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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Raw Jackfruit(unripe,young) is edible? I never knew that until my MIL cooked once after marriage. I loved it the very first time when she made curry with it. I don’t know any recipes with raw jackfruit other than this, but love it a lot. The texture is so different and I love it. The cleaning process is bit messy and tedious. But everything is worth to have this curry. My MIL made this curry when I was there in Chennai last week and I clicked to post this recipe here. We call the raw jackfruit in tamil as ‘pala mouse’ . We got it fresh from the tree from Karaikudi Mami’s house.They also picked a sweetest ripe jackfruit and it was as sweet as honey! We made curry with half of this raw jackfruit and kootu with the other half. The unripe jackfruit should be young and tender to make a delicious dish. We do get this cleaned and cut in Singapore. But sure, nothing can beat the backyard garden picked fresh one. 
   The recipe is similar to my raw banana curry, only a little bit different.

Raw jackfruit recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Side dish
Prep Time15 mins     |  Cook time: 20 mins     Serves: 4


Raw jackfruit(young,small,tender) - 1/2

Onion - 1

Turmeric - 1/4 tsp

Salt - As needed

To grind

Coconut - 3 tblsp

Coriander seeds - 1 & 1/2 tbslp

Pepper - 1 tsp

Jeera - 1 tsp

Red chilli - 2

Garlic - 2

To temper

Oil - 2 tblsp

Mustard - 1 tsp

Urad dal - 1 tsp

Curry leaves - 1 sprig


  1. Before touching the raw jackfruit, spread 2-3 news papers, grease both your hands with generous sesame oil or use gloves. Grease the knife too with oil. This is because when we cut the  veggie, it will leave a ‘milk like’ thing which is so sticky. And it leaves stains as well. So prevent the floor, your dress and everything from it. Half the veggie like this.
  2. jack1
  3. Then cut one of the half into big pieces and remove the thorny green skin part as shown. Remove the centre stalk too(thick part) and chop into small pieces.
  4. jack2
  5. Keep ready, a bowl of water with buttermilk to immerse the chopped veggie. You can also use the drained water we washed the rice (kahzhani). Boil water with salt an turmeric and cook the finely chopped veggie until soft. Will take roughly 15 minutes.
  6. jack3
  7. Mean while,grind the ingredients under to grind table with little bit of water,to a fine paste.
  8. masala
  9. Drain the water and keep aside. Heat kadai with oil an temper with the items given under ‘To temper’ table. Add onions and fry till transparent. Mix the ground paste with the cooked raw jackfruit along with salt.
  10. jack4
  11. Add it to the kadai and fry well. Keep in medium flame to ensure the curry gets roasted evenly and mix now and then. This may take some time. Say 15 minutes.
  12. jack5


  • Grease your hands frequently while you are cleaning/cutting the veggie.
  • Choose small, young and tender raw jackfruit. It tastes great. Bigger ones take long time to cook.
  • You can add more oil at the end when you are roasting to make it turn golden.
  • Add a tsp of coconut oil at the end to get a great flavor!

Transfer to the serving bowl and serve as accompaniment for sambar/rasam/more kuzhambu. Do try this different veggie, you would love it!

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  1. I havent tried raw jackfruit too... The curry looks so yum and delish

  2. wonderful recipe raji...
    lovely clicks dear :)

  3. Looks yum Raji!! This is called Palamoosu right? We too get it here!!!

  4. I love jackfruit curry! I have never made it myself though. We got to eat it at an acquaintance's house. It actually reminded me of tapioca curry a little. Your curry looks fantastic!

  5. looks yum; lovely texture to the curry and fine clicks !

  6. The curry is too tempting with those wonderful clicks...

  7. Tempting and wonderful as ever

  8. love this curry.. haven't prepared this for a long time bcoz of the stain.. but looking at the photos i really want to do it this week :)

  9. I love raw jackfruits thats one of the hign points of summer for me. love this curry recipe. looks delicious.

  10. You should not have done this????Oh My God drooling here...what to do, no way to get a jack fruit here.....That picture out there is making me crazy...supoer delicious...one of my fav curry....

  11. Looks super yummy. Great pictures.

  12. Am yet to try this raw jackfruit in my cooking,curry looks excellent Raji.

  13. i see the 50mm in action, very nice! you are back in singapore?

  14. Wowo you didn't know jack fruit is edible, in kerala we have a dish called jack fruit puzzukku, we used to have that atleast twice a week when it was jack fruit season as mom had a tree in the garden and we ate this puzukku with coconut chutney we loved it always and then our two friends who were living close by also came home each time to eat this.
    The curry looks so so good too.

  15. hmm looks very interesting curry n delicious one, i haven't tried on my own but tasted from my friends lunch box in college days.

  16. wow very nice post raji,till now i didnt tasted this...i think this is the rite time to buy raw banana:) love the step vise pics...

  17. wow..i have never heard about this recipe...nice presentation...

  18. Very nice curry, my mom makes a poriyal with this..

  19. My fav one Raji ..love this a lot. Back home we used to get fresh ones but here its very difficult to see, so I am using tinned ones... I always love the texture of this:)

  20. We make this in totally different way ...long time I had this ..it looks gud

  21. Even my MIL do this, looks yum.

  22. Everyone in my family is a fan of palakkai vathakkal..My version is different, though..
    interesting recipe, raks :)
    Cummon I always love your pics..would like to see your version of the tomato rice as well, girl!Go ahead!!

