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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have never thought before on making my own garam masala. But things changed when I saw this recipe in a library book I borrowed, it was so simple to try. And I tried. I am glad that I tried. Because now a days a lot more aroma in my dishes. I am not sure about the recipe if it is authentic, but I can assure you, this smells great and if added in place of store bought masala, it does a magicHappy.  From a home where they say No to  garam masala, to making my own garam masala powder at home now  Big Grin


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

     Mor Rasam is completely new to me until a reader asked me to post the recipe. Then I saw a TV show in which they showed this recipe. It was simple enough to give it a try. I tried it for lunch and it tasted good with rice. Its similar to mor kuzhambu preparation, but no veggies and more simple ingredients. You can mix with rice or even you can drink this as such. Its perfect if you plan for a quick lunch, when paired it with spicy curry.



Friday, November 23, 2012

     This is the first time I am trying the Nei appam / Neyyappam. Mom always used to make appam with wheat flour and banana. Its a deep fried one. Or we make sweet paniyaram. This recipe for nei appam sounded interesting with only rice,jaggery and coconut. Thought this would be helpful for many of you as Karthigai deepam is nearing! I have beautiful memories about karthigai deepam. It is the most beautiful festivals according to me those days. Two eyes wont be enough to see all the lamps lit all over. Mom had a few collections of lamps with her. Few pithalai vilakku of different shapes, few special lamps made out of  ‘maa-kall’ and a lot other clay lamps. Every year, she buys few new lamps to add in the collections and its a must for her. My MIL also have similar collections and she lights tea light candles too to decorate.I have only some with me now and I too use tea light candles to fill the spotsDay dreaming.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keerai Vadai is one of most fascinating snacks for me. The name itself makes me crave for the snack. Some make it like masal vadai and I make always this way. I should try the masala vadai method too as Vj likes that way. I always make variations in medhu vada batter only, like mysore bonda or cabbage vadai. Its because I am comfortable with medhu vada :) Its raining here in Singapore with a series of non-stop thunder shots Lighting  and can there be any better reason for me making these vada for snack?  Enjoy this with tea/ coffee. You would love this crispy snack.


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Monday, November 19, 2012

   I always wanted to bake garlic bread at home just like we get in Pizza hut. I love only the garlic bread we get there than the other versions. So today I tried it. Its great snack for kids. Aj likes this as well.You can also make a simpler version of this by spreading a store bought garlic cheese spread over baguette slices or even with our white bread slices. Great finger food for the evenings and play times. This recipe is adapted from Suhaina’s blog.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Godhuma dosa / Godumai dosai is one easy breakfast, made within 20 minutes. I hope all of you are tired of making Diwali sweets and savouries and tired of eating too. Preferring to spend less time at kitchen? This one is an instant version and more over healthy too with wheat flour. I used to have this a lot of times before marriage. My mom makes this even for dinner. Mom makes few instant versions of dosas (karacha maavu dosa) for dinner. This is one among them. I make this usually for breakfast though. Vj is not a big fan of this. He prefers Maida dosa over wheat dosa. If I am making dosa for me alone, then my options will be first oats dosa or my next option will be this one.


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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali! Meet you all after Diwali with interesting recipes.... :)



Friday, November 9, 2012

Sweet boondi is my favorite since childhood. The juicy inside and grainy outside boondhis really takes me to another world. I have seen my mom making this so many times. But never tried so far on my own. So today, suddenly thought, since I tried Kara boondi, I was confident, this will also come out good. So quickly checked with mom for sugar syrup consistency. And started making straight away. It came out good successfully and here I am with the post! Happy


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

boondi recipe
     Kara boondi is another recipe I used to help my mom when I was a kid. I love the process of making this. Always fascinated by the method they make this. Pouring the batter over a slotted ladle and forming boondis. My mom also makes sweet boondi, that’s another favorite of mine. Few times, we have made boondi laddoos too. May be next year I will share those recipes. My mom passed me a cookbook that has recipes very close to our way of making. Some other recipes me and my mom wrote in a note and till date, I refer it.


