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Ganesh chaturthi recipes

For full collection of Ganesh chaturthi recipes click here | Sep 5th 2016

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mango milkshake is not my favourite, that’s coz I am not a big fan of mango. But not any more. This mango season, I have changed a bit! I love the Banganapalli mangoes we get here in Singapore. It’s so so sweet and yumm! Actually I feel a bit awkward every time to tell people that I am not a mango fan, that too being brought up in Salem, which is known for mangoes!! But seriously I have not seen that much mangoes in Salem. May be I am not aware those days… And all of a sudden, I am now liking mangoes. But always I used to love frooti, maaza and slice. even now, I can drink bottles!
  And when my in-laws came here last month, they bought few banganapallis from there and some of them were too soft to handle, so collected them as pulp and made milkshake for everyone. Simple and yummy! Now I know why they call mango as king of fruits :)  Will meet you all soon again with a wonderful recipe, till then hang on with this seasonal simple milkshake recipe :)

Mango milkshake recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Continental  |  Recipe Category: Drink
Prep Time5 mins    |  Cook time: 0 mins     Makes: 2


Mango pulp - 1 cup

Chilled Milk - 2 cups

Sugar - As needed (2 tblsp)


  1. Blend mango pulp and sugar in a mixer until smooth.
  2. 1-mango-milkshake
  3. Add chilled milk and blend again until smooth.
  4. 2-mango-milkshake


  • Always make sure the milk is cold.If milk is hot or even warm, there are chances of curdling.
  • Choose sweet variety of mangoes always. Alphonso works best too.
  • You can add a scoop of  mango or vanilla ice cream.
  • You can add kesar ( saffron) and elachi for making it more exotic!

Serve it cold in glasses and enjoy immediately!


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  1. Thick and creamy shake...Love this anytime...

  2. Looks creamy. nice click :)

  3. Yummy milkshake and cool presentation..


  4. I'm an ardent fan of mangoes !! Love the creamy and yummy milkshake !

  5. Creamy, tangy shake... Love it Raks...


  6. Love this anytime..looks nice

  7. My favourite!!! Looks very tempting :)

  8. mango milkshake is my fav..this looks awesome

  9. oh ..that looks so delicious..yumm

  10. Totally yummy...love it any day

  11. Five years ago when I came to bangalore I was introduced to Banganapalli variety and though I am still a big fan of Deshari aam I developed the taste of Banganapalli . Love this...

  12. Who will say no to this irresistible shake,wish to finish that whole glass.

  13. All time fav...Looks perfect with ovely and beautiful clicks..

  14. Lovely clicks,delicious drink

  15. Creamy , yummy shake perfect!!

  16. Yum, waiting for the other recipe.

  17. Cool and yum mango shake. Awaiting for your next recipe......

  18. So simple but satisfying; your pictures do justice to the drink! :-)

  19. Lovely texture, a big time fav among my kids :), they can have it almost daily. We get banganapalli mangoes in abundance in bangalore and it's too tough to resist them, liked your clicks!

  20. Hi Rak's Kitchen,
    Your Mango Milkshake looks so fresh. :)
    I don’t mind drink this every day. LOL.
    Thank you for sharing. :)
    You can submit your Mango Milkshake pics on http://www.foodporn.net It is a food (and drink of course) photography site where members can submit all food (and drink of course (again) LOL ) pictures that make readers hungry.
    Well, you know it’s fun to make others hungry (and thirsty)! :D

  21. It is truly yummy and feel like having daily.

  22. Ahh i am a very big fan of banganapalli mangoes and this season i have gained 3 to 4 kgs weight only by eating loads and loads of mangoes.Lip smacking milkshake

  23. A must during the mango season!!!Looks fab!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  24. creamy and filling :)

  25. very nice recipe..................

  26. How much oz or mL of shake is made from this? Please answer ASAP!

  27. How much oz or mL is produced, please answer ASAP!!


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