a medium low flame and serve hot with your choice of side dish,stew or kurma or simply coconut milk!


I like mine,slightly browned and crisp,so after I  open the lid,I keep the flame in high to turn it brown,so its ur choice to brown it and have it crispy or have it soft and white…

  • If the batter is too thick,it wont get cooked properly in the middle, so dilute with water for a pouring consistency.
  • Add sodium bi carbonate carefully,dont add too much as it will lead to appam stuck to the pan!
  • Even adding too little cooking soda will give you un cooked appams at the middle.

aapam reflection