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Monday, August 12, 2013

         This idea of making capsicum cheese paratha flashed when I read about a review in FB about Annalakshmi at Chennai. The review had the menu which they served for aadi perukku. It had this capsicum cheese paratha. So the instant I read about it, I decided I am gonna try it. Coz, its an awesome combination, capsicum and cheese are made for each other!  I have had lunch buffet in Annalakshmi few time here in SG.  And we order food for Aj’s Birthday party from Annalakshmi every time we plan his party. Here they run this restaurant for a noble cause, so we are double happy for not only tasty food, for something good too. And about this paratha, sure the kids at home are gonna love this simply for the combination. So why not try this for your family and I am sure you yourself would love it too.

Capsicum cheese paratha recipe

Indian Lunch
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 5 mins per paratha    Makes: 5


Wheat flour/ atta  1 cup, levelled 
Water  as needed 
Salt  as needed 
Capsicum  1/2 cup 
Grated cheese  1/2 cup 
Chilli flakes  1/2 tsp 
Oil  for pan fry 


  1. First mix flour, salt with water (1/2 cup approx) and prepare dough. Keep aside. Chop capsicum into tiny cubes. Defrost cheese and add it to the capsicum along with chilli flakes.1-capsicum-cheese-paratha
  2. Mix well and now, knead the dough and divide into 5 equal balls. Roll out and keep the capsicum mixture in middle.2-cheese-capsicum-paratha
  3. Close it by pinching towards middle and roll out carefully both sides with generous dusting into thick parathas.3-capsicum-cheese-paratha
  4. Cook over hot tawa with oil drizzled. Cook in medium flame to ensure even cooking. You can press gently with spatula for even browning.4-capsicum-cheese-paratha


    • The water quantity is only a guidance and it may vary +/- 1 tblsp.
    • Give standing time of atleast 15 mins for the dough to become smooth. Knead again after resting for smooth dough.
    • I used both red and green capsicum, to make more appealing for kids.
    • You can add chilli powder or pepper powder instead chilli flakes.
    • You can also add chilli flakes and any Italian herb thats left over from your pizza order.
    • Do not reduce cheese as it gives a great taste along with capsicum
    • I used grated mixed cheese I bought for making pizza.
    • You can replace cheese with paneer too. 
    • The cheese melts when its being cooked, so when it cools, it will get solidified again.

I really wanted to show how it was inside, but I could not resist myself finishing the parathas after clicking. Tasted great with boondi raita and pickle.

capsicum cheese paratha recipe

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  1. Very different paratha raji....looks tempting....will try very soon.....

  2. i tried i tried long time back :) it was yummy ! and the combo is just awesome !!!!

  3. Nice combo... Love it Raji...

  4. Super tempting comba, Love to try this for varsha and varun

  5. So so delicious......thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  6. pleasing and tempting paratha....

  7. Adding capsicum is interesting.... i make cheese paratha
    lovely clicks

  8. Mention of Annalakshmi brings forth a flood of memories.When we were in Singapore years back,one of the restaurants we visited was Annalakshmi.I was hungry and deprived of good vegetarian food,so hogged like a pig :) when they asked us to pay what we liked,we were really in a soup and didn't know what or how much to pay and they assured us that whatever we paid would be fine.The cheese capsicum paratha sounds like a good combination.looks delicious and definitely worth a try!

    1. Yeah I know its only what we wish :D

  9. Very colorful and tempting paratha.. yummy!!

  10. Ahh!!Tempting recipe RAKS...I guess,tis wud taste awesome with gongura pickle...pls post tat too :)

  11. Hi Viji,

    I am Jayalakshmi from Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu . For the Last 3 months I am trying most of urs Rak's kitchen menus and also told about to my Family and Friends but today only i am mailing you.

    From regular Dishes i am very much bored.
    And one i happen to search for new dishes in net and find out urs blog
    now i am very happy to trying every day urs menu specially sweets i like it very much.
    For A long time i tried most of the dishes to be perfect in color and taste and now i got the secret and tips and tricks and its also possible for me and very confident . My daughter is also very happy to having different
    dishes and she is fond of 'Nei Appam'

    Thanking You Viji and Continue this good job

    With Regards and Wishes

    1. HI Jayalakshmi, thank you very much for your comment and appreciation :) So happy to know you like my website and your daughter too enjoys the food. Keep in touch!

      And by the way my Name is Raji, not viji :)

    2. Hi Raji

      Very happy on seeing urs reply and thanks for the same. Yesterday i and my daughter tried dimond cut maida biscuts for her school snacks and its very nice.

      An Raji one more doubt while preparing dish how you manage to take such a nice step by step photos and how its possible to you Whoo! Such a clarity and another point it to notified that u are using flowers and background items for presenting the dish after finishing and i think you are having a lot collection variety bowls and also other kitchen accessories. An who is helping you in cooking and also thanks for them.

      Awaiting eagerly for a new variety
      With Regards and Wishes


    3. :) Thanks for the feedback Jai.

