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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I have tried corn kebab and loved it a lot, my family loves it too and make it in the weekends sometimes. So when I saw this easy corn fritters recipe in the cookbook I borrowed in library, I wanted to try it out. I just adapted the recipe and adjusted to suit my family’s taste and my convenience.  And as expected, it was loved by both Aj and Vj. I too loved it very much. Its so simple and easy to make, so you can make it as snack for your hungry kids back from school or to make any weekend special with an evening snack.

Corn fritters recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Oriental  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Makes: 15


Sweet corn kernels (frozen) - 2 cups

All purpose flour/ maida - 3 tbslp

Rice flour - 1 & 1/2  tbslp

Salt -   As needed

Black pepper powder - 1 tsp

Oil - for deep frying

To grind coarsely

Shallots/ small onions - 4

Red coloured chilli or green chilli - 2

Garlic cloves - 3

Coriander leaves, chopped - 1 tbslp

Coriander root (optional) - 1


  1. Place the corn in a microwaveable bowl with lid and cook covered for 4 minutes in high or as per instructions in the cover of the frozen corn. No need to add water. Stir in between for even cooking. If using fresh corn, then you can add 2 tblsp of water.1-corn-fritters
  2. Grind the items in the table “To grind coarsely” with 2 tblsp of water.2-corn-fritters
  3. Mix cooked corn (cooled down), ground item, pepper powder, both flours, salt with a tblsp of water if needed. The consistency should be like a vada batter. Adjust flour or water to get the consistency right.3-corn-fritters
  4. Heat oil in a kadai, wet you hands with little water and make patties and drop carefully in the hot oil. The flame should be medium when you drop the fritters. Make sure the oil not too hot, as it will make the corn pop and its dangerous as the oil may spill. You can also spoon the corn mixture to oil, so if you want you can adjust the consistency accordingly.4-corn-fritters
  5. Cook on both sides for total 4 minutes in medium flame, flipping to ensure even cooking. Cook until its golden in colour. Make sure you stand a bit far, in case the corn pops in the oil, for safer side. Make 3-4 per batch and drain over paper towels. 5-corn-fritters


    • Make sure to cook the sweet corn in closed container to ensure retain its moisture. You can also steam it, if you dont have microwave.
    • Corn should be cooked properly to avoid popping in the hot oil.
    • Oil should not be fuming hot at any point, just make sure to higher and lower  accordingly as there are chances of popping.
    • Any way, one or two corn per batch will pop, so make sure you stand at safe distance while the fritters are getting cooked.
    • Also there should be enough batter to bind and coat the corns.
    • Use a deep frying pan.
    • I used coriander root alone while grinding, as this is a Thai recipe and asked for it, but we can use coriander leaves alone and I tried that way too, it was nice.

Serve hot! Soft, crispy and crunchy corn fritters are yummy as such, or you can pair it with any hot and sweet sauces!

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  1. never thought this way :) Definitely me trying ~ once i come out of my diet plan !

  2. Totally Yum..Those are my fav..

  3. Wow :) a treat for sweetcorn lovers :)

  4. This looks very tempting. Easy one to make when there are sudden guests at home

  5. They look so crunchy and tempting!

  6. Yummy.. so easy to make...

  7. so delicious and crunchy.

  8. feel to munch rite now...too yum

  9. yummy one .. i use to grind n make them into vadas..

  10. Mmm...Looks so tempting...love those whole corn kernels in the fritters

  11. fab idea. TH loves corn and of course anything deep fried so i'm sure he'd love this :)

  12. Good one..I have one corn pakora recipe in my blog too..my guju friend used to make it a lot..love them..

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ur version is new look like masal vadi

  15. Lovely n innovative fritters

  16. Kids will love this....thank you for such a wonderful recipe....

  17. these are pretty delicious.. i do the same along with capsicum !

  18. I have to scratch my head once mmy son comes back from his school..this is such a great snack

  19. Wow... super addicting and perfect for the monsoon.. I have tried this in a thai restaurant once..

  20. Yummy snack raks.. !! I love corn :)

  21. Looks yum and tempting ...nice pics

  22. looks yummy..can we grind the fresh corn to avoid popping?

  23. what a drool-worthy click...looks gorgeous!

  24. Fritters look really tempting! Nice recipe dear..


  25. First time here ...lovely clivks n recipe http://kiransaboo.blogspot.in/

  26. Lovely...i have tried one recipewith eggs though...and it was shallow fry. This is lovely for my parents who dont have eggs

  27. Lovely...i have tried one recipewith eggs though...and it was shallow fry. This is lovely for my parents who dont have eggs

  28. Yummy & perfect looking fritters.. I am allergic to corn but this seems like an easy & healthy way to please guests :)

  29. Excellent Recipe. Tried it for a weekend snack.It was really yummy. Everyone at home loved it. Thanks Raks for sharing this.

  30. very nice one, i tried and it came out so crispy and tasty that went very well for a rainy evening.

  31. I tried this in my home and it came very well!!! A good evening snack!!!:)

  32. Tired this raji...it came out well...

  33. Looks like a great addictive snack!

  34. I tried this .. Really very tasty!! The clicks look great too!! :)

  35. I tried this, This was tasty but the corn did not bind well together, what could have been wrong?

    1. Flour or water might have been less.

  36. Thanku :)... D dish turned out to ba e super eve snack :).. Vil try again :)


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