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Saturday, May 4, 2013

This week’s Lunch Menu is also a Simple South Indian menu, with Keerai sambar and Potato curry. Keerai Sambar is thick and bit on milder side. So Potato curry will be a perfect combination for it. Spicy and wholesome! More over, this is my kid Aj’s favorite. He likes keerai/ Indian spinach a lot. So always make it once a week.

South Indian Lunch recipes
       You can use any keerai like mulai keerai/ arai keera/ siru keerai or evendrumstick leaves (murunga keerai) or agathi keerai or even Vendhya keerai/ methi leaves to prepare same as this keerai sambar. Only the cooking time varies.

Here is the potato curry recipe link.

You might also like this another recipe of potato curry with freshly ground spices.

Have a great weekend!!Happy

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  1. I remember learning this sambhar from you....infact I should tell you....I have learnt cooking from you....you are a great cook....

    1. :) I have a recipe suggested by you coming up soon :) thank you so much !

  2. Yum combo! What else does one need for a perfect Sunday Lunch!

  3. nice combination raks very flavourful pa.

  4. nice combination raks very flavourful pa.

  5. nice combo.. our family is big fan of this combo

  6. Small onion sambar and potato fry used to be a Sunday lunch special for me.... This sounds prettu much the same. Nice clicks...

  7. I planned to do a different poriyal on saturday, but the potato curry tempted me so much that it made me to prepare sambar with the fry. Nothing can beat this combo..

  8. Is this the first time that you have put up your picture?? Well, after reading every one of your posts and re-reading and re-reading them, ( not for the recipe, but for the sheer neatness and presentation!! ), I am seeing your face for the first time.

    And strangely, you "fit" the picture in my head... Am a Tamil-Telugu mix, who celebrates every festival, and loves North Indian / Indo-Chinese cooking too.. So am familiar to most of your recipes.. Just come here looking for the "Raks' twist" to the usual recipes...:) And of course, drool over the pics...:)

  9. love the keerai sambhar recipe. surely will make it soon.

  10. you know something, your pictures tempt me a loooooot

  11. I just love your website :)


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