      And regarding your doubt, no body helps me, its all by me, I take my own time to click pictures in between and my camera will be always hanging on my neck while I prepare. I am doing this for past 4 years and now I am so used to it :D

      Yes I have some collections recently and have 2 good friends who help me giving beautiful props :D

      In cooking, nobody helps me, its me and only me :)


  12. I had the buffet in Annalakshmi a couple of times in SG during my stay there..As Divya said it was the same situation for us, we used to eat like anything and when comes to bill we always were not sure how much is good the colourful paratha..this combination is available here in Mumbai n I absolutely love it

  13. Very colorful and what a combo.. I have tried this combo in wrap / pizza not as paratha.. Must be good.. I must try

  14. Very interesting and colourful combo...

  15. Very colorful and delicious looking combo of capsicum and cheese. It never occurred that the same could be used. Would surely visit Annalaxmi soon and try out it's dishes.

  16. Very Interesting & Delicious Paratha...looks too tempting :)

  17. yummy looking cheese paratha, sure gonna try soon...whenever i wish to make something different i always hop into ur website...u hav got one of the best collection of recipes i hav ever come across.i do recommend it to all my friends and family too. Thank you so much for the wonderful posts on ur website.

    love from U.S.A

    1. Thanks for the appreciation :)

  18. love the combo...paratha looks cheesy and tempting...

  19. Nice one raks who would say no to this capsicum spice mixed cheese paratha not me,its adults recommended too love it.

  20. This is such a nice combo raks.. i have always wondered whether capsicum would get cooked when added raw.. but your perfect parathas answer my question..awesome

  21. Such a colorful paratha.. Nice combo of cheese & capsicum.. Love that combo anytime !

  22. That must have been a yumm combo.. Can't blame you for finishing off !
    Dish It Out - Onions & Chillis

  23. Capsicum and cheese is definitely a delicious combination...I usually make sandwiches with this combo...Paratha with this sounds interesting and looks delicious

  24. Yummy yummy for a happy tummy :))

  25. Awesome combination paratha, colorful too perfect to serve for kids!!

  26. Interesting stuffing, now u r tempting to make this super aromatic and cheesey paratha.

  27. Really a new n nice add on in stuffed paratha menu.... :)

  28. Awesome Raji,

    Great recipe, pictures as usual. My kids will love this.

  29. Hi Raji,

    This is Prerana.The paratha looks so yummy,and colorful.I must mention you this that I am a big fan of your recipes.I have been following your blog since last few months but commenting today for the first time.I love your photography , way of presenting your food and your innovative ideas.Having inspired from you I have also recently started my blog at .Thanks for the motivation.:)

  30. It's a very colorful and combo.It's looking so gorgeous and delicious.really it's a great great recipe,we are also love it.

  31. Love the paratha here. The combination is yummy. My tot will love this one.

  32. I tried this for tonite's dinner ... We loved it.. My husband n my 1.5 yr old baby happily ate..

    Thanks much

  33. hey..yesterday i tried dis..and came out very well....Thanqqq for quick parathas....:))...even i tried vegetable cutlets for my kid international food sharing day(today)came out excellent..his miss is asking for more..:))))

    Thanqqqq for best receipes

  34. any tips for making the paratha without any breaking? i find difficult in stuffing capsicum and it easily tears the paratha.. i tried aloo, mixed veg paratha but didn have much trouble.. thanks..

  35. Hi tried the recipe today for lunch...had some capsicum and cheese left over and this was perfect. Only problem i couldnt roll out the chapatis big enough as they started tearing and the capsicum started coming out no matter how flour i dusted them they were small the ones in your picture look bigger

  36. Hi tried your recipe the fact that it doesnt have so many ingredients. Only issue i couldnt make the parathas a decnet size as the capsicum started coming out and the paratha was tearing. So they were quite small.....thanks on the tips to defrost the cheese, it made the grating so much simpler...such a small tip dunno why i never thought of it before :)

  37. This looks sooo yummy but can you please tell us which cheese did you use?

  38. hi Raks..I love ur receipes ..I also faced the same problem...capsicum came out and tore the paratha...couldnt make it at all. Please guide what must have went wrong? in the picture, how come your atta looks white like we have to add maida also?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. May be the atta is too thin, make bigger atta balls and roll thick slowly and gently. Knack is in rolling.
      Sure I have not added maida. Its ashirvad atta only.

  39. Hi Raks, This is Gayathri Sarangarajan from Chennai.
    I am a recent visitor of your blog. You are doing a great job and I am really inspired to try your recipes at home. I did try a few recipes and all those came out absolutely superb. I am just a beginner i.e., I started cooking only after marriage (it is 3 years now I got married). I used to do a recipe earlier and when I do the same next time I mess up totally, but the recipes I do seeing your blog really comes out very well every time. Thank you for your blogs and do keep blogging. BTW very nice pics you present and it makes the learning very easy. Nice kitchen wares you use and very nicely you present things. The intro you give for each recipe really appeals every time in a new way. Really great great job you are doing and thank you again for the blogs.

  40. Hi Rak's, I am a recent visitor of your blog. All the recipes in your blog are really tempting and am inspired to try every recipe of yours. I have tried a few of your recipes and those all came out really well. I am really learning a lot from your blogs and every little thing from your blog helps me so much. You are doing a very nice job really and keep blogging.

    Gayathri Sarang


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