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Thursday, March 28, 2013

manathakkali keerai recipes
           This is a perfect remedy for mouth ulcer. Manathakkali keerai or Black nightshade has lot of medicinal properties, but what I know is its a wonderful home remedy for mouth ulcer and of-course ulcer. As a kid, I used to love the looks of the berries, it looked as if they are the berries that are described in the English stories I used to read as a kid. Somehow, no idea why!! May be I had no idea about berries those days and imagined these so!  Only these are too tiny and cute. The leaves are also chewed raw if the mouth ulcer is too big and painful to get immediate relief. I have not done so, but have seen few people who had done it and got relieved. Basically this thanni saaru has coconut milk and jeera too in addition to this keerai to cure your mouth ulcer. I already have Agathi keerai Thanni saaru posted few years back. Yes, we make thanni saaru when ever possible for its goodness!

Manathakkali Keerai Thanni saaru recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Serves: 3


Manathakkali keerai (black nightshade)  2 cups loosely packed 
Coconut, grated  1/2 cup – 3/4 cup 
Shallots/small onion  5 
Jeera  1 tsp 
Salt & water  As needed 


  1. Separate the leaves from the stem and wash the greens. Keep aside. Slice shallots and slightly crush the jeera. Bring 2 cups of water(or water drained while washing rice/ kazhani/ arisi mandi) to boil and add sliced shallots, jeera, a pinch of sugar and the leaves. Let it get cooked. Add salt when its half done.1-mana
  2. Meanwhile, extract milk from coconut. Grind the coconut with 1/4 cup luke warm water and squeeze the milk from the coconut using your hands under a metal strainer. With the remains, again add little more luke warm water and you can grind and extract the second milk.2-thannisaaru
  3. Once the keerai(greens) is cooked then switch off the flame and add the coconut milk and stir well. The keerai takes a long time to cook. So while it gets cooked, you can extract the coconut milk.3-thannisaaru


    • Do not let the thanni saaru boil after adding coconut milk. Just warm it, its enough.
    • This one is supposed to be like rasam in consistency. So add more water to adjust the consistency.
    • Its supposed to be with no spicy things in it, so I have not added any. If you want add 1/4 tsp black pepper powder.

You can drink this as such and eat the leaves. My hubby also mixes with rice and eat. But it will be very very mild.


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  1. wow such an healthy one.. i just drink coconut milk for mouth ulcers.. this one shd be more effective..thanks for a wonderful recipe..

  2. i loved the lighting ! tasted so many times as vathakuzhambu and podi never tasted this way :)

  3. I am trying to think if I know this green ...looks too gud and love the lighting

  4. that greens foto is damn gud raji...never had this green I think..new 2 me..

  5. this is the first i am hearing of thanni saaru. i will take your help to source those leaves next time. you get in little india?

    1. Yes I got in Laavan. The one near to Murugan idli shop

  6. oye!!!! our room got brightened up!!! Nice picture and lighting...

  7. My mom used to grow this in our garden and she plucks it freshly and makes kootu. this one with coconut milk sounds easy and nice. good traditional recipe and a best home remedy for ulcer too. Beautiful pictures

  8. Adding coconut is interesting n new to me... My mom used to prepare this kootu or sambar. Will try this version soon.
    Event: Dish name starts with R till April 15th and a giveaway

  9. this is my mil signature dish.. It has been while since I did. Tempted.. will try this weekend.. nice clicks as usual Raji

  10. My grandma's signature dish, she cook partially with tamarind water and with coconut milk,this looks wonderful.

  11. I don't know whether we get these leaves here....but good to know that it is used for mouth ulcers.

  12. Adding coconut will add more flavor to the dish... Real healthy and tasty one... Bookmarked !!!

  13. Raks looks so awesome :-) but is there any alternate name for Keerai? beautiful clicks

  14. our fav one instead of water for thanni saaru we use kalani thanni (arsi kavuvina thanni )

    1. Oh yes, you are 100% right, I totally forgotten! Will edit to add... Thanks :)

  15. the pics are good on white bg. what are these leaves known in hindi, any idea. looks like i have seen them before.

    1. Is there anything called Mokoi? Not really sure

    2. never heard of mokoi. i shall show the pic to my mil. she may recognise what these leaves are called. thanks for replying raks.

  16. Wow it was just awesome...

  17. Hey Raks... you have an amazing blog here and you inspired me to start my own.. i even tried your Oats Dosa and posted in my blog ... check it out :) I love your pics and step by step instructions... great job !! Keep them coming :)

  18. Looks delicious Raks. The keerai is what amma used to make us eat all the time.

  19. wow..such a healthy soup...Drinking in a empty stomach is good for digestive problem too but we don't add coconut.....love the clicks..

  20. Love this keerai a lot and used to do it very often. Unfortunately I am not getting them here. It has wonderful health benefits too :) Yah thanni saaru with any keerai is yumm :)

  21. Loved this traditional recipe


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