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Thursday, July 5, 2012

This thavala vadai recipe is also one of the recipe my In-laws shared me, they saw this recipe in a cookery show by Mrs. Revathi Shanmugam. Before going to the recipe, I disclaim, this may not be a traditional recipe and it is no related to the “Thavala Adai” , this is “thavala VADAI recipe” Happy. Most of the recipes has only rice and mixture of dal, but this recipe has sago in it, which I liked the best in this vadai. One more thing that tasted out of world was the coconut bits that came here and there. On the whole I love love loved it and enjoyed eating it a lot. It dint drink much oil too. A great tea time snack. That too you can win elder’s heart if you make this for them as snack Big Grin.
   You can make this in a short cut way too. Do you have left over Adai batter? Then you can soak sago for 2 hours and add it to the adai batter and make this one. Cool right? Now on to this simple recipe, packed with protiens/ dals!

Thavala vadai recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time: 3 hrs soaking time    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 25


Parboiled rice/Idli rice  1/2 cup  
Channa dal/ Kadala paruppu  1/4 cup 
Toor dal/ Thuvaram paruppu  1/4 cup 
Moong dal/ Paasi paruppu  1/4 cup 
Urad dal/ Uluntham paruppu  1/4 cup 
Sago/ Javarisi  1/4 cup 
Red chillies  8 
Curry leaves  1 sprig 
Coriander leaves, chopped  2 tblsp 
Chopped fresh coconut bits  1/4 cup 
Asafoetida  1/8 tsp 
Salt  As needed 



  1. Soak rice separately and other dals separately and sago separately for 3 hours. First grind red chillies, add rice with little water. Grind to a fine rava consistency batter.1-thavala-vadai
  2. Add soaked, drained dal and grind again to a coarse paste.Batter should be thick.2-thavala-vadai
  3. Transfer to a mixing bowl and mix soaked drained sago, coriander leaves, curry leaves, asafoetida, coconut and required salt. Heat oil pour this batter using a small ladle.3-thavala-vadai-recipe
  4. Cook in medium flame until golden in colour(flip once and cook both sides). Drain in paper towel.4-thavala


  • You can add ginger while grinding for extra flavour.
  • Sago can be medium sized ones.
  • If you do it with adai batter, make sure the batter is thick.
  • Grinding the dal coarsely gives a nice texture to the vadai.

You can serve it with coconut chutney, but believe me, it is great as such as it has coconut in it. Unbelievable delicious!
தவல வடை

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  1. looks super crisp. Adding sago is new to me. will try once

  2. Crispy and nice snack.

  3. Vadas look really tempting! Lovely recipe dear..


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  4. Looks very crispy and yumm..

  5. I have heard of this vadai. Amma always talks about it, I will try it too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Loved this recipe. I am bookmarking this :)

  7. Crispy and yummy looking vadai...

  8. Crispy and crunchy nice vadas. Just mouthwatering.....Bookmarked.
    If possible, visit my space at your leisure,

  9. Adding javvarisi to the adai batter is new in this recipe. Makes a nice evening snack with tea. Nice recipe Raji.

  10. Omg what a coincidence. I too tried this recently and waiting to post the recipe. Adding sago is a nice idea. Hope ur enjoying with ur in laws. nice presentation

  11. I can't stop myself even after having 5-6 of these crispy vadais. nice recipe

  12. wow..with adai batter...neat idea..will try it soon..

  13. Crispy n delicious vada, adding sago is anice twist. Surely will try when make adai next time.

  14. Very Tempting Raks, Will try for sure

  15. I too tried that recipe of hers and it is waiting in my drafts. Lovely presentation.

  16. Make it slightly differently. Sago is not added. And the batter is semi-solid and poured into the oil to form a round vada in the oil. Follow the Samaitha Paar recipe. This is simpler and am sure as tasty/tastier and less greasy too.

  17. wow so yummy ones.. hv not tried it..its time for these crispies..

  18. Very nice raji............ its looks yummy

  19. Quite addictive vadais, love the addition of sago here.

  20. Very crispy and yummy looking vadais ! I am tempted to pick one!

  21. We make thavala Dosai/Adai, Vadai is very new to me!!! Looks Delicious and healthy with all the dal in it!!!!

  22. New recipe and vadai looks crispy.

  23. looks very crispy and delicious

  24. Adding Sago... Different Vadai... Love the crispy....


  25. Crispy and perfect, tempting teatime snack

  26. That looks so delicious! I am drooling!

  27. Looks so delicious

  28. OmG...this is too good!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  29. THANKYOU FOR SHArING THIS RECEIPE by seeing only its so delicious i will surely try

  30. Thanks Raji for sharing this recipe.It is absolutely a delicious snack.

  31. crispy n yummy snack...vada looks too tempting...thanks for sharing..will try it sometime :)
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  32. Never heard of it, I am bookmarking this one, thanks Raks!

  33. I love these. Bookmarking them.

  34. This was perfect for a rainy Sunday breakfast. Thank you Raji for this recipe, nice variation with the addition of sago. Have mentioned it in my blog post.

  35. Just curious why is it called Thavala?
    Doesn't Thavala mean frog in South India?

  36. Very delicious and obviously nutritious too.Tasted long back in Madurai when I was there onmy official posting.


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