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Saturday, April 6, 2013

        We all like pomegranate, mostly we eat as such, but sometime love to have it as juice as well. Mathulam pazham has many medicinal values, we had a plant in our garden when we were kids. Me and my brother though hate to eat fruits. Especially my brother hates this juice when mom and dad gives it when he is back from the hostel for vacation. He runs miles away. Still we make fun over this. Once I had pomagranate in an ashram, they served as prasadam with pepper and salt. it was really good. From then I used to have it with salt/pepper and sometimes I have tried with chaat masala too.
         I clicked the steps once and the final pictures later. So there may be slight variation.
pomegranate | Mathulam pazham

Pomegranate juice

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Juice
Prep Time:10 mins     |  Cook time: 0 mins     Serves: 2


Pomegranate/ Mathulam pazham - 1

Sugar/ honey - 1 tblsp


  1. So this is the way I cut the pomegranate. Slice the head  and bottom of the fruit as shown with a small knife (paring kinfe), cut the skin alone carefully, by running the knife, over the fruit. Do not do it deep. Now you can open and break the fruit into four. 1-pome
  2. Remove the fruit and place in the blender. Do not grind too long, just use the juice/inche/pulse option.2-pome
  3. Strain through the metal strainer and squeeze it with little water towards the end if needed.3-pome


    • Make sure to grind for shot time, otherwise you  may grind the seeds too.

Mix with honey or sugar if desired and serve immediately. You can top the juice over ice cubes if you want it cold.


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  1. good photography Raks ! generally i mix with other fruits :) some times i add sugar and take the fruits :)

  2. I want to have it now, refreshing drink and loved the pics...

  3. Healthy and goodness to the last drop. The colors are alive and perfect shots.

  4. Very refreshing raks!!! Superb clicks!!!!

  5. Simple and refreshing juice, great clicks

  6. seriously we need juice for this weather ..one of my fav and nice clicks ...

  7. my favourite juice.. Very nice clicks love the lighting in it

  8. Love this juice, i was quite like ur brother before,hate this fruit, somehow i starting love this fruit now.

  9. Colourful,healthy and a refreshing drink !

  10. Healthy juice. Love the color and the pictures !!

  11. Very refreshing and healthy juice.

  12. Looks so refreshing and healthy! Lovely color! :)

  13. looks absolutely smashing!! :)

  14. This looks very yummy Raks. I always make Pomogranate juice with chat masala, or kala namak, or salt and pepper. I love the sweet and salty combination!
    Great clicks Raks.


  15. love the dark tone in the pictures!

  16. looks very refreshing! never attempted this juice at home..

  17. healthy and refreshing juice :)

  18. Refreshing and healthy juice, love it anytime..perfect for summer too!

  19. Pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits... juice looks sooo refreshing and such a beautiful colour too.

  20. love pomegranate.. can eat it as is or in juice... delicious pictures!!

  21. Love it, Please do send it to my "Healthy Me & Healthy Us" event (read the rules).

  22. Pomegranate juice is the best juice for the summer. It is refreshing and cooling. Thanks for sharing this, I will surely try making this juice when I go home for vacation. I usually pick up KDD Harvest’s pomegranate juice when I am on the go and this juice is the best juice I have ever had. If you like pomegranate juice but have no time to make the juice from scratch then this is the juice for you.


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