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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fried rice and Manchurian is a classic combo. Yes! A Manchurian dish is a perfect side for any kind of fried rice. I like what ever it is made in the name of fried rice. I just love the smoky flavor that is there in the restaurant fried rice, because of their tossing in high flame, it catches fire and lends a great unique flavor. My kids is also a big fan of this combo.  One thing about this is, both will be nice only when eaten hot hot. I always like my food hot. Really hot!! I was brought up  that way! My never have let me eat other way, she always served me straight from the stoveAngel. Good old days. Let’s move on..

So this week’s menu is simply with

I have these other fried rice recipes in my blog, do check it out!
And these recipes which may go well with the above :
Have a great weekend with homey food :)

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  1. Delicious combo. Fried rice and manchurian looks inviting and tempting.

  2. Wow yummy clicks dear :) Superb combo.. would gladly empty the bowls without any fuss!!

  3. wow what an exotic combination....

  4. The first picture is awesome! Drool worthy :)

  5. u have a nice blog with amazing clicks dear..i m happy to be your follower.the chinese lunch combo looks so tempting!It would be highly appreciating if you visit my blog too

  6. I have been craving for this for the past 2 days cant ask for a better combination love fried rice and corn manchurian so yumm raks.

  7. raji such amazing pics :) i love ure lunch menu concept so wonderful :)kudos to u :)

  8. Awesome pics which makes me crave for some fried rice & manchurian right away, though I have some biriyani getting ready !!

  9. Great and yummy... this Sunday i will prepare both recipe for my family

  10. Great combo meal idea..my fav anytime....wonderful clicks!

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