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Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's a lazy weekend this time, as usual I made this post last minuteStriaght Face. But I decided to make a meal with Naan this week already. So made a simple spread as you see. I had some other menu plans, but since I was lazy, I restricted the menu with 3 items. With the things I had in my pantry, I managed to make this menu. It took 1 hr and some 15 mins for making this menu.

This is just an menu idea, for detailed recipes of individual, please check the links provided below!
  1. Naan without yeast recipe
  2. Paneer butter masala recipe
  3. Peas pulav recipe
Here's how I prepared the menu:
  1. On wake up, when I entered the kitchen, I first soaked rice for peas pulao and prepared dough for Naan with Maida.
  2. Then after finishing breakfast work and when it was time to prepare lunch, I chopped 1 tomato, 1 onion for PBM and one for peas pulav.
  3. Then in one stove, in a small pressure cooker, prepared for peas pulav and let it cook.
  4. Mean while the pulav gets ready, I prepared Paneer butter masala.
  5. When its done and if your family is also ready for lunch, lastly make Naan.

Thats it, serve with dahi and pickle. A simple lunch ready with special items – Naan, PBM and peas pulav.
If you want to make this meal elaborately, (on any special occasion) you can add on some items to this. Like another subji like aloo gobi or aloo gobi mutter or gobi masala. You can replace paneer butter masala with palak paneer or aloo palak or baby corn masala as well. My kid will like peas masala too for naan.
You can replace peas polav with vegetable biryani as well. And make a raita to go with it.
Complete the menu with sliced onion, cucumber, tomato and chilli and with a papad, pickle and dahi.

Wholesome and special! Happy

Have a great weekend with home foodLove Struck!

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  1. one of the best combo and lunch box menu !

  2. Your receipe looks simple and easy.. but tasting good.. trying your receipe in every weekend.

  3. Omg, wat a droolworthy and filling lunch menu..Makes me hungry.

  4. yummy, lunch recipes..looks so good..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hey raji I m really impressed with all yr recipes...I love to see yr blog for long time... Especially pics what camera do u use???? Great job keep going!!!!!!

  7. This meal is your lazy one?I wonder what you'll whip up when you are all energetic:)Lovely meal,one that I'd love to whip up and eat as well:)

  8. Is this your lazy meal? Ohh.....I would have prepared just peas pulav with dahi....I really love this meal options...

  9. This whole meal spells deliciousness and hearty food. I could eat this day in day out!

  10. The naan looks very appealing in the picture..

  11. Naan looks yummy......this is lazy meal????? Wonder whats ur active meal

  12. Nice menu Raji I LOVE it.

  13. Wow! The Naan looks soo yummy! This is going to be my menu for tomorrow! :)


  14. looks yummmy, i am cooking this naan, butter masala and cauliflower masala. tks for the recipes yaar.

  15. Sterday made naan with PB masala... It came out very well... Got applauds from my family... Thank u so much fr ur receipies... Specially naan was out of the world... So soft n spongy even without yeast...


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