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Saturday, June 8, 2013

south indian meal idea
     I am really sorry first of all for not posting last saturday :( I was travelling and dint schedule the post thinking I  can post something from Chennai. But I was in Salem and dint find time to post ;) So now I am back, though busy with things happening around, some how managed to click this meal I made the other day. 
    Chennai is not hot as I thought, after all the showers :) And Aj enjoying a lot his stay than anybody else :) Yet to explore the new shopping malls, hopefully I should be able to see those and shop too mainly :D 
    I had tough time making this post without my laptop, editing tools and all. Will try to update a better picture later. 
South Indian meal idea

    This meal had the following :

  1. Drumstick sambar
  2. Kathrikkai kari
  3. Vendakkai varuval
  4. Manga Pachadi
  5. Nellikkai thayir pachadi
Hover over the list and click to see the recipes! And I will try my best to post next week too.

Have a great weekend with homey food :)

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  1. It's tempting.my mouth is watering.click also very nice

  2. This Veg Thali is very inviting !

  3. I can finish the whole plate. Looks so good.

  4. nice combination.thank you so much

  5. Its a delicious thali. I like South Indian Food.

  6. wow yummy spread makes me hungry...

  7. wonderful thali, looks delicious :)

  8. Nice combo... Its mouth watering.. If you want try a north indian meal... check at North Indian Recipes

  9. Nice combo... Its mouth watering.. If you want try a north indian meal... check at North Indian Recipes


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