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Saturday, May 18, 2013

This weeks lunch is simply a gravy and a vegetable stir fry. I have not seen many people buying this vegetable - Ridge gourd. I have no idea why, but I buy often and make it as a gravy. This gravy is simple to make yet flavorful and unique too! There are few common recipes with ridge gourd like thogayal or kootu, but this gravy is a trademark recipe I learnt from my mom. And when I came here and made it for Vj he totally loved it. And last year when in laws came here and I made this, to my surprise FIL loved it too. He asked me what it is, as he liked it very much. If you have not tried it yet, I would highly recommend to try this for rice and give a break for the usual sambar/ kuzhambu.


So here is the link for Ridge gourd gravy (Peerkangai chutney as we call).
Other vegetables that can be made as gravy in this same way are :

1) Yellow pumpkin - Recipe here.
2) Potato - peel off the skin and follow the same method.
And I think this carrot beans stir fry (poriyal) is very simple to make, I have not posted the recipe, but will post it one day on next week.

Mean while, you can browse the Dry curry recipes if you are interested. But I promise I will post this carrot beans poriyal recipe soon :)

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  1. Very elegant shots.. looks delicious!!

  2. delicious and healthy lunch menu

  3. Interesting gravy, and my all time favourite carrot,beans poriyal..

  4. i make chutney and dal with ridge gourds but this gravy looks like it will float my boat too Raji!

  5. I love that perkanga chutney its so good with dosa and idly.

  6. New to me,the spread luks super tempting...

  7. This looks nice though i have never tasted peerkangai before.

  8. I tried this recipe ....and just loved it Thank you :)..

  9. Thanks so much for this simple yet a tasty recipe ... My 4 yr old loved the colour n taste :-) already started browsing menus from ur site for the weekend getogther :-) loving it... Keep up ur good work



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