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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have never thought before on making my own garam masala. But things changed when I saw this recipe in a library book I borrowed, it was so simple to try. And I tried. I am glad that I tried. Because now a days a lot more aroma in my dishes. I am not sure about the recipe if it is authentic, but I can assure you, this smells great and if added in place of store bought masala, it does a magicHappy.  From a home where they say No to  garam masala, to making my own garam masala powder at home now  Big Grin

Garam masala powder recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Condiments
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 10 mins    Makes: 1 cup approx


Coriander seeds - 1/4 cup

Elachi/ cardamom - 2 tblsp

pepper - 2 tblsp

Cloves - 2 tblsp

Fennel seeds - 1 tblsp

Star anise - 3 - 4

Cinnamon - 4 sticks (1 inch)

Nutmeg - a quarter or half

Bay leaves - 2


  1. Gather all the ingredients. Dry roast over medium flame with constant stirring to ensure even roasting.
  2. garam masala powder recipe step 1
  3. Cool down and powder it well in a mixer.garam masala powder recipe step 2
  4. Sieve it through a big metal strainer to make sure to eliminate any big pieces.
  5. garam masala powder recipe step 3


  • The colour depends upon the ingredients colour you use. But since we do not use red chilli in this, the colour will be on brown shade.
  • Since the flavours are string, we may need only less in places where we use the store bought ones.

Store in an airtight container and use it for all your garam masala needs in your kitchen. garam-masala+powder

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  1. Homemade Garam masala has an absolutely wonderful aroma which no store bought can match.I make mine at home too,or rather,amma makes a big batch and I use it:)

  2. I have never thought of making my own either. Just keep using MDH which I like. Haven't even tried other brands :)

  3. i have never tried this :) so colourful

  4. Wow !! Perfect spicy powder with wonderful clicks....

  5. Nice post,i also want to try.

  6. Love the ingredients pic so much! It makes easy to remember!

  7. thank u for this wonderful recipe .. and the jar for the powder was a perfect one :-)

  8. Even I make garam masala at home!!! Yours looks very aromatic. Lovely post Raji :)

  9. Now this is what i call telepathy... just yesterday while making dinner i thought to myself.. wish i had the recipe for a home-made garam masala... since the one i have hardly has any aroma to it.... and TADA.. here comes the recipe from U... Thanks Raji.. will definitely try it out!!

  10. Such an informative and helpful post!! nicely done Raji

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  11. Nice post,thxs for sharing!!

  12. Love your Blog ya.Brilliant Photography.

  13. Nice clicks in aromatic masala.

  14. That spice jar looks so cool, well done post..

  15. Home made powders are always flavourful and enhances the taste of the dishes! Nice post Raji!

    /From a home where they say No to garam masala, to making my own garam masala powder at home now// Yes, Its amazing you know!:) Because one of my friend here sees "Biriyani" as a வேற்று கிரக சாப்பாடு! ;) her hubby is a strict vegetarian(no garlic-no onion - no hing!)..whenever any of us call them for dinner, will break our heads thinking what to cook for him! ;) :))

  16. I too love this homemade spice powder, looks wonderful

  17. How u manage to make even a simple garama masala powder look so good is beyond me!

    I love your website, I'm a subscriber my email, so I get to read all your posts. I tried your Kaju Katli for Diwali and it came out perfect. I've posted it on my blog, if you'd like to see.

    Keep up the great work and I'm always excited when a new post from your blog arrives in my mail. Each one is worth a read and drooling over :-)


  18. Loved it. I also add pinch saffron, quater nutmeg and few methi seeds

  19. haven't tried this spice powder at home...will try it sometime..very pretty jar :)

  20. definitely would love to try it

  21. haven't tried it so far..
    very neatly explained..
    pretty clicks :)

  22. I make it the same way :)

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  24. Looks so flavourful...love the ing list pic!

  25. Hi Raji,
    I was googling to see what is in garam masala and I found your site.
    Oh! Your site is wonderful . Pictures are great!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  26. Wow. This is a lovely recipe for garam masala.
    Definitely will try it out this time.
    Pictures are soooo gud.

  27. really like your recipe for garama masala, could I link your recipe in my blog?

  28. Lovely recipe, and awesome pictures! What typography are you using for the label names on the pictures? :-)

  29. Hi! Which kind of mixer have you used?

  30. I make it in the sameway it came out gud aroma thank u.

  31. Thanks, really helped. The picture is very helpfull.

  32. Thanks a lot. Its very helpful. With the picture to make perfect.

  33. Can't wait to do homemade garam masala. Thanks for the post rak.

    My doubt : elachi/cloves is in tsp or tbsp. In the pic it looks very little (kadai) . when i added 2 tbsp it was lot.

  34. Thanks for the post rak. can't wait to do homemade garam masala.

    my doubt is it tsp or tbsp for cloves and elachi. It looks very little in the picture (kadai). When i have tbsp it was lot. just to make sure.

  35. Thanks Now my Curries are most flavoured ones :)

  36. Thankyew,now all my Curries are most tastier with this Garam masala powder :)

  37. is it good to add ginger garlic paste in making garam masala?

  38. This in awesome blend for Garam Masala. I made it with my girlfriend 3 weeks ago and have been using it in everything , not just indian dishes but american and mexican dishes. Curried Chicken salad, omelets, black beans and sweet potatos, enchiladas...etc. Very universal blend. 5 STARS!

  39. I tried this yday and just thought I would add my feedback. I found the cloves to be way too much for my liking. Esp after roasting the spices the flavor was so strong, that the dal I made with a spoon of the masala burned my lips. So I tried again by adding just 4-5 cloves and it worked out just great for us. The rajma I made today was a huge hit with my family (I made this the new batch of masala after drastically reducing the cloves quantity). Thank you so much for the recipe Raks. 90% of the recipes I have tried out from your site have worked out well for me. So if I need a recipe these days I come to your site first and if I can't find it, I go elsewhere.. Keep up the effort please.. this is just awesom work.

  40. Rajjjjiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a ton for this aromatic Garam masala powder. I just made this powder and my entire house filled with this aroma. Like you said, i don't know if its authentic or not but i just love it. I can't wait to use this to make my chicken curry tomorrow. Keep up the great work.

  41. Thanks for this GM recipe... I was searching for a simple one and got this recipe. Going to make right now..

  42. I like your recipe. Butt you should point out that the bay leaves you use and have pictured here are not the bay leaves most Westerners know. When we say bay leaves we mean bay laurel. What you have pictured here are Indian bay leaves or Tej Patta. These are leaves of the cinnamon tree and very different in terms of the flavor of the masala.

  43. Why do you omit cumin? Was that an accident or intentional?

    1. The recipe i referred was without cumin. So i never knew it.


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