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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweet somas or somasi is our family favourite. My MIL and mom makes it for every Diwali. My MIL makes a simpler version for the outer cover. Though most of the recipes has rava in it, this one is simple only with Maida. For crispiness she adds one spoon of corn flour. I have made only once before this, that time with rava, long time back. This time, when I checked the recipe with my MIL she told this simpler version which never fails to keep it crisp. And it was till yesterday after a week I made this. Aj first time eating this and he loved it very much. Of course he should! After all its the family favourite and he is no exception.

Sweet Somas recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweets
Prep Time: 2 Hr resting time    |  Cook time: 35 mins    Makes: 16 somas

For the outer layer


Maida/all purpose flour  1 cup 
Corn flour  1 tsp 
Oil  1 & 1/2 tblsp 
Salt  A generous pinch 

For filling

Pottu kadalai / fried gram dal 1/2 cup
Sugar 3/4 cup
Coconut,grated 1/2 cup
Elachi 1



  1. Mix flour,corn flour, salt and oil well. Then sprinkle water to make stiff dough. Needs only near 1/4 cup water, so careful while adding water. Keep aside for at least 2 hours.
  2. 1-step
  3. Mean while grind fried gram dal first into a coarse rava like powder.
  4. 2-step
  5. Grind sugar into a fine powder with ealchi.
  6. 3-step
  7. Grate coconut and dry roast well till the moisture evaporates. Fry in medium flame for until it becomes dry and wafts nice aroma. Take the ground fried gram dal, sugar powder and cooled roasted coconut in a mixing bowl.
  8. 4-step
  9. Mix well and keep it in a airtight container. Now again knead the dough to smooth.
  10. 5-step
  11. Divide into 15-16 equal balls. Roll each into thin pooris.
  12. 6-step
  13. Now spoon 1 or 1 & 1/2 tblsp of the pottukadalai powder into this and grease well the sides of the poori. You need not fully grease, half of the sides is enough.
  14. 7-step
  15. Cover it as shown in the picture and seal the side well. Now use a cutter or knife to trim the edges. Make sure you trim it over the area where you sealed. Leave some area sealed while you cut, otherwise there are chances of opening up while frying.
  16. 8-step
  17. Repeat the process for all. Keep covered until you deep fry. Deep fry in hot oil in medium flame both sides flipping in between, until golden in colour. You can fry 3 – 4 per batch. Or how much ever your kadai/oil holds.
  18. 9-step


  • The powder I have given, usually I make it double the quantity and refrigerate. It is very nice to eat it as such. Or it can be a good side for chapathi too. My Mom even fills and makes poli kind of thing with this.
  • When greasing with water, make a broad sealing to ensure that it wont open up while deep frying, also make sure you trim it with in the sealed area. If the somas opens up while frying, then the oil gets spoiled.
  • Adding oil while making dough is to make it crisp. It helps in using less water while making the dough.
  • Dough should be stiff to get crispy outer layer.
  • Don't change the proportions much in the stuffing.
  • You can use somas cutter spoon for trimming as I have used. You can also use a pizza cutter, pastry wheel cutter or even knife. Or you can also fold the edges. But folding edges may result in  uneven cooking.

Cool down and store in airtight container. Stays good upto a week in room temperature. The flavour that the pottukadalai, elachi, sugar and coconut bursts along with the maida outer layer, when you bite is really awesome. You are going to love it!



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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Here are few Easy Diwali Sweets recipes and Easy Diwali Snacks Recipes for your Diwali!

These recipes are really easy which can be made under 30 mins , with 10 minutes preperation time. Also the ingredients are simple enough to get without any fancy ingredients. Like corn flour, rava, bread, khoya, coconut, milk for sweets and rice flour and besan as the main ingredient for the snacks.

Click on the picture to get the recipe!

Easy Diwali sweet recipes

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet

Click here to see the full list.

Corn flour halwa   Kesar burfi (with khoya)   Shahi tukra
Ras malai   Coconut burfi   Rava ladoo

Easy Diwali snack recipes

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack

Click here to see the full list.

Kara sev   Potato murukku   Ribbon pakoda

Oma podi/ Plain Sev


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Friday, November 2, 2012

         When we make the sweet maida biscuits, we make this spicy version too. I like always the spicy version. In between may be to change the taste I take one or two sweet oneWinking. My mom makes this mostly like this with ginger, garlic and red chillies. Very rarely she makes the simple version with only chilli powder or salt. This is very flavourful. Perfect to munch on teatime!


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