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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Variety lunch - Flavored rice, sambar rice, curd rice, poriyal, sweet, vadams
Day before yesterday, when I was staring at the Facebook wall Hypnotized, I suddenly saw a meal promo in the feed. Said “Variety lunch”  and had a paratha/ kal dosa kuruma, flavoured rice, sambar rice, poriyal, curd rice,sweet and papad, pickle. It really tempted me a lot, so I decided to make it the next day and I did. But I omitted the paratha/ kal dosa kurma part as I thought this itself is enough. Since yesterday was Aadi velli I made a payasam and added to the meal Cool. As I always say, I dont like sambar rice that much so had my favourite lemon rice and curd rice alone in this menu.

Variety lunch - Lemon rice, sambar rice, curd rice, podalangai poriyal, semiya payasam, coloured vadams

And here we go, this week’s lunch menu :
  1. A flavoured rice – Lemon rice
  2. Sambar rice (Sambar sadham)
  3. Snake gourd stir fry ( Podalangai poriyal)
  4. Curd rice (Thayir sadham)
  5. Fine vermicelli payasam
  6. Vadavams.

You can replace the lemon rice with any other favourite of yours. Like coconut rice or puliyodharai or puli sadham or thakkali sadam or peanut rice.

And vegetable poriyal also could be of your choice.

I had curd rice with mor milagai, you can have it with pickle.

Payasam can be replaced with any sweet pongal or kesari too. If you want the regular semiya payasam recipe here.

Happy weekend with homey food Love Struck.

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  1. It's very tempting.ur clicks very good.its make me feel hungry.ur bowl so cute.

  2. Too good raks :) loved the first click

  3. yummy South Indian Dishes !!! Tempting clicks !!! Love sambar sadham with vathal...

  4. delicious and inviting dear

  5. your family must be enjoying the spread you regularly make.. very very appetizing!

  6. scrumptious meal menu raji


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