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Friday, October 21, 2011


      Magizhampoo thenkuzhal – with coconut milk. Magizhampoo  is a flower which is so small in size but smells heavenly and strongly too. They sort the flower in a thread with needle and wear in the plaits as we do jasmine. This magizhampoo thenkuzhal murukku resembles the look of sorted flowers. And I assume that’s why they call this so. We make this murukku a bit different… We make it as a mildly sweet murukku with coconut milk. So it is very very flavourful and very distinct in taste. I love it very much.
      For sweetening we use sugar candies,Kalkandu ,my mom says if we use sugar for sweetening the murukku browns easily and sugar candies lessen this. I always love mild sweet snacks,like the diamond cuts snack. This is also one of those snacks I love. Also I love making this murukku because of its shape. I love making those cure swirls Hee hee.


Magizhampoo murukku recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time: 20 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Makes: 20 murukku


Idiyappam flour/ Rice flour - 2 cups

Roasted moong dal flour - 1/4 – 1/2 cup

Coconut milk - 1/4 cup

Sugar candy/kalkandu powder - 2-3 tblsp

Sesame seeds - 2 tsp

Ghee - 2 tblsp

Salt - Use 1 tsp if flour has no salt

Oil - for deep frying


  1. We have some preparations before making the murukku. Roast moong dal/paasi paruppu till golden,cool down,powder it and sieve it. Grind 3/4 cup coconut with little warm water and extract coconut milk from it. Powder the sugar candy.
  2. mp1
  3. Warm the coconut milk and dissolve the powdered sugar candy in it. Use this warm milk while making dough. Take rice flour, moong dal flour,sesame seeds,ghee, salt(if using) in a bowl and mix well. Add coconut milk and enough water gradually to make a smooth stif dough. THere should not be any cracks too.
  4. mp2
  5. Take the star holed plate in the murukku press and fill it with the prepared dough. Heat oil in kadai , meanwhile draw murukku in circles in greased ladles. Drop carefully in oil and fry in medium flame.
  6. mp3
  7. Fry both sides till golden colour or the bubbles ceases. Drain from oil to paper towels.
  8. mp4


  • Just 1/4 cup coconut milk is enough,use plain water for the rest. More milk makes cooking time long and harder murukku too.
  • Using more sweet makes the murukku brown in colour also becomes harder.
  • Always deep fry in medium heat.
  • I had already the powdered moong dal, so I have not shown those steps..hehe.
  • If your murukku breaks while making, try sprinkling more water and knead and try again. Use finest rice flour to avoid this.
  • You can also replace moong dal powder with urad dal powder.

Store in airtight containers. Stays good for a 10 days. Enjoy flavourful magizhampoo murukkus!


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  1. Perfectly done Raji. Made it yesterday. Lovely clicks pa.

  2. Perfection is the apt word i doubt thr be shd be something better .. awesome n i need them .. badly.. so so yumm

  3. super duper murukku!!looks perfect and crispy...lovely click as usual!!

  4. Superbly done Thenkuzhal.Luks perfectly shaped and crisp.Luv the recipe and the clicks.Luv all ur recipes.Maa'm pls add Google Connect.Following U on FB.

  5. I luv the first click very much....I too luv the shape of this murukku..looks perfectly done. Crispy yummy snack apt for tea time...please pass that plate here ;)

  6. This is my favorite murukku..U made it so perfect..

  7. Thenkuzhal has turned out perfect Raji...I have not tried this one before..but it sure looks like a winner..wud give this a try.

  8. Woww they looks super prefect, attractive and fabulous..

  9. delicious and crispy...Beautiful clicks too..

  10. wow raji,the swirls are perfect,luks too gud...clicks are amazing.

  11. I am hundred percent sure if i try to make them they would look as good as yours. These look so so super.

  12. lovely clicks raji as always, I have never made a sweet one like this :), should try it in a small quantity and see how my kids like it, thanks for sharing

  13. looks yummm...delicious n mouthwatery..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  14. this variety of murukku is totally new to me. Adding coconut milk sounds interesting and will soon give this a try.Wonderful circles and great clicks

  15. I have not tried sweetening this murukku until now.With idiyappam flour, I am guessing that the pounded rice flour has to be roasted like for idiyappams.
    And you have created the spirals very beautifully.

  16. My mom-in-law makes them and I love them too but never knew this murrukku had such a beautiful name to it. She called them Inippu murrukku.
    Beautiful Clicks as always.

  17. omg pics r dawn pretty n tempting...
    all r in perfect shape n u simply rocking dear...

