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Navratri recipes

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Since I am a south Indian, I am always fascinated towards north Indian cuisine. I love each and everything, right from basmati rice, dal. Dal and basmati rice is my most favourite. And so as Aj. He too loves dal and rice Cool. Not that I dont like our south Indian meals. I do, but only if somebody else cooks for me and gives me a spread in my handsWinking. That’s coz, me bored of my own cooking. SighDoh!. Now this North Indian lunch menu was suggested to me by my friend Sangeeta. So I thought this weekend, I would post this one.  So from this post onwards all my posts will be scheduled posts as I am flying to Chennai coming week. Will be busy busy shopping and packing, so I have scheduled all the posts for next few weeks. I may not reply your queries immediately, but sure will do when ever I find time! And now to the North Indian Thali.

This particular plate has the following :
  1. Phulkas : Here is the link for the post for how to puff up a roti in direct flame with video.
  2. Cauliflower Sabzi
  3. Baby corn masala
  4. Dal fry( seen in the picture) , Here is another dal fry recipe
And Steamed rice, papad, Sliced onion cucumber tomato and pickle. I also had rose milk as a drink Happy.
I have few other simple north Indian menu ideas, will sure come up with interesting ones in recent future. Have a great weekend!

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  1. raji....north indian thali looks delicious...i wish i could taste some....your dishes always rock

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi, what brand of syrup do u use for rose milk?
    The picture looks amazing.

  4. wow very lovely and filling platter Aks...

  5. good one raks :) if u have any plan in chennai do let us know :) we shall meet !

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. lovely north Indian lunch.... So much you prepared... better will have in a restaurant or give ur address, will come to your place... he he he..

  7. I too prefer North Indian meals...just in love with this lunch platter

  8. colourful meal looks wonderful

  9. well balanced meal.. love this thali

  10. The thali looks yummy!!


  12. Beautiful thali there, droolworthy dish,have a safe journey Raji.

  13. Love the platter, looks very colorful and beautiful clicks too!

  14. I agree with you.North and Western Indian subzis tastes excellent with rotis.

  15. You are such an inspiration for me to cook aesthetically. Love the way you present the food. So homely and with so much life, flavor and color. The lunch menu series is an excellent idea !! You simply rock !!!

  16. I m a beginner , but whenever I try something from here always turns out awesome


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