  23. nice recipe for the jackfruit season

  24. pala musu wow!! I have tasted this many times in my friend's place and in many chettinad weddings. Love this flavorful curry anytime.

  25. Raji...this is my fav sidedish...and i prepare it with very very slight modification and i prepare it with potato also......aah...craving for it now....

  26. Yummy curry dear.Love it.Never tried this.

  27. my all time fav!!! yummm...

  28. yep. We cook raw jackfruit during the season. looks like wonderful treat with steamed rice.

  29. I think you mean "green" or unripe jackfruit. It's only raw if it's uncooked, but in this recipe you say to boil it. So it isn't raw anymore!

  30. Makes me nostalgic..yum curry,love the clicks.

  31. Looks so flavourful and yummy

  32. Delicious palaa musu kari...my favorite and here it is hard to find the fresh and tender one.We do make almost the same way.

  33. just 2 days back, one aunty was telling me about this curry & asking me whether we do this at home.. i was quite clueless & here i find urs.. should try this :)

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  34. yummy.. drooling over it...

  35. We call it 'idi chakkai poduthuval' :)....I've always had my MIL's help to cut the jackfruit...never dared to try it myself.Looks fatastic!

  36. curry looks delicious ........

  37. Never tasted this before !! Looks super good !!

  38. Raw jackfruit curry is very special in Bengal cuisine. We cook in a different way. But this sounds yummy too.

  39. One of my favorite curry,looks so delicious.

  40. Oh! how I miss my tender jack fruit here. Wish I could relish at least a single delicacy made out of it when I was there in India :( You tempting me now.

  41. tender jackfruit is called idichakka in malayalam...Love idichakka thoran....This preparation also looks yum

  42. this curry looks fantastic. Never tried raw jackfruit. love to give it a try. thanks for sharing

  43. oh yum! jackfruit season is finally here and i cant wait to try this dry palya :) thanks a ton for the pointers & stepwise pics

  44. Raw Jackfruit is one of my fav:-) We make a lot of dishes using this in Kerala!
    Ur version looks very flavorful and yummy! Lovely clicks as always!

  45. The veggie is so fresh n cute Raji! :)

    Yup,nothing can beat our backyard veggies. Curry looks delvious!

    You had a chance to taste the fruit also?!...hope you enjoyed it! Hmm..mm..(Vera enna, kaathula pukai varuthu... Haha...;) )

  46. Awesome clicks. even we dint try this yet :) Bookmarked !!

  47. Curry looks yum,,,my fav :)

  48. I too recently blogged it and this is my all time fav :) ur masala looks very yummy will try it soon :)

  49. I can prepare one more recipe with raw jackfruit which is tasty...

  50. Very well written with photos. It helped us even how to cut. This is being prepared , we will update ....

  51. please some body let me know where i can get raw jack fruit in Chennai and what is the season. I have never seen this item at any vegetable store.

  52. yes, its a really rocking dish, i never heard and tried.I 'll try this dish as soon as possible.

  53. I never tried this recipe. I was suppose to but but I had to undergo drain cleaning first. I can't risk my messy kitchen right now. But I am about to do it this Christmas.

  54. looking very good yammy and tasty
    i want to try today.

  55. I have a question. I made a recipe based on this post i came across. We were looking for jackfruit taco recipe and need to find out how to handle the jackfruit.

    we got a fresh one. Every recipe kept calling for a can in brine and said not to use fresh. We live in chicago. The jackfruit we got was huge and not young. We didnt know where it was in ripeness and the store would not help us. We picked one that was kind of green and kind of brown.

    We cut it open - and took out the pink fruit part that tasted like melon/banana. Then we took the seeds out fo that - and roasted those (delish).

    We took the other part and cut it. We made our taco recipe not thinking it would work. We bought 2 cans in brine just in case - and used the same recipe with that.

    The FRESH RIPE one tasted way better than the can one (can tasted like chemicals).

    was the one used in this recipe young and fresh? what is the difference, the time it is picked - OR just how long it has sat around since picked? Could i always use a ripe one for this cooking application? I dont understand based on everything i have read online.

    1. Hi,

      I think you bought a ripe jackfuit. The one I have used is very young one(it will be tender and small). The ripe one tastes sweet and there will be an yellow fleshy thing like a bulb, has seed inside it .This yellow thing which is edible is sweet and the seeds are also used in Indian cooking. Opening and taking out these yellow fleshy bulbs is really a tricky one and its a real messy job. But equally its tasty. An experienced person can handle it easily, but one who has no idea about it... its a real pain.

      But the tender one is not at all sweet and taste really different and almost other than the green skin part, all are edible.

      Its all about when it is picked from the trees actually. If you pick it young, you can use it for cooking in the above manner with spices. If you pick once its ripe (big and wafts a lot of pleasant flavour)edible parts can be eaten as such, with honey or even can be made some desserts.

      Hope I helped you a bit.

  56. Hey Raks,
    found a FB page with the above picture stolen, check it out

  57. I'm late to this post though I often have stumbled upon your blog--and here was especially appreciative of the cutting-process photos you have up. Even the big chefs suggest using canned or frozen raw jackfruit. Hunh? That's a cop-out! I've cut ripe ones plenty, but never tried my hand cooking the raw--and your directions helped a lot. Thanks so much!


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