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Saturday, May 11, 2013

       This week its going to be a Biryani meal, I make this every week as my kid is a Biryani lover and I think I have mentioned this in my previous posts too. He started eating biryani at the age of 2 and he never gets bored out of it. So from the day I started making Biryani, I have changed a lot of recipes, its like, when I get a good hold in a particular biryani recipe and my kid loves it, I will keep that fixed for few months until I learn another variation that satisfies my kid. He has some compulsory ingredients, if not, he wont like eating it. The main thing he want is mint leaves! And the main vegetable is Cauliflower. Other than these two, he will not touch the Biryani or not even call it as Biryani. So I make sure I only make when I have both in stock.

    Both my mom and MIL makes ‘vegetable rice’ kind of thing, without any much masalas. But mine will be loaded with masalas, fennel, Garlic, ginger and mint leaves. My dad and my MIL will ask ‘is that smell coming out of our cooking or from somewhere else?’ as they are not used to these masalas in their cooking and not comfortable too. So when I make biryani if they are around, I make sure I also cook a rasam and a vegetable side dish so that they can manage with those. But if its going to be for only 3 of us, I just make Biryani alone or may be with a curd rice for Vj.


         We make sure to do a ‘fried item’ like any varuvals or atleast vadam/ appalam to munch on along with raita.

So here are the Biryani recipes I have in my blog :
1. Spicy vegetable Biryani recipe( Which you find in the pictures)
2. Layered Biryani recipe
3. Vegetable biryani recipe with coconut milk

And here is the curd rice recipe.

If you want to pair up with any varuvals, I think Gobi 65 or crispy cauliflower fry will be best for this meal.

You can also see my recently made Maavadu pickle in the picture.

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  1. My all time fav lunch menu,perfect for a whole some meal

  2. awesome menu Raks ! u rock :P

  3. aah!! if only i was your neighbor!! :) even if you don't share the food, i would have turned my front door towards your kitchen to smell this meal! :)

  4. Wonderful menu... Yummy !!

  5. A request....could you also post some kids lunch/lunch box menus ?

    1. Sure will do post in recent future!

  6. Nice lunch combo....looks very tempting!

  7. i am really liking the menu series. the page i had set up for menu ideas hasn't been updated in ages, then i gave it up halfway like a lot of my projects :D

  8. Looks yummy and perfect meal.

  9. my favorite biryani. i also masala freak, like to add whole spices so it fragrant the house too. like all your menus.

  10. wow..will be my fav meal..

  11. Raji.. which one of these 3 briyani's is in the pic??

  12. Cute plate.. My kid needs to have carrot compulsorily.. Even my parents don't take much masala.. they like the plain version.. must be their age, they cannot digest i guess.. I tried your corn pulav and it was absolutely delicious.. I cudnt take any pics, everyone ate it too soon.. I will post it soon.. Thanks for the recipe Raks..

  13. LUNCH MENU 4 - BIRYANI MEAL looks so tempting.

  14. wonderful idea..tempting biryani

  15. hey...this biryani reminds me of my days in college when we used to sit together and prepare amazing dishes in our spare time....a little bit of sweet to go along with it will make it even more interesting....we used to order sweets from this site called Dealtz..they are specifically god for their brownies... ..http://dealtz.com/Gifts/Brownie

  16. Aha what an inviting platter dear.. Wow wish I could grab it right now.. :)

  17. Have tried the Spicy Veg Biryani and it came out well. Most of all I want to thank you for the lovely dish Veg Chilli Mili it's a super hit in my place have prepared 3 times from last 2 weeks and will make many more. Its a perfect dish for the parties.

    Would recommend all my friends to follow your blog, keep up the great work, appreciate all your patience for posting the variety of detail step by step recipes. Keep rocking!!...Onion dosa is great!!...I have to list most of the recipes from your recipe index which turned out awesome...may be some day I will draft an a response on that :)

    Can you please post, Ginger chutney (Andra Style Allam cutney) and Saag paneer (Punjabi Style) how we get in restaurants.

    Thanks!! looking forward for these recipes.


  18. Hi
    The Receipes given are great.
    Can you check and include the traditional evening snacks menu like aval upma, riceflour upma, ..

  19. Hi Raks. .....I have gone through top 30 blogs... all are good....but urs is best bcoz of your writing skills, content, photographs of dishes and this idea of lunch combinations and so many reasons. I will follow ur blog entire life....so pls keep going and doing ur best in future. Best wishes to you.


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