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Thursday, August 30, 2012

   Two weeks back I happened to taste Hot cakes from Mc Donald's. It was the first time I ever tasted a pancake. I doubted it had egg in it, since Aj dint eat, I had to eat some. So some how had two out of three. Though I dint loved it, I liked the soft, spongy and fluffy texture of it. But after few days, I got craving to have pancakes and searched for eggless pancakes recipe. And found one here. Simple and easy enough recipe to try, with simple ingredients available. So here is the recipe for you all. Make an international breakfast and impress your family. This is mainly kid’s favourite. Do try for your kids when they come back hungry from school, they will enjoy for sure! And if you are just like me, ever never tasted a pancake before, this is just our dosa, but with some differences in taste and texture, do not hesitate to try! This recipe works well with wheat flour as well…


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

   This is a very simple rice recipe perfect for using your leftover rice. Not that you can make it with the fresh cooked rice. This recipe is from a TV show I think. My MIL told the recipe over phone and asked to try it out, even she insisted to blog it here…:) So I had some leftover rice and tried this recipe today. The coconut and coconut oil used to temper adds a great flavour to this rice other than the flavor of garlic.


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Thursday, August 23, 2012

   I am sure all of us has a crave for deep fried stuffs sometimes. Seppankizhangu/ colocasia/ arbi is one perfect veggie to do varuval. It tastes divinely as accompaniment in a “full meals”Drooling. Usually I make it in tawa, but this time tried deep frying. Came out very nice. Ofcourse it should come out delicious, what do you mean? Is there any deep fried eatable not delicious? Cool. I like the curry we make with this, even like it if we add it in mor kuzhambu.


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Monday, August 20, 2012

I make this Dal palak these days very often. Aj loves it. We tasted this kind of dal palak in which palak is pureed and cooked with dal in GRT grand at Chennai. Aj loved it very much. So I tried in my own way and got hooked up to this recipe. The one we had in the restaurant had more of palak than I am using, so more greener. So its your choice, if you want more greener, add more palak. You can double the quantity of palak for this given recipe. Now to the recipe instead of my boring storiesChatterbox. Kind of feeling low in blogging, so hang on with these simple recipes I post until my spirit level goes up :)


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Thursday, August 16, 2012

    5-taste-uthappam - recipe

    I came to know this idea only few years back when Vj ordered “7  Taste Uthappam” at Saravana bhavan in Chennai. I vaguely remember what were the toppings. Now last month, when Mama mami came  here, we used to watch “Anjaraipetti” series telecasted here in the local channel. They showed a Tanjore Hotel which serves this 5-taste Uthappam. I got really tempted to try at home. This could be a perfect snack/ breakfast for your kidLove Struck. Especially if they are picky eater, this could be appealing for their eyes and sure tempting enough to eat. Not that we grown ups should not enjoy. Once in a while it can be a treat for us too.


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    One of my blog readers requested for paneer fried rice recipe similar to the one they serve in saravana bhavan. Sadly I have never tasted that. I wanted to taste once and then post the recipe, but we rarely go there now a days and never got a chance to taste. So I had no idea how they make, but thought of making paneer fried rice on my own. I just made it like the regular fried rice without much veggies and with scrambled paneer. And the out come is a big hit! Aj and Vj both ate silently and finished quickly, which means its very deliciousHappy. Do try this easy recipe for your lunch box or to surprise your guests. They will be sure taking time to guess the ingredientsWinking.


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

thattai-recipe -thattu-vadai
        Thattai / Thattu vadai is made mainly for diwali in our house holds. But mom says can be made mainly for gokulashtami too. We make uppu seedai, vella seedai and kai murukku for gokulashtami in my mom’s house. This year, as our paati passed away, we have no celebrations, but wanted to try this thattai as it has been ages (really  long timeRolling Eyes) since I had this. So I was craving for some for past few days. This is my first time I am trying and it came damn tasty and crispy too! Thanks to amma, I asked her the recipe for thattu vadai yesterday and tried it as such. Now I have enough for next 2 weeks. Coz, only I like it, so I am the lone eater of it :D


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Monday, August 6, 2012

Paal payasam, the south Indian Rice Kheer, until Jeyashri told me the recipe, I have never tried on my own. Now I have tried this 4-5 times so far and love this a lot. This is rich and exotic dessert recipe. Perfect for this Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanthi. When I wanted to post here in my blog, coincidentally, Vj asked me make last weekend. So I made and clicked. I clicked the bowl of payasam on my kutti Krishanan’s handsLaughing. The recipe is so simple and easy to make too.


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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coconut burfi/ thengai burfi is very easy to make and only with few ingredients. I wonder why I have not attempted to make this before. My MIL is perfect in making ‘white’ burfis. And When she was here last month, I some how wanted to make her this burfi and learn it from her. But days flew away and we could not do itWorried. Still after she left, I wanted to try it out myself and searched for white looking burfi recipe. And I found a simplest recipe/ method to do it in this site. So tried it and succeeded in very first attempt in this method. And I am sure next time I would get the whitest.
I personally some how dont like the brown parts of coconut in the burfi. It is a key to get white burfi. SO when you grate the coconut, take care not to scrap the brown skin along. There can be few variations in this burfi recipe. We can add few cashews or we can add few ‘pottu kadalai’ / fried gram dal. Both are nice in its own way. My MIL even adds a part of fine rava in this to give more volume without changing the taste. I made a simpler version and me and Vj loved it a lot and I am definitely going to make again and again. Also for this Diwali…


Coconut Burfi / Thengai burfi recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 8 mins    Makes: 12


Coconut, grated  1 cup heaped 
Sugar  1 cup 
Elachi powder  2 pinches 
Cashews  5 
Ghee  1 tsp 



  1. Take a pan and fry cashews till golden brown and set aside.Keep a tray ready greased. Heat coconut and sugar together. Mix well.1-burfi
  2. Continue heating with constant stirring in medium flame. the sugar will melt and form a thick liquid. Continue this until the mixture starts leaving the pan and forms a foamy whitish bubbles while stirring. Colour should not change. Add cashews, elachi lastly.2-burfi
  3. Pour immediately to the greased tray and level it with a greased aluminium foil to give it a smooth finish. Cut in to pieces while it is still warm.3-burfi 
  • The time taken to get the end consistency varies upon the pan thickness you use, heat and moisture in coconut.
  • If you are going to add fried gram dal/ pottu kadalai, then add in place of cashews.
  • If you set the mixture in tray for so long until it cools down, then it will be difficult make pieces.
  • I used my pizza cutter for making piecesIdea.
  • If you keep stirring even after the consistency reaches, then the sugar will get caramelised and colour will start to change.
     That’s it! The sweet and flavourful mithai is ready! This stays good for even a week in shelf.



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