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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ragi-kanji-sweet recipe  
As a kid, I was grown up drinking Ragi Kanji right from the age of 1. I used to drink it everyday instead of milk and used to like it my mom says. But as I grew up, when ever my mom prepares ragi dishes for my paati who is a sugar patient, I neither liked it nor consumed ragi. My mom used to scold me a lot saying this. Then now, again I am liking ragi, be it ragi adai or ragi instant dosa, I make it for breakfast and love to eat it. So last week, after a long time, I thought of trying kanji as I had a bad tooth ache and extracted it, I was advised to take liquid diet or soft diet for 3 days. So I called my  mom and asked how to make it and made, enjoyed it. I like the salted version a lot. Sweet version is not my cup of kanjiWinking. But salted, wow, I totally loved it. That too after a day of starving, it was like armutham for meRaised Eyebrow. Its healthy too, so you can include this in diet every now and then. I think sweet version will be liked by kids, so do try for your kids. It smells so good. Even this is great diet for diabetic people. So you can try this for breakfast or evening time drink for the elders at home.
salted-ragi-kanji recipe

Ragi Kanji Sweet & Salted recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 10 mins    Serves: 2


Ragi flour (finger millet flour) - 1/4 cup

Sugar - as needed

Milk - 1/2 cup

Butter milk - 1 cup

Salt - as needed

Elachi - 1, powdered

To temper

Oil - 1 tsp

Mustard - 1/2 tsp

Asafoetida - 2 pinch

Curry leaves - few

Green chilli - 1


  1. Place the ragi flour and using a whisk, mix water(1 & 1/2 cups) well. Start heating with continuous stirring.1-ragi-kanji-breakfast
  2. once it starts getting thick, lower the flame completely and keep mixing and cook the flour. say for 4 minutes. The ragi flour should get cooked shiny as shown below. Mine is glass vessel so cooking time may vary accordingly. Reserving half the cooked ragi, mix milk, sugar and elachi powder to half of the ragi. You can adjust the consistency of the kanji by adding milk or water more and just heat it up.2-ragi-kanji-breakfast
  3. Cool the rest of ragi , add salt as needed and add buttermilk generously and temper with the items given under to temper table. Mix well.3-ragi-kanji-recipe


    • My mom used to roast the ragi flour until aromatic and then proceed making sweet kanji. I think for infants its safe to roast the ragi to ensure proper cooking.
    • Adjust the liquid -milk or buttermilk as per your need for the consistency of the kanji.
    • You can replace sugar with jaggery too.
    • You can prepare fresh kanji by soaking ragi (finger millet)(whole grain) in water over night and drain, then hang it in muslin cloth to sprout, grind it in mixie with water to a paste, filter using the muslin cloth with water and make kanji. 

So which one would you pick? Sweet or salted kanji? Perfect for morning breakfast!

sweet-salt-ragi-kanji recipe

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  1. i go for salt version :) looks yummy and tempting !

  2. Though am not fan of these kanjis, this is looking good and tempting.

  3. Always wanted to try this, will go for salted version :)

  4. both the version sounds delicious....healthy substitute for coffee time

  5. delicious kanji.....i give my 2 yr old daily

  6. I love the sweet version and thats wat I ve been making for ny kid since he has been 1

  7. They look delicious..I love the sweet version..We add jaggery in it

  8. my mom makes tis sweet one for me during most of my school days.. going nosta... too good .. love the savory version..

  9. I like like salted version..sweet one only once a while ....looks tempting ...

  10. I love this.. I have this in my draft. Ragi is one grain I can eat in any form or shape

  11. I still remember aunty used to tell about ur childhood days ;)when i give this porridge to raksha ..she too loves savoury version more than sweet..

  12. A healthy & tempting drink it is, but give me also salt n& not sweet one.. I love the snaps, nice shades of purple - the glass & the background :)

  13. Wow Perfect!! I always trust your recipes blind folded :) Would try this today I guess :)

  14. yummy ragi kanji....lovely purple mug....

  15. I have started feeding my son the sweet variety of this and we both love it but the savory version looks delish too. gonna try soon.

  16. I always love the sweet version, my mom makes this in a semi consistency (koozh) smeared with lot of ghee!!! But now i think the salt version is best for me. Pretty clicks

  17. Healthy drink..always love sweet version...love the background and clicks..so tempting..

  18. I love the sweet version more...lovely clicks!!

  19. I've never had the savory version of this kanji..but I love the sweet version...I am tempted to try the savory version..will try soon...Nice clicks

  20. Lovely clicks....love the detailed pics and description. I love both of them.

  21. I love love the salt kanji.

  22. Looks yum,will try for my daughter

  23. Loved that last click :) The healthiest kanji, I usually love the sweet version should try the salted one too :)

  24. wow so good raks never had it before looks very healthy. I must try it with my family atleast once in a week.

  25. I never tried ragi kanji with salt.Will let you know after the trial.

  26. Can have both version without any hesitation..nutritious kanji.

  27. I love Ragi dosa, roti, idli but never could stomach the kanji (at least when I was a kid) and that could be possibly due to the way it was prepared.

    I love every single one of your dishes that I have tried, so I will try the salted version at least once :-)

  28. never enjoyed ragi ganji until I tried this recipe.. I grinded a little jeera and chillies and added it to the temper to make it a little more spicy and it was yummy!! thank u

  29. today i tried both, both were tasted heaven... i just added shallots with spicy version.. it tasted just
    like salem mariamman kovil koolu. my daughter loved the sweet version. Thank you a bunch

  30. I just made both this morning....my husband and I both loved it. It felt really comforting to have that first thing in the morning. Thank you for posting this recipe!

  31. Along with the green chillies you can also add chopped onions especially this is very good in summer as onions cool down the body temperature. ...


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