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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Savoury Idiyappam variety

Idiyappam is our family favourite… My kid and my hubby loves the simple sweet idiyappam mixed with sugar and coconut though.. But I love the savoury versions better and don’t even touch the sweet versionSarcastic smile. I love all the tangy version like lemon,tamarind… And this one too… My  mom makes this for dinner and she makes 3 varieties –sweet/this mild paruppu idiyappam /tangy version. Since I make idiyappam for breakfast always,I either make only sweet or with tangy version. This version of paruppu idiyappam takes some work,so I make in weekend mornings. Its healthy too.

For idiyappam dough


Idiyappam flour - 1 cup

Water - As needed

Sesame oil - 1 tsp

Salt - If needed


  1. Take the flour in a wide bowl and mix hot water as needed,using a spatula. Let it get cooled until it turns warm enough to knead.
  2.  How much you boil the water to make idiyappam is important. Heat water until small bubbles start appearing everywhere in the bottom of the vessel. i.e; It should be just about to boil and NOT rolling boil.  If its rolling boil then the dough will get too much cooked when you make dough and it will be difficult for you to press. Even if its not heated well, then the idliyappam will turn too dry. So let it be just right, which you will learn from experience. 
  3. Mix
  4. Make a smooth dough without lumps and it should be non sticky. Not too firm too. If its very stiff,then it will be difficult to press through. So add water if needed. Keep covered.
  5. Dough
  6. I got these lovely bamboo mesh like things,meant for steaming from my periya maami.
  7. Mesh
  8. Its very handy,it easy to handle/manage and the cooking is done very fast. I like it!
  9. You can use idly plates very well,so grease the idly plate/mesh with few drops of oil. Press the idiyappam in a circular way,make sure you don't layer too much. Grease the idiyappam press too (inside) to enable easy pressing.
  10. Steam cook these just till its cooked,dont over cook(Takes one minute,if you keep Inside after the water boils),coz that will make  the separating part bit tougher.Make batches until u finish the dough.
  11. Steamed
  12. Now the basic idiyappam is ready.
  13. Idiyappam

For Paruppu Idiyappam


Paruppu Idiyappam recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Serves: 3


Moong dal/Paasi paruppu - 1/4 cup

Onion - 1 big

Tomato - 1 big

Green chillies - 3

Coconut,grated - 1/4 cup

Salt - As needed

To temper

Coconut oil(edible) - 1 tblsp

Mustard - 3/4 tsp

Cumin seeds/Jeera - 1 tsp

Curry leaves - A sprig


  1. Chop onion,tomato and green chillies.Cook the moon dal just till soft. Don’t over cook and mash.. It should be seen as shown in the picture.
  2. Dal
  3. Heat a pan with oil and add the tempering items. Add onion and fry till transparent.
  4. Fry onion
  5. Add the chopped tomatoes and fry for a min in medium flame.
  6. Add tomato
  7. Now add the dal and give it a quick stir..
  8. Dal
  9. Lastly add the grated coconut and salt and mix well for a minute.
  10. Add coconut
  11. Now the dal is ready
  12. Ready
  13. Take the prepared idiyappam in a wide bowl and tear it roughly. Add the prepared dal and mix gently taking care not to mash the idiyappams. 
  14. Mix
  15. Add few drops of edible coconut oil for extra flavour.You can add sesame oil too while mixing (2 tsp)
  16. Mixed Idliyappam
  • Do not add boiling water to knead dough,it will make the pressing process tough.
  • If the water is not hot enough,you will get a dry,brittle idiyappam.
  • So the water should be just hot enough. When it just starts to boil,use it.
  • When we add sugar or the prepared dal,the idiyappam will be easier to mix by itself,so no need to make the idiyappam separate before mixing. You will get it done while mixing itself.
  • You can make lemon idiyappam just the way we do for lemon rice. And use pulikaichal for making puli idiyappam.


     Mix idiyappam with coconut and sugar as needed and add elachi powder a pinch  and a tsp of ghee if you like. Enjoy Instantly!
Idiyappam with coconut and sugar

Idiyappam with sugar and coconut



  1. Nice post, I luv both sweet n karam. With dal this sounds interesting, havent heard or tasted it, now tempting me :)

  2. that looks absolutely tempting Raji!...I have never had idiyappam...and looking at these pics...makes me want to try it!...looks so good!

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  7. Yummy Idiyappam!!!! Raks can i make the dough overnight and make it in the morning!!!!

  8. delicious idiyappam...loved the addition of dal in it...very innovative recipe...

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  10. 2011 எலக்க்ஷனை ஒட்டி இந்த போஸ்ட் போட்டு இருந்தேள்னா அழகா புரட்சித்தலைவி கிட்ட அந்த இடியாப்ப போட்டோவை காமிச்சு ஒரு தங்க மோதிரமே வாங்கி இருக்கலாம்..:)

    படிக்கர்துக்கு(பாக்கர்த்துக்கும்தான்) ரொம்ப அழகா இருக்கு உங்களோட எழுத்து நடை! வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

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    Even i wanted to try this ,love the bamboo plates for steaming the idiyappam , very new to me.

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  18. Raji,

    Idiyappam looks delicious. We usually eat with spicy curry only. Savory version of Idiyappam sounds delicious.

  19. Superb mouthwater recipe. Where do you get idiappam flour in US ? Which brand pls specify..I love all your recipes and photography and i'm a silent visitor of your blog. Great !!

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    US Masala

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    Hamaree Rasoi

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  34. This is quite new to me ... I ahd it couple of times at my friends place and thought some type of upma with shevai :)

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    My eyes are getting glued to the props than the dish... lol
    Idiyapam is fantastic... Isnt it more like Sevai?? I meant freshly prepared sevai .

  36. This dish is quite new to me but you've made it look especially appealing. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  37. I have never had idiyappam, but heard and lot about it and I really like the savory version.

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  42. Hi Raks,
    Am a regular visitor of ur blog. I tried this paruppu idiappam and it was awesome. I used to make the normal varieties such as lemon, tamarind, coconut, coriander and curry leaf. I needed a change and found this. It was a real "YUM". My hubby n my MIL loved it so much.. This goes well with Gobi fry( south Indian variety). Thank u so much raks.... 😘

  43. Hi, I have been following your site for all south indian recipes, liked the way its drafted & step by step explanation given. Its very useful for beginners like me.

    For idiyappam, I am able to make dough however when I try to squeeze to make noodles, only a portion of it gets through the bottom nett, most of dough comes out of front end of mould & spreads all over my hand and mould gets messy & sticky. I find it very difficult to press idiyapam dough to make string hoppers. I am using same wooden mould posted in your picture. What mistake would I be makking in preparation?can you please suggest some tips.

    Recipe I use to make idiyapam dough

    1 cup of seived rice flour add 3/4 cup of hot water(with salt and drops of oil)

    This give me a consistency that is not very hard nor watery but it normal. Try to squeeze them when its hot itself.

    1. Hi, Try reducing the temperature of the water. Because, at times, if the dough is fully cooked when you add hot water, it will become hard to press.

    2. Thanks Raks...I shall try this way


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