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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From the day I tasted “Green curry” at Bali, I was thinking of trying at home myself, as the taste was very much relate-able to our avial. Only a herb smell was over powering and new to me. Aj kind of liked and me too liked it though first few mouths it was hard for me to swallow. Vj dint even touch. But it took so long for me to try in my kitchen. But its really easy to  make it, provided you get all the ingredients. For me, it was easy to gather ingredients here as they sell the Thai essentials in a single pack, just enough to try. So I got it and tried. I think now a days in India also, Thai restaurants are there and people like the cuisine. I found this recipe in a library borrowed cook book, but I adapted the recipe to vegetarian version and added my choice of vegetables. It turned out exactly same as I tasted there in Bali. I really enjoyed it with steamed rice. So if you are new to Thai cuisine, don't panic, just try it out in some restaurant and sure you will like it!


Green curry (Thai green curry) recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Oriental  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Serves: 4

Ingredients For Green curry paste

Lemon grass - 1 stalk

Green chilli(small variety) - 4

Lime leaves (kaffir lime leaves) - 2

Young ginger (galangal) - 1 inch

Garlic - 4 cloves

Coriander roots - 3

Coriander leaves, chopped - 2 tblsp

Small onion (shallots) - 3

Thai sweet basil leaves - 6

Coriander seeds powder - 1/4 tsp

Cumin seeds - 1 tsp

White pepper powder - 1/4 tsp


Other ingredients

Coconut milk - 400 ml

Oil - 2 tblsp

Carrot - 1

Beans (I used baby beans) - 6

Yellow pumpkin,chopped - 1/2 cup

Sweet potato (thai) - 1

Cherry tomatoes - 8

Soya sauce (light) - 1 tblsp

Brown sugar/ honey - 1 tblsp

Salt - If needed


  1. Gather all the ingredients under the table “for green curry paste”. Peel shallots,garlic,ginger and scrap the coriander roots, place all ingredients together in a blender and with 1 or 2 tblsp of water, grind it to a paste. 1-thai-curry
  2. I chopped the sweet potato and yellow pumpkin into medium thin squares. Carrots to strips and beans also similarly in length, cooked the vegetables in 3/4 cup of water, just right, do not over cook. Prepare coconut milk. I used readymade coconut milk available in the stores. You can use fresh coconut milk as well. If so,extract thick milk from 1 & 1/2 cup of grated fresh coconut and use it.3-thai-curry
  3. Heat oil in a pan and add the thai curry paste (3-4 tblsp) and fry in medium flame until it gets cooked and becomes fragrant. Day 3 minutes.2-thai-curry
  4. Add coconut milk, soya sauce, honey and mix well. Add the cooked vegetables. 4-green-curry
  5. Let it be in medium flame for 5 minutes. Add the cherry tomatoes halved at the last stage and cook without changing its shape. Lastly add 2 torn kaffir lime leaves for garnish and switch off the flame.5-green-curry


    • Other vegetables that can be used in this curry are thai aubergines, turkey berries, squash, baby corn, mushrooms, courgettes. These vegetables need not be pre cooked.
    • The curry paste will be enough for this recipe alone (a tsp extra, may be). 

Transfer to serving bowls and serve with fragrant rice. I had it with our usual steamed rice and sago fryums.


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  1. Its yummy raks ! I will find the ingredients first :)

  2. Nice post Raji. I love the brown vessel on your stove top

  3. so yummy my fav too. Love it anytime

  4. Looks nice..I made it for the first time recently and loved it..am surely going to make it again...

  5. Thai cuisine is easily adaptable to a sOuth Indian because of similar flavors..love this to the core..nice clicks.

  6. So nice. loved its color a lot :)

  7. thai green curry is our family favorite, most similar to Indian Kurma flavour.......love ur clicks....

  8. Wowww... looks very gorgeous and tempting.. lovely clicks too !!

  9. Though i am not a big fan of this, my hubby loves it. Will try your version sometime for him

  10. Looks yum ..nicely done..love this one too

  11. Looks very colorful....love the green color looks fresh and tempting too!

  12. hey.. where did you find Galangal . I love Thai food, but, have never found Galangal anywhere. I would definitely cook it...soon.

    1. I got it in Fairprice extra, in Singapore

  13. Looks super delicious...

  14. wow... curry looks delicious... bookmarked!!

  15. i took cooking classes in my recent trip to bangkok. learnt this recipe there, the paste is very similar to yours except for addition of a couple more sauces. i like the thick consistency in yours though, their version was much thinner.

  16. Love the second picture,looks drool-worthy!!I didn't like green curry the first time I tried it,now I think I can manage:)

  17. lovely clicks..Thai Green curry looks super tempting !!!

  18. Clicks look simply delicious and mouthwatering. Wonderfully prepared. Looking by the number of comments the green curry must have been a super hit.

  19. Looks so good...I had it first time at my cousin's place...have been wanting to try it at home..but could never gather all the ingredients..

  20. I love love love green curry Raks. I have had it in different restaurants but I thought that thai basil was an important ingredient of that paste. I loved your clicks Raks.


  21. Love the vibrant green color of your green curry paste.

  22. Yummy curry.. One of our family favorite..

  23. I am a fan of Thai cuisine, but never tried at home.. Fantabulous clicks making me wanna make some soon !!

  24. You mentioned that the ingredients are found in a single pack....where did you find it in singapore

  25. Hi Raji where u got the brown bowl?

    1. Mustafa (Singapore) has it. All stores like metro, courts too have it here in Singapore. Its called visions

  26. Thanks for the response. Will try it someday. Laxmi.


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