  18. This is very new to me.Adding coconut milk and sugar candies is a nice twist in the murruku.

  19. OMG,they looks sooo attractive...nice one!!

  20. That is so new to me.. i don't think i've had a murukku with kalkandu in it. Perfect concentric circles too.

  21. Love the clicks..crispy and tempting snack..yum

  22. Looks so perfect...Love them...Very beautiful clicks...

  23. Wow never heard of this murukku.

  24. Had to bookmark it, they look perfect. I got to make some on Sunday, so this is the recipe I am using :)

  25. wow yummy murukku and looks so tempting with wonderful clicks ....

  26. You have made picture perfect looking sweet thenkuzhal.Inspires me to take extra effort to make some.

  27. shape of the murukku is truly an art.. love the color, swirls and crispness.. perfectly done raji.. first click is really very nice..

  28. Magizhampoo mikka magizhchiyaga irruku :) Lovely clicks Raks :)

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  29. Raji, that looks absolutely stunning..lovely recipe..

  30. perfectly done...love the clicks ....lovely!!

  31. I adore this murukku. Looks so delicious and perfect Raks.

  32. love your post!!!Raji what camera do you use ?

  33. looks declicious!! will try them soon, b/w what camera do you use?

  34. Superb. I guess you also do painting or any other craft work. You are really doing all our traditional recipes in a perfect way!!!

    My Kitchen Experiments

  35. Thank you all! Ratna, I use Nikon D40X ... Thank you Uma for the compliments :)

  36. wow...
    looks perfect and very tempting...
    haven't tried using coconut milk, will try this for Diwali :)
    awesome clicks...

  37. Thanks a lot for the recipe..gonna try this ..Perfect recipe..

  38. Nice murukku..wid coconut milk it sounds nice n different...

  39. I just tried these for the first time in August when I received them from a friend in Singapore. They were so addictive. Thanks for the recipe and great step-by-step photos!

  40. they look too good and yummy!...very beautiful click!

  41. Wow...those look super-crunchy and adorable! Happy Diwali!

    Vegetarian Cultural Creatives

  42. Perfect Murukku with beautiful spirals Raks!

  43. i have never heard of this kind. the shape is so perfect!! i haven't attempted murkku on my own yet! :D

  44. Hi Rak,
    I am planning to make this murukku today. I have following questions.
    1.Can i use store bought can coconut milk, if so is this the same proportion.
    2.Can i skip Sugar candy/kalkandu powder, i don't want sweet murukku.
    3.How many murukku i can make with this proportion.
    4.If i change moong dal to Urad dal, is the color and taste is going to be same, what will be better(i never tried moon dal before)
    5.Moong dal flour measurement says 1/4 – 1/2 cup, What that mean(1/4 or ½)?
    6. Can i make regular murukku mold to do this
    7.What is the difference between MURUKKU and Thenkuzhal murukku , which will be similar to the store bought sift and crunchy one.

    I know I have too many questions. Please help me to to make murukku today.


  45. Dori,

    You can use store bought coconut milk. But dilute it as it will be too thick I think. dilute 1/4 cup milk with 1/4 cup water.
    Yes you can skip the sweet part very well.
    You can make around 20 murukkus.
    You can change moong to urad dal flour. Both have unique taste and flavor.
    You can add urad dal flour from 1/4 cup or upto 1/2 cup.
    Both this one and thenkuzhal are crunchy.. Only the ingredients differ a little bit which makes its flavor differ a bit. You can also reffer the other murukku recipes in my blog.
    Hope this helps, do write to me if you have any further doubts.

  46. Thanks Rak for your prompt reply.

    I tried this yesterday, it came out really good. I like the color of the murukku, it was so transparent.

    Sure I’ll try your other versions of murkku.

    Keep it up your good work.

  47. Hi,
    If urad dal should that be roasted too?

    Thanks for ur reply i tried poricha kulambu and it came out well.

  48. Yes, you have to roast to give a nice flavor ...

  49. Made it yesterday. u give such exact measurements :)cant be missed ....came out really good ...didnt know about the milk part b4 :P

  50. Splendid recipes with perfect results not unlike the recipe books where the outcome is not as intended.

  51. Woowww...how can u make them this symmetrical ...looks Yummmmm!!!!

  52. Wow! This is a very new type of sweet muruku! So well presented! :)

  53. rice flavour is stored brought or we need to soak in water and dry in towel and then gring it
    hema satheesh

  54. This is made with store bought rice flour

  55. Shall I do without adding coconut milk??

  56. Coconut milk gives nice flavor. Still it will come good sure with out coconut milk.

  57. I have tried with same measurements, but it come out little bit hard . What should I do to rectify.


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