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Monday, March 4, 2013

onion uttapam south indian
       Onion uttapam is one regular thing in my kitchen, I grind batter once in a week and make idli for two days and uttapam one day for Vj. Aj doesn't like uttapam, he rather likes roast dosa or cone dosa. For Vj, the only thing is he does not like the ordinary uthappam with large onion, he always like uthappam with small onion/ shallots (chinna vengayam), just like we get in Murugan idli kadai. So I always make small onion uttapam. For me before marriage, mom makes me  very often in the kadai (irumbu chatti) and I am a big big fan of it and miss that a lot. Its okay Rolling Eyes. Can any recipe website be without onion uttapam recipe? So here we go! If you are new to make uttapam at home, this post will sure help you. Which is your favourite, small onion uttapam?  or colourful uttapam ?

Murugan idli shop style small onion uttapam

Onion uttapam recipe

Indian Breakfast
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 10 mins    Serves: 2


Large onion 2
Shallots /small onion
(if using)
1/2 cup
Finely chopped carrot 2 tblsp
Finely chopped coriander 2 tblsp
Green chilli, chopped 1
Oil 2 tsp per uttapam
Ghee (optional) as needed

For the batter  refer this post.


  1. Finely chop the large onion and other ingredients needed. Slice the shallots very thin.1-onion
  2. Spoon 1 or 1 & 1/2 ladle full of the batter in hot greased dosa pan. Sprinkle generously the chopped onions fully covering the top. Sprinkle other ingredients if desired. Drizzle a tsp of oil . You can add few drops of ghee if desired. Cook in medium fame.2-onion
  3. After a minute or two, flip the uttapam and cook in low flame for 2 minutes or until the onions get golden brown and crisp.3-onion
    • Use the idli batter without stirring. Then only you will get soft and spongy, crisp uttapam.
    • The consistency of the batter plays a key role in the taste and texture of the uttapam.
    • If the batter is too thick or stirred or the last remaining batter, then uttapam also will be hard and will not turn golden and crisp.
    • Sprinkling over the dosa is recommended method, rather than mixing in batter. Only then the onions will get caramelised and give a nice look and taste, mainly.
    • This same uttapam can be made in kadai also, for a great taste.
    • Restrict yourself with one or two as its really heavy.
    • Using cast iron thick dosa pan gives a nice even browning and crisp uttapam than the non-stick pan.
    • Cooking in low flame after flipping is important to get the colour. But for every uttapam before pouring the batter, let the pan get heated properly.
         Serve hot with sambar,chutney or podi/ sugar. I love to have it with a dip over chutney and again in sambar together Love Struck.

Onion uttapam recipe

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  1. All time favorite breakfast...nothing can compensate it...nice clicks..

  2. I usually make it for weekend dinner..my son loves it...looks yumm.l

  3. I love this one a lot

  4. I like colour in mine, so most times it will be more vegetables. Your tips are very useful and soft spongy uthappams are such a treat to eyes and heart.

  5. looks too good.. Tempting too much

  6. lovely color raji ! esp the carrot :) dominates and lifts the uthapam !

  7. Who can resist to this droolworthy uthappams, fantabulous and inviting;

  8. delicious and inviting dear

  9. Looks yum and colorful, that platter is making me hungry again ..

  10. Dosa looks very invitng...love it

  11. Totally loved the platter. its my favorite too

  12. love utappam anytime...love all the variations and especially onion one the most

  13. An ideal breakfast and a more than perfect with sambar and chutney. Awesome click as usual.

  14. the one with onion tops my fav too...Inviting clicks

  15. Colorful utapams..looks very flavourful and tempting!

  16. my favorite..looks tempting..beautiful click

    1. Now I can also make yummy dosa idli n Uttapam thanks

  17. I too love the small onion uthappam from murugan idli kadai.. :) At home, I mostly make the mixed veggie uthappam.

  18. Yumm!! I just love Uttapam!!

  19. my fav too...uttapam looks so colorful n inviting...too good pics!

  20. slurp, drooling here rite now, very tempting uttapam.

  21. wow my fav is shallot uthappam,killing pics raji:)

  22. Nice clicks.. and a fulfilling breakfast! one of my fav :)

  23. my all time favourite looks so yum :)

  24. Yummy uttapams, they are really eye catching too. Ur making me hungry

  25. Wonderful pics, makes me drool !!!

  26. Without onion please some other vegetable could make it much more yummy!

  27. Wonderful pictures :) Made me to prepare uthappam right away..

  28. Raji, I saw both recipes of Idli and Onion uthappam. I make it but not with Idli rice and i shall give it a try this time. But before that i have three doubts:
    (1) You said after fermenting we should not stir the batter. Without stirring how can we aerate the batter (which is said to be the reason behind fluffy idlis), fermented batter will be uneven in texture on the top and bottom of the vessel in which it is fermented. Am i right in assuming so? Can you explain?
    (2) Did you use an iron tawa for dosa/uthappam? I have a curved iron tawa can i use it?
    (3) Should dosa batter also not be stirred? Do you add salt during grinding itself?

  29. Hi Raji,
    I saw your recipes and have 3 doubts:
    1) you said we should not stir batter after it ferments and rises...you mean to say in the morning we have to take spoonfuls of batter and directly place them on idli plates without giving one final mix?
    2) Should dosa batter also be treated the same way?
    3) Do you use an iron tawa for dosa and uthappam? I have a curved iron tawa instead of flat one. How would it suit the purpose?

    1. Yes if its fermented correctly we make it without stirring. if the idlies come our too flat and thin, then we stir a little though not too much. Even for oothappam we dont stir for soft and crispy texture. Curved iron tawa also ok for oothappam. Sorry somehow missed to respond this.

  30. hi raks,
    dosa looks yummy. as u said the cast iron skillet do the magic by making crispy and golden color. by any chance do we get cast iron skilet in US ( am new to this place).Thanksinadvance

  31. I am really sorry, I have no idea either. Though u should be able to find iron skillet, it may not be cast for making dosas. you may only find other baking or stir fry skillets.


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