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Monday, October 29, 2012

     I always love making maida biscuits right from childhood. Me and my bro used to help my mom by rolling and cutting them into diamond shapes. The best part I like to do is rolling the cutter to make the diamond shape. My mom has a special spoon especially for this (also for cutting sweet somas-recipe soon!). Its called ‘Somas karandi’. It is made of pithalai, one side with a spoon and other side with a wheel with ridges to make design while it cuts. It will be similar to pizza cutter, only that this is small.
    I will post the spicy version, which my mom makes with ginger/garlic and red chilli later. This sweet version is also a bit different from others as we use sugar powder to coat the biscuits instead of adding it to the dough. I love it a lot this way. Simple to make too. So you can try it for this Diwali :)


Diamond cuts/ maida biscuits recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 6 cups


Maida/ all purpose flour - 2 cup

Sugar - 1/2 cup

Ghee - 1 tsp

Oil - To deep fry

Salt - 1/2 tsp


  1. Mix flour, salt, 1tsp of sugar and ghee in a bowl. Add enough water to make it a pliable dough. Dough should not be too soft. It should be just right.keep aside for 20-30 minutes. Powder sugar to fine powder and keep a side.
  2. 1-diamond
  3. Knead the dough again after some time and divide dough into 6 equal parts. Roll as thin as possible evenly with generous dusting. With the use of the cutter/ knife, cut out thin strips as shown below.
  4. 2-diamond
  5. Again cut diagonally to make little diamonds. Use a thin dosa spatula to take it out  from the rolling board. Dont worry if everything gets together.
  6. 3-diamond
  7. Heat oil in a kadai and when it is hot, gently gather the diamonds and drop in a sprinkled way as much as possible. Once you drop in hot oil, the diamonds that got together will separate as it gets cooked. Cook in medium flame with constant turning to make sure it is evenly cooked.
  8. Once the bubbles and sound completely ceases, then take it out from oil and immediately add 2-3 tblsp powdered sugar to it and toss well to coat everything evenly.
  9. 4-diamond


  • You can use an elachi while you powder the sugar.
  • You can use store bought icing sugar too.
  • You can use knife or pizza cutter to cut into diamonds.
  • Use a metal spatula to take out from the rolling board. If the dough is too sticky, then it will be difficult to take out. So use generous dusting.

Repeat the process for remaining dough. Cool down and store in airtight box. Enjoy as a snack at tea time.


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  1. Looks mouthwatering going to try this rite away..can you share the savoury version too,would love to try as the ginger and garlic red chilli,combo is already making me drool..waiting to see lot of goodies as the Diwali season nears..

  2. I had to hopp over here when i saw the post in fb, we used to make this from when we were young , i think it was like kids here now make cookies and cupackes with their moms, we made these diamond cuts with mom. We always loved it. I think till we all got married mommy used to make this at home. You have brought back such a happy memories for me with these.

  3. have never tried the sweet version and the picture is making me to try it soon..very true all this diwali sweets and savouries are associated with beautiful memories of our childhood!!

  4. Adding powdered sugar to these directly is new to me. we make a sugar syrup and dip these. this looks so easy to make, thanks for sharing this. awesome clicks.

  5. I love these biscuits and is my childhood favorite too as they are very mild in sweet.looks nice n yumm

  6. childhood fav ones.. even now i can gorge on these.. yummy ones..

  7. this is my favourite.. I love the savoury version also

  8. Mmmm....your post brought back some childhood memories...Love these biscuits...
    My mom generally adds the biscuits to the sugar syrup...adding powdered sugar directly is new to me..will try...makes the job lot more easier..Lovely pictures

  9. these are my all time favorite and love the way you have done it :-)

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  10. wow these look so cute!!!
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  11. I love this anytime. Never tried coating with powdered sugar. Nice snack for tea time

  12. awesome maida biscuits with as usual lovely clicks....

  13. Nice recipe,me too make it without sugar powder coating...will try it next time...

  14. Raks these biscuits made me to cherish my childhood days, the same way my mom make, wonderfully done n thks for sharing!!!
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  15. Me too is a big fan of these diamond cuts and my mom adds this in the mixture too.Adding sugar on the top is totally new to me. Looks truly tempting

  16. Ohhh these look so tempting. I feel like grabbing a few of them right off the screen :)

  17. These are one of our absolute favorite childhood snacks,can gorge on them indefinitely:)

  18. Makes me nostalgic, addictive diamond cuts.

  19. from my childhood also we are habituted with this diamond cuts specially on this Bijoya dasami days. Recalling now those sweet memories....

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  20. Ooh am drooling here. Looks awesome

  21. Love these diamond biscuits. I remember making it during my vacation in my granmother's house. For some reason, they will make it for Pournami (full moon day) and we take it to the beach.

  22. OMG , this is my absolute fav snack, be it Diwali or otherwise...and I love it both sweet and salty :-)


  23. Love this sakka para..yummmm :))


  24. Just now i made it.. really awesome.. came out well.. thanx a lot..

  25. Crispy & tempting!!! My childhood fav..They have come out perfect Raks...
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  26. Complete coincidence I made these today :)shakkare pare are my fav sweets

  27. Awesome, love these..

  28. Loved the composition and the props used....crispy diamond cuts....tempting me to grab few

  29. Delicious!! I make these every year at Diwali!!

  30. I made the same way as in this receipe..wow...its delicious..all of us liked it including my daughter..thank you:)

  31. HI, i love you blog and really think you are helping a lot of us out here who get stuck in between cooking. I tried this recipe and found it to be very tasty my family rejoiced it. Thank you so much

  32. Hi, i tried this yesterday.. it was not crispy.. what should i do to make it crispy??

  33. Hi, i tried this yesterday.. it was not crispy.. what should i do to make it crispy??

  34. Try frying in medium heat for longer time.

  35. Going to try today...Love this recipie....

  36. Going to try this today...Love this recipie...:-)Superb...

  37. I Tried this today.... it just came out perfect ....thanks a ton for the recipe....

  38. Hello raks,
    I tried this recipe. It came out really well. But, the powdered sugar fell off the biscuits once it cooled down. How to rectify it? I added the sugar when the biscuits were hot only..
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Not sure why, coz the hot oil makes the sugar melt and keeps it stuck to the chips. Sugar is finely powdered right?

  39. Hi, I tried this recipe and the sweet diamond cuts came out just perfectttt!! Thanx a lot for ur recipe. The best part of this recipe is that the quantity of sugar to be dusted over these is in our hands and we can keep it low/ more as per our taste :) Thanks agn!


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