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Friday, November 23, 2012

     This is the first time I am trying the Nei appam / Neyyappam. Mom always used to make appam with wheat flour and banana. Its a deep fried one. Or we make sweet paniyaram. This recipe for nei appam sounded interesting with only rice,jaggery and coconut. Thought this would be helpful for many of you as Karthigai deepam is nearing! I have beautiful memories about karthigai deepam. It is the most beautiful festivals according to me those days. Two eyes wont be enough to see all the lamps lit all over. Mom had a few collections of lamps with her. Few pithalai vilakku of different shapes, few special lamps made out of  ‘maa-kall’ and a lot other clay lamps. Every year, she buys few new lamps to add in the collections and its a must for her. My MIL also have similar collections and she lights tea light candles too to decorate.I have only some with me now and I too use tea light candles to fill the spotsDay dreaming.
     Me and my bro always save few crackers ,flower pots and sparkles that dad buys for Diwali and light it on the day of karthigai deepam. So we will be excited. One of my aunt told and teached about a rare and unique karthigai fire works especially done for this festival. Its made with the dried palm flowers. Its a bit dangerous but my bro once bravely did that. Not to forget the pori urundai made. I used to ignore it those days, but craving for those now :) Now to the recipe, I got an idea about the recipe from Shanthi’s Thaligai. But adapted the recipe to suit my taste.

Nei appam recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet/ Snack
Prep Time: 3 Hours soak time    |  Cook time: 10 mins    Makes: 15


Raw rice - 1 cup

Jaggery - 3/4 - 1 cup

Coconut grated - 4 tblsp

Elachi - 1

Cooking soda - 3 pinches

Salt - 1/8 tsp

Ghee - As needed


  1. Soak rice for 3 hours.  Grind it with less water to a thick paste.
  2. 1-nei-appam
  3. Melt the jaggery with very little water and strain to remove any impurities. Add it to the ground rice batter and mix well. Keep aside.
  4. 2-nei-appam
  5. At the time of preparing, add salt, powdered elachi, cooking soda, coconut and mix well. Heat a paniyaram pan and add 1 tsp of ghee to each partition and pour the mixed  batter to fill each one.
  6. 3-nei-appam
  7. Cook covered for 1 – 2 minutes in low flame. Turn with the paniyaram skewer or a spoon and add more ghee if dry.
  8. 4-nei-appam
  9. Cook for another minute or two in medium flame until golden brown and inside of the paniyaram gets cooked. Collect the paniyarams in the serving bowl.
  10. 5-nei-appam


  • I leave the sides of the mixer which has rava like batter stuck to it without wiping. I like the texture it gives to the paniyaram. Though we grind the batter smooth the rava like rice add a nice texture to the paniyarams.
  • If you add more water while making jaggery syrup, then the batter may get watery, so be careful while melting the jaggery. In emergencies if your batter gets too watery, then add wheat flour to balance it.
  • You can also add the jaggery as such to the batter without melting, but make sure it has no impurities.
  • If you don't have paniyaram pan, heat about one or two inch of oil/ ghee in a kadai and use one laddle to spoon the batter. You can make only one at a time. 
  • Grated coconut also is an important ingredient to get a soft paniyaram.
  • You can add a mashed banana in this to get pillow soft paniyarams.
  • Cooking soda helps in cooking the inside of the paniyarams and also helps in  softness.
  • Be generous in adding ghee otherwise it may not get even browned. If you are guilty in adding a lot of ghee, then you can mix sesame oil and use generously.
  • Stays as such even after cooled down.
  • Use indolium or iron paniyaram pans for even and perfect browning.
  • This needs no fermentation, still making the batter an hour or more prior is better.

Cripsy outside and soft inside paniyarams! Enjoy!

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  1. very authentic and delicious!!! very festive too!

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  2. Yummy nei apppam,luks perfect...

  3. so yummy looking nei appam

  4. As usual, a very tasty recipe explained in easy steps.

  5. very nice recipe, can you also tell me the wheat flour method(ur mother's)!!

  6. Sharmi its already there. Hover over the words in the post and click on it. Anyways here it is http://www.rakskitchen.net/2008/10/wheat-flour-appam.html

  7. soft nei appams.
    without cooking soda will it be soft ?

  8. wow...
    looks yummy and very tempting raji :)

  9. My mom makes a similar one but she deep fries that mostly which i can eat almost 5-6 at a time. I never tried this as i thought it has to be deep fried. Now i can make this guilt free one in paiyaram pan too. Nicely captured

  10. it's come out great raks. even i have beautiful memories around karthikai :)

  11. Meenal, yes it will come out soft, but u have to add a mashed banana to the batter...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Nice Clicks, beautifully popped up :-),even I do with wheat flour and mashed banana in kuzhi paniyara kal!!!
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  14. Mom used to make these too and we always loved it. These look so good.

  15. looks delicious!!Feel like having one...
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  16. We make similar ones sometimes with poha too :) whatever it is this is absolutely tasty and yummy :)

  17. I have actually never tasted sweet appam..Looks so good that I want them this instant!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  18. tempting and inviting dear

  19. Been ages i had these nei appams, tempting.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. One point...You know what is special about your blog?? Even the step wise pictures are very neat and clean, almost inspiring me to do the same in my kitchen.. :) I have actually seen old dented vessels, dirty stove tops, unclean fingernails, and spilled ingredients on other blogs !! :O

    I have been cooking for almost a decade now, and already know most of your recipes.. but still i visit your blog everyday just to enjoy the neatness and final presentation!! :)

    I click my food pics and send them to my friends/family alone, no patience to maintain a blog, but I wouldn't dare to click my stove or my kitchen counter !!

    Love your blog! :)

  22. Raks these are my favorite too but I always love to add bananas to them.They taste so yum.Lovely picture so bright and fresh.

  23. Raji,ur nei appam looks perfect.
    I make this way . I am sharing my experience.
    1 cup raw rice-soaked for 3-4 hrs,1 cup powdered jaggery,1 banana,3 pods cardamom, 1/4 cup grated coconut.
    Grind soaked rice well add cocnut,cardamon,jaggery and banana.Grind smooth. Make appams as usual. i do not add soda.

  24. Raks, The appams look so good, lovely color! This is exactly how mom makes it.

  25. Love the pics!! the nei appam looks amazing!

  26. very authentic..looks divine..

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  27. My husband saw this and said he wants some :) they look super cute

  28. Looking really nice...im going to try it our today

  29. I have heard a lot about appam. Loved the step-by step presentation. Will definitely try this at home!

  30. Perfect nei appams.....looks very tempting!

  31. I tried this with banana and it comes out to be really nice...

  32. i tried this at home. it was too dry. i dunno wr i missed it. but i dint want to waste the batter. so i baked them in muffin tray greased with ghee. it tasted even better.

    1. Add more cooking soda and coconut, some time the variety of rice that matters. If still happens and run to trouble, you can trouble shoot by adding mashed ripe banana which makes it pillow soft...

  33. thats a good tip. Wil make a note .

  34. raji, i have prepared the batter but today morning, but kept it in the fridge, bcoz i need to come to work, is that ok?

    1. Yes keep it outside for sometime before making. If possible for an hour or half hour.

  35. can we add banana's to the batter ??? and thanks for the great recipe ....

    1. yes, i have already mentioned this in the post under notes section...

  36. can i add instant rice flour instead of raw rice mixture into the jaggery mixture? pls reply asap as i need to make this eve.

    1. Yeah try and see. Add 1/2 banana and a tsp of maida for soft texture. Give some standing time.

  37. Followed your recipe only doubled the quantity. Came out perfect thanks.


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