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Saturday, July 13, 2013

vatral kuzhambu meals
      For me, I never like what I cook regularly. Like sambar for lunch. I make vathal kuzhambu very rarely as my family is not a big fan of it, but I love it. In my mom’s place, we make weekly only twice sambar and other days, it will be vathal kuzhambu or more kuzhambu or puli saaru or a variety rice. But at inlaws place, its ulta. Every day it will be only sambar. Other things appear very very rarely. Vj and Aj also no exception, they are convenient only with sambar than any other. Even I forget the other choices and make sambar only often. I can make vathal kuzhambu for myself sure and keep it for 3 days in fridge and enjoy, but I purposely avoid it. I will eat a lot since I like it and add on weight! But when I really get bored or confusedAt wits end  what to make inspite of regular menu, I will make it and enjoy. I really love the tangy and spicy kuzhambu with any thogayal. Any vadams like onion vadam will be more apt. But to keep it simple, sutta appalam will also be a nice accompaniment. My dad always eat sutta appalam for his lunch everyday. I like sutta appalam best with kothamalli podi. Heavenly combination, do try it Happy. Please excuse with the spelling of thogayal in tamil.

vatral kuzhambu, paruppu thogayal, kootu, poriyal, sutta appalam, rice.

  So this week’s lunch menu is my favourite menuCool. This menu has the following :
  1. Vatral kuzhambu 
  2. Paruppu thogayal
  3. Drumstick leaves poriyal (stir fry)
  4. Snake gourd kootu (Pudalangai)
And rice , Sutta appalam (papad toasted directly over fire).

Other kuzhambu in place of vatral kuzhambu are: poondu kuzhambu, Kara kuzhambu, Paruppu urundai kuzhambu.
Instead of paruppu thogayal, you can make coconut thogayal as well.
Kootu can be Cabbage kootu, keerai kootu, bottle gourd kootu, appala kootu, mixed veg.kootu.
You may like  keerai poriyal in place of this drumstick leaves poriyal.

Have a great weekend with homey food Love Struck.

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  1. wow lovely looks so inviting.I am a big fan of drumstick leaves poriyal.

  2. my eye completely on paruppu thokayal Totally enough for the week end !

  3. what a lovely meal raji..I am craving for that now

  4. Yummm.. I can enjoy the entire platter ! Drool..

  5. Looks absolutely inviting.. YUMMY!!

  6. Vathakkuzhambu + sutta appalam + paruppu thogayal is a heavenly combination...

  7. What a delicious platter!!! Wish i could have it now:-)

  8. Nice spread....very tempting too!


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