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Monday, April 30, 2012

   I rarely make masala vada as I was not confident making these. We, in our families make plain paruppu vadai in which we don’t add garlic, mint leaves or even fennel. Just make it in a different way. So when ever I cross any tea shops, the smell of these masal vadais will hook me. I will keep wondering what could be the factor. Once, one of my grandpa bought a masal vadai in Chidambaram. I loved it a lot. I was very young only around 12 or something, still remembering that vadai. It was as big as our palm size and had lots of onion and veggies too like carrot,peas. Superb vadais.


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Orange juice with lemon
       To take orange juice plain, I love to add lemon in it and make it as a punch. This combination of orange + lemon punch, I had in Indian wok restaurant last month when we went for dinner there. Its named as Ganga Jamuna.  Ganga jamuna drink is desi punch recipe which is available in most of the fruit juice shops and restaurants and I have to say the mixture of fruits vary from one to another. In saravana bhavan ganga Jamuna is mixture of two variety of oranges I think. Like wise there is no basic rules for this and it definitely has a punch in it! Now a days I add lemon juice in all the juices like pineapple,nannari etc.. and will share one by one here. 

Orange lemon juice

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Drink
Prep Time:5 mins     |  Cook time: 0 mins     Serves: 2


Orange - 3

Lemon - 1

Sugar - 1 tblsp

Salt - A small pinch


  1. No such big method here, just squeeze the juice from orange(I like it with pulp, if you want you can strain) and squeeze juice from lemon and mix sugar,salt.Add little water if needed. orange-squeeze


  • Always your juice turns bitter? that means you are squeezing too hard that the bitterness from the peel gets into the juice. Be gentle while squeezing and dont try to get too much from the fruit ;)
  • Still bitter? After cutting into two halves, give a quick wash in water and then squeeze.
  • There is no such rules for the mixing, you can even add soda water and enjoy the fizz!

Place required ice cubes in the serving glasses and fill the glass with the juice and quench your thirst!




Monday, April 23, 2012

       It would have been few years since I made Mango rice. Since mango season has started, I thought I should make it. And bought a couple of raw mangoes when I went to little Indian market with Jeyashri. Today I made and had it for lunch at last! This one is very simple recipe and its an easy lunch box idea as well. Just had it with mom’s home made vadams. Just the grating part. Otherwise, within 10 minutes the rice is ready! I had the recipe in a recipe book by Ramani Chandran called “Rani samayal.”



Friday, April 20, 2012

     Summer is here and we have to keep our body cool from inside too… Honeydew melon is one of my favourite and Vj’s Favourite too… Mostly I would prefer to eat the fruit, but Vj loves to have in juice form. My MIL makes Kirini palam juice just by cutting the fruit and scooping out the pulp using a ladle itself. I do the same for this if its a super ripe fruit or if its a bit firm, then I cut into small pieces and peel off the skin and grind with ice to make smoothie.  I am not sure if honeydew melon  and the kirini pazham we get in Chennai are the same. Do share if you know!


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Monday, April 16, 2012

    I have tasted South Indian version of this – Thayir vadai. But not this version. Wanted to try Dahi vada for long time, but you know, making both chutneys never coincide and sometimes even curd will be my concern.  But this time every thing clicked and I made, had this Dahi vada also known as Dahi Bhalla. Being a chat lover, sure enjoyed each and every bite! Sure the South Indian version and this one has lot of difference taste wise and look wise… Both are yumm and love both. I never like my curd to be tangy. I love it fresh and good. But many like it tangy. Its your choice of taste, what ever you like!


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Thursday, April 12, 2012

   Neem flower rasam / Veppam poo rasam is one which I used to hate. Mom always insists to add some bitter taste in diet at least once in a week or month. But never followed her words…;) She every time collects neem flower from our backyard(tree) and preserves and pass to me. But I keep it in Chennai itself and come. This time when I saw the neem flowers given by her in Chennai, I felt bad and Vj too asked me to take it and try some thing with it. So I took and came to SG. I took the recipe for rasam from her and it sounded damn easy!  I decided the very instant to try this out.



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Monday, April 9, 2012

       I rarely tasted or touched badam before marriage. Post marriage, MIL used to make a cashew badam burfi, which I too have made quite a few times and can confidentially make it. The recipe for the same I will share in recent future. But Badam Halwa is so new to me and heard only a couple of years back and when I told Vj, he said he love it a lot. But never thought of attempting at home. Mom some times makes burfi and end up in halwa… Have tasted that. But this time when we went to Chennai, someone bought badam halwa when they visited us. Vj enjoyed it. So thought, why not try it out at home. Last friday was our 9th wedding anniversary and I thought its the right time to treat him with badam halwa. Just quickly referred few sites to get an idea about the recipe and tried my own. Its not at all complicated. How can so much sugar and so much ghee recipe go wrong ? ;)


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Thursday, April 5, 2012

   This is also one of the recipe I clicked when I was in my home at Chennai. My MIL’s special. She made it and I just clicked it. I helped only in removing the kernels from the cob. You can try this for evening snack. Its so easy to make and healthy snack for the evening. Skip onions if you dont want to add onion for festivals like navaratri.


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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Raw Jackfruit(unripe,young) is edible? I never knew that until my MIL cooked once after marriage. I loved it the very first time when she made curry with it. I don’t know any recipes with raw jackfruit other than this, but love it a lot. The texture is so different and I love it. The cleaning process is bit messy and tedious. But everything is worth to have this curry. My MIL made this curry when I was there in Chennai last week and I clicked to post this recipe here. We call the raw jackfruit in tamil as ‘pala mouse’ . We got it fresh from the tree from Karaikudi Mami’s house.They also picked a sweetest ripe jackfruit and it was as sweet as honey! We made curry with half of this raw jackfruit and kootu with the other half. The unripe jackfruit should be young and tender to make a delicious dish. We do get this cleaned and cut in Singapore. But sure, nothing can beat the backyard garden picked fresh one. 


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